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HP Recommended
HP 15.6 inch Laptop PC 15-e2000 (2K3D8AV)

Hello everyone
Following a request to repair my laptop under warranty, HP sent me an email to explain the process to follow to send them my laptop. In this mail it is written "CLEAR all your PASSWORDS. If you do not, HP may not be able to resolve your problem." Could someone please explain to me why I am being asked to do this, and how I should do it.
Thank you in advance for your help

HP Recommended



Welcome to the HP Community Forum.


One way I've used with success when sending computers to HP for repair...

  • Back up my data
  • Remove anything sensitive
  • Create a local, admin style account on the computer - simple username and simple password
  • Write and Tape the account username and password information to the computer
  • Box up the computer and send it to HP




I do not generally unlock my Microsoft account on my computers -- messy.


Creating and using local admin type account lets HP into the computer to do whatever they want.

Later, you don't have to change your passwords again.



If you do not already have backups of all your own data,


Back up all your account data.

That means, back up anything you expect to keep, use, or ever see again.

Everything that you care about should be backed up.

Cloud storage items are less likely to be lost, of course.

Back up your account stuff that is on the computer.



In general, you do not need to back up the AppData folder.

Yes, if not having a copy of AppData increases your anxiety, sure - back it up, too.

Said another way:

You do not need a backup of AppData -- you should back up the folder if the idea of losing it worries you.



Back up your data to a source OUTSIDE of the computer.



How to make backups?

Use the backup software you already trust and use - make sure it is capturing all your "stuff".


Use any method you want, even a simple copy of your most critical data to a USB drive would be better than nothing.


Plan on having to re-install all your programs -- for example, any Office Software, your games, your different browsers, your printer software, and anything else that did not come with the computer.  Make sure you know your license keys and passwords to your installed programs.



If you worry for any sensitive data, remove that data (files, folders, pictures, whatever else) from the computer.


Wait!  Obviously, only remove data (files, folders, pictures) you have backed up and  that you have tested that you can retrieve.


Why remove anything?

HP Repair depot does not care what you have on the computer -- that said, if the worst happens for ANY reason, understand that when your computer is away from your control, anything can happen to it.




Create a new local account on the computer -


What to name the account??  Use a simple user name

Example, name the new local account HPAdmin or other easy name.


Give the account a simple password - for example, HP1234


Write the name of the new local admin account on a piece of paper, no smaller than about 4x4 inches.


Write down the new local admin account password, too, on the same paper


Write the information in large and clean fonts - in other words, do not scribble on tiny paper in tiny script.



After the account is created,

Edit the new local account and change the account type to Administrator


Sign into the new "admin" style account one time to make sure it works.

Do not make any changes - wait for the account to fully sign in - wait a minute -  sign out of the account.


When ready, completely shut down the computer.


Securely attach the paper to the computer - for example, tape the paper to the keyboard using removable tape.

Attach the paper somewhere it won't be peeled off by accident, where it is obvious, and easy to find.



Attach an additional copy of the user account / password information on any paper that HP sent to you that is supposed to be returned to HP with the computer.


Pack up the computer in the box HP sent you.


Unless directed otherwise by HP, do not send the power adapter (charger) or any other external parts (mice, extra keyboards, other "external" hubs, wires, cords, or bits.



Microsoft - Create a local user or administrator account in Windows 


Thank you for participating in the HP Community --

People who own, use, and support HP devices.





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