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How to print with HP JetAdvantage Private Print

HP JetAdvantage Private Print

New to HP JetAdvantage Private Print? This short guide will get you started and let you know where to turn for help. Private Print is great because:

    • You don't have to remember which print driver goes to which printer in your office
    • Your job doesn't print until you walk up to the printer, log in, and retrieve it—now you can safely print sensitive documents to shared printers
    • No more walking back to your PC to reprint when the printer you wanted to use ended up being jammed, out of ink/toner, out of paper, or loaded with the wrong kind of paper
    • No more "print & sprint" when you have a job requiring labels or specialty media on a shared printer


Setting up your account and printing to your Private Print queue

If your organization is using Private Print, then your IT administrator will have created an HP JetAdvantage On Demand user account for you. Check your inbox for your activation email—if it's not there, ask your admin to resend it.


Once you've found the activation email, click the activation link. Your web browser will load a page where you can set your password and accept the HP JetAdvantage On Demand Terms of Service. Be sure to choose a password you can remember, because you'll have to enter it once on each printer you use in the office.


Next you'll be asked to sign in to your account using your email address and password. (Be sure to use the same email address the activation email was sent to.) The first time you sign in, you'll be taken through a guided setup wizard that will help you download the right print driver for your system. If you're using Windows, you'll be prompted to download and install the HP ePrint + JetAdvantage print driver. Mac users will be asked to download and install the "PDF Workflow Utility." Open the downloaded file if it doesn't open automatically.


Windows users:

  • During installation you'll be asked to agree to the driver's End-User License Agreement (EULA). On the same page as the EULA checkbox is a button labeled "Installation Settings." If you don't want the HP ePrint + JetAdvantage driver to become your default print driver, you can click this button and change your preference. Once you've checked the EULA checkbox, click Install. 
  • A short while later, the driver will ask you to sign in to your HP JetAdvantage On Demand account using your email address and the password you set earlier. If you keep the Remember Me checkbox checked, you won't have to sign in again to Private Print from this PC.

Mac users can learn how to install and print using the PDF Workflow Utility from this article.


The wizard will guide you to print a test page. For Windows users, you can print anything to your Private Print queue by choosing HP ePrint + JetAdvantage as your printer whenever you print.


After you click the Logout button on the last step of the wizard, the next time you sign in from your browser you'll be taken to the Dashboard. From here you can manage your personal account settings and your Private Print queue. Documents will stay in your queue for three days by default, but your administrator can change this value. You can delete documents from your queue either when you print them or by logging in from your PC and going to your queue.


Want to print a document from your iOS or Android phone or tablet? Get the HP JetAdvantage On Demand app and send documents directly from your device to your Private Print queue.


Printing from your queue to an HP printer

First, find out which HP printers your IT administrator has set up for Private Print. Walk up to any one of them and either:

    • Touch the More Apps or HP JetAdvantage button on the device control panel. This is what you'll see on high-end LaserJet Enterprise and OfficeJet Enterprise models. 
    • If the device is a LaserJet Pro or OfficeJet Pro model, touch the Apps buttons, and then locate and touch the Private Print app.

In either case, you'll next enter your account email address and password. You'll see an option here to set a PIN code to replace your password on this printer for future ease of use. If your IT administrator has configured a card reader, you'll also see an option to use your ID badge as your password on this device in the future.


Finish signing in and you'll see the Private Print app button—touch this button to bring up your Private Print queue. Select the files you wish to print as well as any print options (for example, two-sided printing), and touch Print. Unless you chose the option to delete the job after printing, the print job will stay in your queue until it expires automatically.


Pro tip #1: Your documents are encrypted and secure—neither HP nor your account administrator can see the contents of your Private Print queue.


Pro tip #2: You can send documents from your Apple iPhone, iPad, or Android device directly into your Private Print queue with our app. Download and install the Apple iOS or Android version and you'll be on your way. If your administrator has allowed it, you can also use the apps to print documents from your Private Print queue to printers on your local wireless network using Apple Airplay or Android's native print capabilities. 


We hope this answers many of your questions! If you have problems your admin can't address, post them here or use our online chat support in the quick links below.





