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HP ENVY 360 convertible Laptop PC 15-ed1000

Have purchased this envy for my full time college student with protection plan with accidental damage . The notebook is damaged ( one side just lifted up and does not close properly and we submitted a case . The student uses this for classes and needs this everyday . The only option offered is to send it and after 10 business days HP will let us know if it can be repaired or replacement will be sent which will be another 10 business days , no loaner was offered , no local authorized repair centers . How can  a full time student go to classes without her laptop ? All her notes are there in the laptop which is damaged and does not work . The technical support gave us contact number to show damage so they can send a shipping label / box , but the number no one picks up and even if someone picks up he just disconnects the line . I would really like to escalate the case to a manager so my college student can have her laptop back . 

model : HP ENVY 360 convertible Laptop PC 15-ed1000.  IDS 

HP Recommended



Welcome to the HP Community Forum.


We are not HP Support -

Our Community cannot speak for decisions made by support nor can we intervene.

We can - and it has been done - make our moderator team aware of your concerns.

If there is a response to our request, an agent will post here before using other means to contact you.





It's an unfortunate mess - I'm sorry it happened.

I've never had to go through this while a student - we had to take notes by hand during the dark ages of my youth.


Students - particularly students - need to have backups of important data on other than the local device.

Unfortunately, "After the fact" is too often the time when this lesson is learned.

Consider "next steps" to rectify the lack of backups when you have the computer up and running again.


Cloud data, at least, is likely fine and can be accessed by the owner from another device that supports the same Cloud storage.


Local Data - Not backed up to another location:

There is no consolation - files and notes might still be on the computer after it is repaired - or maybe not.

The outcome entirely depends on what has to be done to repair the damage.


You can ask about special "save the data" options - the actual results might be exactly what you expect or not.

Ideally, you ask that the data be retrieved: Retrieving the data is agreed, it is possible, it is done, and all is well.

What?  The people filling out the repair submission forms are not the people doing the repairs.


Repairs can take time - remote repairs (sending in the machine to the HP repair depot) take longer.

Ten days for sending a machine for repair is typical in spite of the type of contract.

Repairs can take longer - sometimes much longer - to complete.


Once you send the machine away to be fixed, it's gone until it comes back.

I've had both exemplary and "not so great" experiences with hardware repair times.


What to do?


If the computer has not been sent to Repair by the time you read this,

Ask the student what she wants to do - it's her data and she has a stake in the process.


For example, 

If funds are available to pay for the repairs,

Find a local repair shop in your region to have the machine repaired on your schedule.

Ask the technician about options and scheduling.

Ask the technician about the data - if the disk is intact, it is quite possible, the data can be retrieved before the repairs are completed.  There might be a charge for the extra service - consider it money well spent.


If funds are available,

Provide for a temporary replacement device so the student can take notes while the computer is being repaired.



Thank you for participating in the HP Community.

Our Community is comprised of volunteers - people who own and use HP devices.






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