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Which new notebook models have trackpoint?

Looking for a new notebook. Cannot easily tell from the usual descriptions which have a trackpoint pointing device. A list of models or model families would be very helpful.

Thanks: Leon

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Re: Which new notebook models have trackpoint?

I am not sure any HP laptops still have a trackpoint. All Lenovo Thinkpads still have them. There is virtually no consumer demand for trackpoints, a huge majority prefers the touchpad. I still use the trackpoint on my Thinkpad, but also use the touchpad.

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Re: Which new notebook models have trackpoint?

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Machines, which I`m aware of, that currently offer trackpoints are:
All EliteBooks; ProBook 6450b, 6455b & 6550b.
All known ThinkPads (not IdeaPads).
NEC EasyNote MX45, MX65, S5.
Fujitsu Lifebook T2020, P1630, P2120, S7220, E8420, U820/U2010.
Dell Latitude E4200, E4310, E6410, E6420 and E6510; Precision M4500 and M6500.
Toshiba Tecra R840, R850, M11, A11 (optional).
Acer TravelMate C200, C210, 6410, 6460, 6492, 6492G, 6592, 6592G, 6593.

Machines, which I`m aware of, that were peviously equipped with trackpoints are:
All HP EliteBooks; all models ending with p or w; all models starting with nc or nw; 6445b (optional), 6545b (optional), tc4200, tc4400.
Sony Vaio P series, BX series, C1 series, U8 series, UX series.
Dell Latitude E6500, E6400, D430, D600, D630, D830, XT, E4300, E5400, E5410, E6400, E6510, E6400 ATG, E6500; Precision M2300, M2400, M4300, M4400, M6400; Inspiron 4000, 8100, 8200, 8600, 9100; L.
Toshiba Portege 3490CT, Tecra A7, A8, A9, A10, M2, M5, M9, M10, S Series; Satellite Pro 4000 Series, 410 Series.


Please add any machines that I missed. I`m addicted to the trackpoint , they are the greatest thing to happen to the keyboard since keys. Seripously though,  I`m always interested in notebooks that offer this input device.

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Re: Which new notebook models have trackpoint?

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Thank you very much! I'm currently looking for a new laptop (my ThinkPad X200T has done pretty much for me) and I'm also addicted to the trackpoint :)


Off: Seems like we're the "virtually no consumer demand" ;)

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Re: Which new notebook models have trackpoint?

Realize this is an old thread-  but my son-in-law had a  fairly  new (w/in a year) HP laptop here last night - it had a very usable trackpoint-type device.    Which is great because I thought I'd be married to Lenovo for the rest of my days b/c of the trackpoint. 


I can't use anything BUT a trackpoint -  and I can use it for very detailed work -  CAD, Graphic design, etc. just like a mouse.   A trackpad is crazy (IMO- I realize people love them) - requires both hands and you can't touch-type while using it - so it's not for me.  And I don't like to cart a mouse around.   If the trackpoints all went away tomorrow - that's what I'd have to do.. I'd deal with the trackpad while on a plane or somethng,  but use a bluetooth mouse for everything else.


So anyway - kudos to HP for including a trackpoint - I think there is considerably more than "virtually no" consumer demand for the device.  And unless someone has actual stats on consumer demand available (doubtful) - assertions like that are nothing more than unsupported hyperbole.    I think many consumers have put up with the lack of a trackpoint simply because it was abandoned by the manufacturer they like - and those consumers didn't want to switch to Lenovo.

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