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Did this for quite a while, setting the max CPU value to 99%...though, this turns off boost all the time and the performance was pretty bad so i found a better solution for my usage. Just downloaded "Ryzen Controller", there are versions that work with current mobile AMD CPUs as well - you can set a max temp, when it reaches this value it throttles the CPU. Afaik it's reducing the frequency in relation to the current temps, so it's not turning if to a minimum all the time. You can set the tool to start with Windows and apply the max temp setting on startup.


With the 99% CPU solution Battflefield 1 lagged even at LOW setting...i set the tool to 75° and energy setting to max performance when plugged in, now it works muuuch better and the temp stays at 75-77°, the CPU frequency is reduced but not as much as with the 99% fix. Works fine with LOW, MID and HIGH. Even at ULTRA the performance is better than on LOW with the 99% setting.


Before the 99%, the boost was jumping randomly at i was at 70° even while browsing or watching videos, in games it even went up to >90° - now i'm at 50-55° ,no fan, on Desktop when plugged in at max performance and 75° at games - i could even get better performance it i would raise the limit to lets say 85° in the tool but i want to spare the CPU, quite high outside temps in summertime.


Without this fix i would've returned the laptop instantly, but the price/performance ratio is just too good.



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I've finally managed to let HP know about the issue after 3 days of practically contacting 5 different HP Support technicians at once. The reply I got ;


I am sorry that you are having the bad experience.

We shall inform the development team.
and they shall try there best to send a new update on the HP website.


Well at least now they know. Funny part is how one of those technicians made me factory reset my pc twice, reinstall windows, do HP cloud recovery thing which is just a fancy and long way of reinstalling windows and formatting the second hard drive, disable windows updates for some reason, reinstall graphics drivers twice. 


As now they know, we should be expecting a new bios update that either reverts back to the previous version or one that fixes it. 

They also even asked me to send a video of the issue despite me explaining the issue as best as I can, the pc just hibernates when playing games, or just shut downs straight. The issue is not even consistent, it doesn't shut down when in a specific temperature either. I stress tested the PC for 2 hours, both the GPU and CPU being run at 100% load, it was fine but then I let it cool down and opened up a game and not even within 15 mins, it just happened again. 


HP did a big mess with this one. 

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this is really good news that they HAVE LEARNED (I hope so) about this problem and will fix it soon (well I hope so soon)

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While we are at it, Lemme ask you guys another question, maybe you can help me fix this - its been a month since i bought this laptop and it is supposed to be a gaming laptop but most of the games lag a lot, like the performance is not consistent, is it just me or you guys faced similar issues?

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What's your hardware specs? You use the dedicated GPU for games?


Except the toasty temps when i don't throttle the CPU boost, I'm quite satisfied with the performance (for this low price).


AMD Ryzen 5 3550H, 1660ti max Q 6GB, 16GB RAM, 144hz display - CPU is not the fastest but since most games are GPU heavy I'm fine with it. For <800€ I can't complain, similar specs are normally + >200€


... though, I'm sure it's not the best choice for gaming only since the cooling system is not the best and without throttling for max performance it would overheat very often - at least my hardware combination, maybe just a faulty copy 😄



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My specs are Ryzen5 3550H and gtx1650 and YES, i use 1650 for games, even in task manager it shows that, so that should be it.
Well I bought this configuration because it fit well in my budget and since I am a CS student, this system is enough for my university and gaming for 2-3 years max. By that time I'd graduate and upgrade to a Desktop but for now I need this system to work at its best, which it definetly is not doing since even FIFA/GTA lags at times. I dont think its a overheating issue, laptop stays fairly warm. Somwone suggested it could be related to HDD usage. idk tho. Any suggestions bois? 

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Let me give you a few tips to fix, as my performance in GTAV was great and I also have 3550H + 1650.


Open Nvidia Control Panel, navigate to Manage 3D settings, then find Power Management Mode and set it to Prefer Maximum Performance or Prefer Consistent Performance, you should decide which is better for you. 


Go to power settings and edit your power plan, then choose the plan you're using and press change advanced settings. Make sure PCI Express > Link State Power Management is set to Off. 

Set AMD power slider to Maximize Performance, and set AMD Graphics Power settings to Maximize Performance. 


Install your chipset drivers. They make difference and it's not done automatically. 


Open GeForce Experience, navigate to settings, then to Games, turn off whisper mode and battery boost. 


Limit your fps or enable V-sync. It's a laptop so it can get too hot quickly which will reduce performance as you play. Limiting FPS or enabling vsync (which locks your fps to your screen's refresh rate) reduces the load on GPU by not rendering more frames than your screen can display, reduces the overall load on both your CPU and GPU but I don't recommend this if you're playing competitive games as vsync introduces a very slight (and barely noticeable) latency and lower frames per second can impact your own performance. 


Play while plugged into a power adapter. The Laptop performs the best when plugged in. Battery might not be able to keep up when the PC is under heavy load. 


Upgrade your ram. Your integrated GPU allocates 2gb of your system ram to itself. This practically leaves you with 6GB of ram if you have 8GB in total. This may or may not be sufficient for some games. I've seen improvements in CODMW (from 65~ to 80~ FPS), Ghost Recon Breakpoint (from 30~ to 55~) and Dirt Rally 2.0 (didn't notice a subtle fps boost but reduces stuttering and hitches by a lot.). 


Let me know if those worked (maybe not the ram now, haha)

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Also keep in mind that your problem might have been caused by in-game graphics settings being higher than the capacity of the computer. Try lowering some settings that are demanding such as ;


Render Resolution (not recommended)

Ambient Occlusion (Use low or SSBC)

Any type of particle or effects 

Motion blur (turn it off, really.) 

Shadows (tone it down unless it looks unbearable, this can have a subtle impact on performance)

Anti Aliasing (MSAA has a noticable impact on performance. Try using TAA, SMAA or FXAA 

if you can.) 

Shader Quality 

Lightning effects 

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There are >350 views on this topic so I guess a lot of users are having this issue. It's already two weeks since the release of this DEFECT BIOS and there is none of new UPDATE. 

HP,  It been a week I can't play any game. Please, Just Please HP, I bought a gaming laptop for playing video game, not only scrolling facebook or watching cat videos on youtube, GAMING.


If you can't fix the new BIOS, just make old BIOS can be roll back please, PLEASE.

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Yes, the update has been hanging for a long time, but the post itself from me appeared a long time ago. (385 views can somehow pay attention to it) I am also worried that not a single "trusted specialist who is not a HP specialist" on this forum gave an answer to this topic. And only the users themselves are trying to somehow fix the situation.

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