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I experience the exact same problem (at least I think it is),
and it hasn't been solved yet.

I wrote about that in this THREAD.

It looks that it's driver fault for Realtek hardware,
no matter what notebook model it is.

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I managed to get it working on 3.5mm with driver from some old model,

but then integrated speakers stopped working.

Driver version is

DTS Audio Control Panel is used instead of Omen Audio Control.


If I manage to get something more before working driver gets released,

I'll inform the community. 🙂

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It looks that issue started with Windows 10 update.

There is some incompatibility with Realtek drivers.

I found this on Dell forums.


Can anybody try Windows 10v1507 or even 8.1
to check if there's same issue with Realtek drivers?

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New temporary solution that works with Realtek drivers.


Find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4d36e96c-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}\xxxx\PowerSettings

where 'xxxx' is one of keys which contains

DriverDesc value 'Realtek High Definition Audio'.

Note: There may be multiple ones containing PowerSettings,

for example 'Nvidia High Definition Audio'.

You'll find there three binary values and set them:

  • ConservationIdleTime = ff ff ff ff;
  • IdlePowerState = 00 00 00 00;
  • PerformanceIdleTime = ff ff ff ff.

Default values are all 00 00 00 00 which disables power settings,

but driver somehow overrides it with 0a 00 00 00

which is 10 seconds (0x0a = 10) and is by default in driver.


Problem shouldn't occur again after restart (or I haven't noticed).

This is not solution to problem,

it only prevents audio hardware going idle,

but I don't see any impact on energy consumption.


I'm going to send mail to Realtek support about this problem

as it's clearly driver problem,

and when (or if) they respond I'll post an update.


Give kudos if I helped. 🙂

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Just fixed the issue on my new HP Envy! Thanks so much for the workaround!

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I'm confused by your solution. First, you said Find [ Long file path ]. What is this? Where is this setting we have to find?

HP Recommended

It's not file path, it's registry key (what is distinguishable by starting HKEY).

Considering your assumption that it's a file path (being unable to recognize it's a registry key),

I think you should NOT do this.

If you make mistake doing it you could potentially cause malfunction of operating system.

Wait for a driver update that resolves the problem.


If you want to do this on your own risk and responsibility

then follow the next tutorial on how to get Registry Editor and navigate through it:


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