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HP Envy Laptop 13-d010nr

This is my first time trying the support forum, so I apologize in advance if my question makes no sense.


Computer:  HP Envy Laptop 13-d010nr

OS:  Windows 10 (64-bit)


The new card fits in my laptop but did not work. 

Intel released a new driver on Feb 28, 2023.  Should I try again or is the problem with the BIOS as suggested by ChatGPT?



Lost Jockey

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Chapter 3 of the service manual indicates that only two Wi-Fi cards were supported in the model series.


HP ENVY Notebook PC (model numbers 13-d000 through 13-d099 and 13-d100 through 13-d199) Maintenance ...


I'm thinking that the AX210 may be too new for your notebook, so you may want to try the older AX200 with this part number.


Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200 ax 2×2 + Bluetooth 5.0 MU-MIMO M.2 2230 non-vPro   HP part # L35282-005


You can find the above model Wi-Fi card on eBay.


Search by the HP part number, not the model of the Wi-Fi adapter.


If the AX200 doesn't work either, then your notebook must have a BIOS whitelist which prevents Wi-Fi cards not listed in the service manual from working and you should abandon further efforts to upgrade the Wi-Fi card in your notebook.

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Intel AC 2x2 adapters will fit and work with the installed antenna configuration.

I was incorrect on that one.

Sadly you did not identify the brand and model of the wifi adapter that you installed. 


It is more likely to be an antenna configuration or wireless firmware update issue rather than BIOS.
Paul is correct about your particular model possibly being in the whitelist years.


Be aware that ChatGPT's information database only goes up to 2021.
Taking ChatGPT's recommendations with a grain of salt, as stated by its makers in a different manner, is a good plan.

I am not an HP employee. I am a volunteer. The suggestions that I make to try to help others are my own.
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First:  Thank you for taking the time to respond, I am very grateful.


I was able to put in the new card and the computer booted up fine.


However, i was not able to connect to the wi-fi.  


The card I replaced was the Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265, which if I understood correctly was supposed to be compatible.


I am guessing the service manual was written before they came out with the new Wi-Fi 6E modules.  How would I check to see if there is a BIOS whitelist which prevents the Wi-Fi card from working? 








HP Recommended

You're very welcome.


HP does not release any info regarding which notebooks have BIOS whitelists and which do not.


Generally, most HP notebooks made in 2014 or later do not have BIOS whitelists.


However, the fact that the Intel AX210 is installed and not working indicates that it is being blocked from working.


Do you know if you installed the vPro or non-vPro model?


v-Pro Wi-Fi cards will only work in select business-class PC's that support the Intel vPro technology, which yours does not.

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I can't tell if it's vPro or Non vPro.  It does not say on the chip or the packaging.


it must not be.

HP Recommended

What is the SPS# on the Intel label?


The non-vPro card has a SPS# of M27269-005


The vPro card has a SPS# of M27267-005


HP Recommended

It is the non -vPro card.   It has SPS # 27269-005 OC.


I am not sure if it makes a difference but I did download the new Intel wireless driver today.  


Do you think if I put the card back it will work?

HP Recommended

Unfortunately, I doubt the card is going to work if Windows automatically installed a driver for it when you first installed it.


Installing Wi-Fi cards in HP notebooks is I'm sorry to say, a hit or miss proposition when you install a card not listed in the service manual.


The only way we find out what cards work is when forum members report success or failure.

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I understand.  Thank you sir Tikkanen

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