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    Windows update impacting certain printer icons and names. Microsoft is working on a solution.
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    Windows update impacting certain printer icons and names. Microsoft is working on a solution.
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    Need Windows 11 help?
    Check documents on compatibility, FAQs, upgrade information and available fixes.
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HP Notebook - 15-da0008ca

Purchased this computer a couple years back (December 2019).  It worked fine for a year.  After a windows update, I have since had numerous problems ranging from corrupt microsoft explorer (and edge), bsod.  Tried running anti-virus, clean up programs, etc.  to no avail.

I let it sit for the better part of the last 10 months.  Turned it on.  It booted and windows opened to my great surprise.  It made a bunch of updates.  Rebooting several times. 


Now I can enter username/password, but after a miniute I get the desktop, and poof , not doing anything bsod.


I want to go back to an original ISO file and start from scratch (all user data was backedup).

Any idea how to get it?  HP's customer support will not help because it is out of warranty.  Don't really want to install a "vanilla" windows so I don't have to track down all the drivers and HP programs.


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Your notebook should be supported by the HP cloud recovery tool which you can use on another PC running W7 64 bit or newer, and a 32 GB USB flash drive that will create a bootable USB recovery drive that will reinstall W10, the drivers and the software that originally came with your notebook.


Here is an info link for how to use the utility:


HP Consumer PCs - Using the HP Cloud Recovery Tool in Windows 11 and 10 | HP® Customer Support


If you use another PC, after you install the tool, you will need to enter your PC's product number in the tool's search window to create the recovery media. Your notebook's product number is: 4BQ72UA# (and you have to enter the 3 characters you see after the pound sign).

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Thank you for the tip.


I was able to rebuild the computer using HP Cloud to launch the rebuild, must of done a mistake because it didn't recrate the computer, it just erased everything.  Took advantage of this to do an extensive memory and disck test.  All passed.  The fact that it didn't rebuild wasn't such a set back, because I recreated a windows instance using the Microsoft Media creation (offline to usb stick).  Which went on without a hitch.


Here's the funny thing, the computer was rebuilt last night.  8 hours in.  No software installed.  Not even "updates".  Only regional settings (keyboard, language) and turning off some startup programs (hp support) were turned off.


Computer unstability is allready present,

1. I can't run the windows + r command it turns off.  I found an article recommending how to fix this... I chose the route to sfc /scannow; already corrupt files.


2. After opening cmd by searching, clicking (run as administrator), I no longer can type in the windows search box (the one next to start).

Before I do anything... which may include throwing it out the window any ideas?


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You're very welcome.


The bootable USB would have erased everything on the hard drive as the link indicated but then it should have reinstalled W10, the drivers and the software that originally came with your notebook.


There is one other thing I know of that you can try and that is to make a plain W10 USB installation flash drive with the media creation tool from the link below.


Download Windows 10 (microsoft.com)


After the bootable USB drive has been created, boot from it, install W10 and then after W10 installs, you can install the drivers and available software from the notebook's support page.


HP Notebook - 15-da0008ca Software and Driver Downloads | HP® Customer Support



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That’s what I ended up doing (creative media ubs bootable and installed w10.


hp support did not offer to replace, add or update drivers.


yet, there were corrupt files…  how could that be?

HP Recommended

I recommend that you download the drivers you need from the support page link I posted yesterday.


There's no way all those files are corrupted.


There are thousands of people that own the popular 15-da0xxx model series and I have not seen one post on this forum since that notebook came to market where anyone has stated that the driver files were corrupt.

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Allow me to recap what I've done...


I create a usb stick with Windows Media Creation tool.

Rebooted into the app

Attempted an install BUT did not select *move files over*, so I f*up and ended up trying to reinstall from scratch.

It still installed a fresh copy that looked someone stable.  Undertook the updates (windows).

It rebooted a buch of times and ended at the desktop... after answering cortona, regional settings questions.  which sounded real good.


But the same condition: BSOD after 30 secs or 5 minutes even of non activity, like if Windows was unstable.


So I tried the next basic trouble shooting... rebooted to a dos prompt.  ran sfc which determined there were errors but could not be fixed.


Tried repair, was told it could not repair.  So - and because no software other than windows was loaded - I attempted a second fresh install.


ERROR!  I am now stuck at the windows installation screen, it attempts to install, after showing me the partitions (and asking where to install), it starts copying files but then BSOD and reboots.  Stuck in this loop.  And its been going on for about 10 iterations.




My next step I am considering is replacing the hard drive (althought I did a memory and drive test and both did not return errors) and trying a new install.


What do you think?





HP Recommended

Yesterday I wrote a new chapter in trying to resolve the computer issues…


Deleted the previous windows, partition


Using windows, creation, media tool, launched a new windows installation (not saving any files or data)


It worked!


I had a stable Windows environment for a couple hours.

so I started to install some applications, one other time, to ensure that everything states stable.


Did the updates (h2202) including the optional updates,


Installed HP support assistant (that’s when I got my first bsod). Mentioned only a wlan driver needed updating.  So I didn’t run it again to stay away from more bsod.


Installed, iTunes, even connected my iPhone to back it up (which was a success),


Tried moving pictures from my iPhone to the picture directory and got a couple incomplete errors, at the time I associate of those to a bad transfer cable.  I put that task aside until I could get another cable.

installed irfanview (small footprint image viewer) to check the quality of the image I transferred. The ones that did work OK


installed open office But never ran it


3 x BSOD in the space of 20 minutes.


The more I think of it, the more I know, suspect a hard drive or memory issue, as the three errors were:






HP Recommended

Next morning update…


it just loops…










 obviously the repair screen pops between each of these BSOD


so, hard disk or memory?



HP Recommended

any clue?

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