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touchpad and keyboard freeze

My computer screen will continue to work but I am unable to use the keys, mouse click buttons, and touchpad are unresponsive. 

I have a HP pavilion dm1. I am running Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1. It has a AMD E-450 processor with Radeon HD Graphics 1.65 GHz. I have 4GB of ram and it is a 64 bit machine. 

It seems to happen more often if i am video chatting but it does it randomly at times also. I normally have to tap the power button to put it into some dort of sleep more then once its in that state i can tap the space bar or another key to wake it up and it will work again. sometimes it will be good for hours and sometimes for only a few seconds. I have not noticed any excessive heating and it happens even if i have it propped up to allow good air circulation. 

To be clear, the screen and computer will continue to work while the keys and pad are frozen. I can continue the video chat, or movie, see updates on facebook, etc. But I am not able to move the mouse or do anything with the keyboard.

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Re: touchpad and keyboard freeze

I have the same issue!!


its also a DM1... keyboard and touchpad stop responding while external keyboard and mouse (when connected) continue to work.


HP service center is suspecting the motherboard to be faulty but they will not repair as the netbook is not supported here in UAE (was bought elsewhere).



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Re: touchpad and keyboard freeze

I have got the same problem here too, same notebook, same specs, but 32 bit Windows 7 (as it was delivered in Holland with 3,49GB useful ram?). It looks like an internal USB hub that crashes, but the strange thing is, an external mouse and other USB devices still work when it happens. The problems are also at Linux (Kubuntu for netbooks). I also have random problems with flashing horizontal and vertical lines on my screen. Ones in a week or another time a month, sometimes one line, other times its worse and the screen is completely unreadable. Also this is gone when turning off and rebooting (but still really annoying). 

I personally already updated all the drivers which containing also keyboard and mouse drivers to the latest version, but still no improving effect. Another mouse related random problem is that the mouse driver crashes, and jumps to the right upper corner when I try to click, all random. This problem can be solved for the time being in Windows 7 to hit the win-key, press ‘mouse’, hit mouse settings, select touchpad tab, click reset device button and everything will work fine for another few minutes or sometimes a week if you are lucky, so you can save your work. I lost my work several times by blue screens (cause of the common HP heating problems using pre-installed Beats and HP bloatware), installed dual boot for Linux (I tried the pre-installed ‘fast’ actually slower HP-OS, Kubuntu and Ubuntu) to solve the Windows related problems, but the video, keyboard and mouse drivers are even worse! (also the disable button of the mouse, and special media buttons don’t work with normal HP-untouched Synaptics drivers) So HP, what kind of joke is this (except a bad buy, and a waste of time and 400 Euros), and how to solve it? Another band-aid to slow down performance, or a real fair solution?

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Re: touchpad and keyboard freeze



This is abnormal behavior for a laptop and indicates a possible hardware issue/failure. Please contact Hp.






If it were a rattler. . . .

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Re: touchpad freeze

I got a similar problem. I bought 2 months ago the Pavilion dm1 4175sa and after few minutes of use the touchpad freezes and I can't use the keyboard either apart from f2 and f3.

The only thing I can do is switch off the computer by pressing the OFF button so it kills it.

Then I switch on again but it happens again.

Anyone got a solution ??


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Re: touchpad and keyboard freeze

I have exactly the same problem with my Pavilion dm1-4108au Entertainment Notebook PC running Windows 7. I purchased this only 6 months ago. The screen and computer will continue to work while the keys and touchpad are frozen. Videos, skype calls etc continue to run and webpages continue to update but I can't do anything except hold down the power button to shut down the pc.


Each time I turn on the computer, the keyboard and touchpad works for shorter and shorter periods of time (usually only about 10mins) before becoming completly unresponsive. Sometimes even at startup they do nothing.


Called up technical support and they got me to run a Primary Hard Disk Self Test (which returned a status of 'passed') and this took 2 hours to run so of course during this time the keyboard and touchpad stop working so I can't move past the end screen.

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Re: touchpad and keyboard freeze

I also have a dm1, running it under linux.  I have 2 different problems:


1) Sometimes keyboard and mouse freeze. External usb keuboards and mouses continue to work.  CPU keeps running, etc... I reprogrammed the power button to make the dm1 go to sleep.  When it wakes up a few seconds later, it works again.  Also, logging in with another computer (my smart phone), sleeping it and unsleeping it works.


2) Sometimes the whole laptop locks.  No CPU anymore.  Sometimes some processes run a few seconds more  while others lock. The linux logs suggest that one of the CPUs goes crazy and the other locks on a spin lock after a while.   Maybe going single CPU will help, but I had no time to test this as of yet.


Both of these problems seem heat-related: Plugin in the charger, setting a huge CPU load and even cranking up the light level of the LCD highten the chances of a crash.  When i don't do any of these, I can work on it for 2 hours.


This seems to me like the HP Pavillion dm1-4000sb  hardware has serious design flaws.  There is a small chance of HP getting this fixed with a bios upgrade, but I wouldn't count on it.


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Re: touchpad and keyboard freeze

My son has the same problem with his HP Pavilion g7-1357ea Notebook PC.  It is less than 6 months old!  Won't be buying HP ever again.

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Re: touchpad and keyboard freeze

Hi i have the same problem. Did you solved your? if yes wath do you make?

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Re: touchpad and keyboard freeze

Have you tried toggling the following settings:

Control Panel -> Hardware & Sound -> Power Options -> Change Plan Settings (of current selected plan) -> Change Advanced Power Settings -> USB Selective Suspend Setting -> Disable (both)
Control Panel -> Hardware & Sound -> Power Options -> Change Plan Settings (of current selected plan) -> Change Advanced Power Settings -> PCI-Express -> Link State Power Management -> Disable (both)

I read on a Microsoft page that either of those can fix some "resume from sleep" problems.

Best of luck!

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