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Cannot Get CP1525nw Connected to Netgear Nighthawk x6 R8000 Wireless Network

HP LaserJet CP1525nw Color
Microsoft Windows 8.1 (64-bit)

I've never been able to successfully get this printer installed over wi-fi with any stability so we've always connected via USB and shared it. I bought a new router and would like to be able to print to this printer wirelessly from anywhere on my network. I can't get the printer out of hardwired mode and into wi-fi mode. Your software keeps crashing, installations crash halfway through. The printer shows a IP, so the network is aware of it, but that is as far as I can get. None of the HP tools will run under this operating system, they crash immediately upon launching. This is frustration beyond compare! Has anyone out there had any luck with this printer!?


Dell XPS 8700 16GB RAM

Win 8.1 (64 bit)

Comcast TG862G (POS) Gateway

Netgear Nighthawk x6 R8000 Wireless Router

HP LaserJet CP1525nw Color Printer

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Cannot Get CP1525nw Connected to Netgear Nighthawk x6 R8000 Wireless Network

Hi @jrmunn ,


I would like to help you get the printer working over the wireless network.

There are a few different ways for setting up the printer over the wireless network.


  • Through the WPS support.
  • Through the installation, by connecting the USB, it will configure the wireless.
  • After the USB installation is done. You can configure the wireless through a Ethernet connection.

Power cycle the router.


First we will have to restore the defaults on the printer.

Press the OK button on the printer, go to service, then select restore defaults.


Print a configuration page from the printer to make sure the IP address and the SSID are cleared.

Printing a Configuration Report.


Uninstall the printer software.


WPS Setup Method:


To connect your wireless printer to your wireless router using WPS:
(your router would have to support WPS)

Start the WPS push button mode on your printer.
Within 2 minutes, press the WPS button on your router.

Then run Add a Printer Wizard from Devices and Printers.


USB Method:


Perform a clean boot on the computer and turn off the Antivirus Software and any Real Time Scanning in the Antivirus Software also. How to perform a clean boot in Windows.


Then run the installation, immediately after connecting the USB cable, follow the steps in this document to update the drivers so it doesn't error out again. A Fatal Error Displays During Software Installation. Then the installation should continue. (you can use this procedure for any type of installation)


If you are still having issues and have a Ethernet cable, we can install the printer as a USB connection again and then configure the printer through the Ethernet connection to Wireless.


Ethernet Method:


Restore the printer defaults.

Connect the printer to the router with a Ethernet cable.
Wait about 1 minute and the printer should have a valid IP address.
Print the configuration page to get the printer's IP address.
Type the IP address into Internet Explorer address bar which should open the printer's embedded web services page.
Setup the wireless through here now.
Click on the networking tab, wireless on the left, fill out the network information and apply the settings.
After the confirmation, then disconnect the Ethernet cable.
Now you should have a blue wireless light on the printer in about 1 minute.


Print a configuration page from the printer, to get the new IPv4 address.


Then create a new port with the new IPv4 address.

From the Devices and Printers window, right click the printer and left click Printer Properties, select the Ports tab.

Click Add Port, select Standard TCP/IP Port, then select New Port and follow the wizard.
Type in the proper IPv4 address for the printer.
Make sure the printer is online.
Try printing over the wireless network.


Please let me know the outcome.

Have a nice day!
Thank You.



I work on behalf of HP

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Cannot Get CP1525nw Connected to Netgear Nighthawk x6 R8000 Wireless Network

Forget about setting this up with the WPS button or pin OR the USB method. The only way I was able to get this connected to the Wi-Fi network correctly was to patch the printer directly into the router via Ethernet cable, let the router assign an IP address (I actually subsequently setup the TCP/IP information manually so I could assign the printer a reserved DHCP IP address).


While still connected over Ethernet, open a browswer to go to the printer's index page (by going to the printer's IP in the browser).


In the printer's web interface, find the network settings to enable the wireless capability, which will turn on the Wi-Fi antennae and let you pick which Wi-Fi network to attach to the printer.


Once connected, you can remove the Ethernet cable from the printer and anyone on your Wi-Fi network should now be able to see the printer online.



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Cannot Get CP1525nw Connected to Netgear Nighthawk x6 R8000 Wireless Network

I've used your suggested ethernet method & still I cannot get my Laserjet Pro CP 1525nw Color printer connected to my Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 WiFi Router!!!


Can anyone help???


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Cannot Get CP1525nw Connected to Netgear Nighthawk x6 R8000 Wireless Network

Our Nighthawk R8000 took a power surge.  I replaced it with the same model and set up the new unit with exactly the same credentials (WiFi name & password).   But, I could NOT EVER get the old HP OfficeJet 6700 Premium to wirelessly connect to the new router.


Tried several things .... including using a wired connection to the printer and attempting to reconfig the printer network settings (as mentioned in other posts).  Nothing worked.  Finally I experimented    1) I put my phone into HotSpot mode and successfully wirelessly connected the printer   2) Then I changed our home wifi name (by just adding a "2" to the end of the original name) and SUCCESSFULLY connected the printer to the (newly named) wifi.  BUT, when I reverted to the original wifi name could no longer connect.  As we have probably 30-35 devices (counting extended family) set up to connect I did NOT want to permanently change the wifiname.


My solution was to move the printer to a location where it could be hardwired/RJ45.  

However, if you only have a few devices on your network might just want to try renaming your wifi and reconnecting the devices to newly named network.


I suspect there is some sort of security built in that prevents connecting on same network Name (with same brand of device?) that has different MAC address (new router vs. old).

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