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We would like to share some of the most frequently asked questions about Instant Ink. Check out this link: HP INSTANT INK, HP+ PLANS: INK AND TONER. .
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HP OfficeJet Pro 6970
macOS 10.13 High Sierra

HP Instant Ink suspended my ability to print this month because my payment info expired and it couldn't auto-debit money from my account.  However, I haven't received a cartridge shipment since 9/2019, so essentially I've been paying $10+ every month for the past 15 months and gotten no product in return.  I'm trying to reach out to customer support to get the issue resolved and find out where all my missing cartridges are, but the website isn't working.  There is no help desk phone number posted - to get access to the phone number, you're required to fill out an online contact form.  But the contact form won't allow me to type anything into it.  Same goes for live chat -- I can't get past the contact form section to advance to a live rep.  Any suggestions?  I'm beyond frustrated that HP is making it virtually impossible to reach a live rep.  

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Instant Ink is a Print-by-Page subscription for which you pay a monthly plan fee.

Instant Ink cartridges are provided and are yours to use while the plan is active.

There is no "monthly" allowance of ink - ink is sent when the printer reports to the service that ink is needed.


You are stuck now because the plan is terminated and your Instant Ink cartridges, assuming they were working, will lock - or have already done so.  Why?  Instant Ink cartridges are yours to use while the subscription is active - the cartridges remain the property of HP.


It can be sorted - but it might not be Fast to get it done.


All of this is explained at the Instant Ink Web site and in your Terms of Service Contract.


I don't expect you to like any of this - finding out "after the fact" will likely make you want to bite the hand that types this message.


The immediate solution is to remove all the Instant Ink cartridges and purchase a set of HP ink cartridges to use in your printer.


What else?

Two more items:


1.  You should be able to contact Instant Ink Support via the contact information at the Website or in your Terms of Service Contract.  One Caveat:  I do not know whether the support staff is available on weekends.


2.  You might hear back from one of the moderators or support staff in the Community.  If that is the case, you will see a message here in this thread before anyone tries to contact you using other means. 



BE WARY of thieves - if someone posts a phone number or email address in this thread - be aware it is likely a RAT scammer.


Things that are Instant Ink 


HP Instant Ink - Main Website - Information, Enroll, FAQ, Terms of Service / Contract

Not your home site?  Click the Flag to change to your region.


Need Help?

Phone contact, where available, will be posted on the main website (front page).

For example, look for the contact number in the blue ribbon just beneath the introduction section / image.


Of Interest… Be Informed!  Understand your Options and Responsibilities!

  • Section Check to see if your HP printer works with Instant Ink
  • FAQ section > READ How does HP Instant Ink work? – Be sure to read all the FAQ sections.
  • The all-important Contract > Link is located below the FAQ section > READ Terms of Service Contract



  • It is NOT necessary that you be enrolled to read the contract
  • Contract:  Open the main website > Change region / flag > scroll down just past the FAQ
  • Cancellation / Termination  >> READ the Terms of Service Contract.
  • The Terms of Service contract also provides contact information, usually in the very first section.



 Instant Ink - Terms of Service - USA

 Instant Ink – Terms of Service - UK


Instant Ink - Terms of Service - Ireland



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