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How to print with HP JetAdvantage Private Print

I am disgusted with thjis whole process

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How to print with HP JetAdvantage Private Print

Install the HP JetAdvantage Private Print app for OS X Log in to the HP JetAdvantage On Demand company account.

On the Welcome page, click Continue Setup Wizard: Private Print, or click Launch:

Private Print and then click Setup, to start the Setup Wizard for the HP JetAdvantage Private Print app (Private Print). Or, from the dashboard, click HP JetAdvantage Private Print:

Access Your Private Print Queue and then click Setup to start the Setup Wizard. An 'Enable the Device' page displays. Select a device from the drop-down list.

Enter the printer's IP address or hostname and then click Open EWS.

The printer's HP Embedded Web Server (EWS) opens in a new web browser window.

In the Setup Wizard browser window, follow the on-screen instructions to enable HP JetAdvantage using the EWS, depending on the device that has been selected. Click Continue.

A 'Download the Driver' page displays. Click the View all available downloads link.

A list of utilities required to use the HP Private Print app displays on the Utilities page.

Click the Download button, located to the right of the PDF Workflow Utility for Mac OS X 10.8 or higher utility, to install the HP JetAdvantage Private Print app driver onto the computer.

Save the .dmg file to a folder that can be found easily, such as the Downloads folder.

Browse to and open the folder with the .dmg file. Double-click the *.dmg disk image file to mount the disk image.

The Finder window displays.

Click and drag the Preference Pane item onto the System Settings icon in the Finder window.

Follow the instructions in the Private Print preference pane to log into your account and enable the PDF workflow menu item.

After the app driver is installed on the computer, return to the HP JetAdvantage On Demand web site to see the HP JetAdvantage Private Print app on the dashboard.

Confidential documents can now be sent to the HP JetAdvantage Private Print queue.

Queued documents can be printed on demand from the printer's control panel.

NOTE: For all devices, the HP JetAdvantage Private Print app must be installed onto the printer before queued documents can be printed.

After the HP JetAdvantage Private Print app is installed on a printer, a HP JetAdvantage or Private Print button displays on the printer's control panel, depending on the device.

The HP JetAdvantage or Private Print button allows users to access their personal HP JetAdvantage Private Print queue from the device's control panel.

For more information about how administrators can install the Private Print app onto a supported HP printer, click here. NOTE: Click HP JetAdvantage Private Print:

Access Your Private Print Queue from the HP JetAdvantage On Demand dashboard to see a list of queued HP JetAdvantage Private Print documents that are ready for printing.

NOTE: Documents in an HP Private Print queue will expire between one and seven days after being added, based on the Administrator’s setting.

Print documents from a personal HP JetAdvantage Private Print queue for OS X Before printing a document using the HP Private Print app on a printer's control panel, the document must be added to your personal HP JetAdvantage Private Print queue.

Use the following steps to add a document to an HP JetAdvantage Private Print queue for OS X: Browse to the document to print, and then double-click to open the file.

The file opens in the program that matches the file type. Use the program's Print function to print the file. Go to the program's Help section for instructions on how to print from that program.

In the print dialog, click the PDF button. NOTE: If the PDF button does not display in the print dialog, try one or more of the following troubleshooting steps: If the PDF button does not display in the print dialog, save the document as a .pdf file, and then open the .pdf file in Preview.

To open a .pdf file in Preview, browse to the file, ctrl-click on the file, click Open With, click Preview, and then print the file from the Preview window.

The PDF button displays in the print dialog when using Preview. Many Adobe programs have a Printer button in the print dialog. Click the Printer button to get to an alternate print dialog called the system dialog.

The system dialog displays the PDF button. For more information about how to access the system dialog in an Adobe application, refer to the help instructions for that Adobe program.

If the PDF button does not display when printing a page from an internet browser like Google Chrome, click the Print using system dialog link in the browser's print dialog, which displays an alternate print dialog with the PDF button. After clicking the PDF button, click Send to JetAdvantage Private Print. The print job is added to your personal HP JetAdvantage Private Print queue and can be printed securely on demand from the control panel on a supported printer.

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