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Battery depletes to zero after a couple days while shut down

HP ENVY x360 Convertible 15m-bp1xx
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)


My HP ENVY x360 Convertible 15m-bp1xx laptop battery will, over the course of about three days, deplete to zero while shut down, after being charged to 100 percent.  Often, I work with the laptop plugged in, but not always (maybe 75% 0f the time). The problem started about three weeks ago. I have always used the default settings for power/battery, but have recently tweaked them, to no avail. It's as if there is something running, drawing current, even though the laptop is shut down (not in sleep or hibernate mode). I do not have any USB devices plugged in.


The HP Battery Check in HP Support Assistant indicates "Primary Battery: OK".  I'm going to run the BIOS H/W battery test next.  It would seem that even if the battery were weak or marginal (i.e. depleting rapidly while using the laptop while unplugged), it wouldn't go from 100% to nothing in three days while shut down, unplugged, and sitting on the shelf.


Here are the battery test results. Zero volts on cell 4!? Also, only 201 of 1000 cycle count, so that looks good. Maybe the apparent dead cell is somehow causing current drain even with the laptop shut down??


CeementBatteryCheckResult: 11

DevicesSupported: 1
DeviceCount: 1
Primary_ACPowerOn: True
Primary_ACAdapterOk: True
Primary_TestresultString: OK
Primary_DesignCapacity: 4835mAh
Primary_FullChargeCapacity: 4264mAh
Primary_RemainingCapacity: 4264mAh
Primary_MaxError: 1
Primary_CycleCount: 201
Primary_Voltage: 13201mV
Primary_Current: 296mA
Primary_DesignVoltage: 11550mV
Primary_Status: 128
Primary_CellVoltage1: 4394mV
Primary_CellVoltage2: 4403mV
Primary_CellVoltage3: 4404mV
Primary_CellVoltage4: 0mV
Primary_Warranty: 3
Primary_CalibrationType: 3
Primary_ChargeControl: Supported
Primary_TempCharge: True
Primary_ChargeTest: False
Primary_ChargeCapacity: 88
Primary_TempAlarm: False
Primary_DeepDischarge: False
Primary_FullCharge: True
Primary_FullChargeStatus: False
Primary_BatteryCharge: True
Primary_DesignCycleCount: 1000





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Battery depletes to zero after a couple days while shut down

There is no dead cell. It is very common for the test to have a placeholder for a cell that does not exist and it will show zero. 201 is actually a lot of cycles. This appears to be a battery that has some miles on it but should still be serviceable. Keep in mind by default Windows 10 will not completely **bleep** down but goes into hybrid sleep. Do you have any usb devices connected?

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Battery depletes to zero after a couple days while shut down

Thanks for the response.


As stated in my original post, I do not have any USB devices connected. The battery will be charged to 100%, I will shut down the laptop using either the Start Button "Shut Down", or the physical  power button (which is configured to do a "Shut Down"). The laptop is left on the desk at 100% battery charge,  unplugged from everything, including the AC adapter. The battery will be completely dead three days later.


I have hybrid-sleep disabled, and do not use sleep mode at all (not configured for lid close, etc.). In fact, before I close the lid, I make sure the power light is off. When I got the laptop two years ago, I immediately swapped the 1TB mechanical drive with a Samsung SSD. Not concerned with boot speed, I always "shut down".


As far as the 200 count being high, it looks to me that it is only 20% of the rated 1000 cycles. Or am I missing something?





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