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HDMI Port Not Working on zBook 17 G3

Product Name: zBook 17 G3
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Will not display on any monitor. Tried multiple different monitors. Updated all the drivers, from Intel, NVIDIA, and HP. Nothing works.


Funny thing is that NVIDIA recognizes the monitor, name, make, and resolution. But no where can I find NIVIDIA recognizing the built in display on this computer. Intel recognizes the built in monitor, but doesnt see the external monitor.

In the NIVIDIA contorl panel under system topology it details the HDMI port, its connected.


So I got my IT people involved. They couldnt figure it out either. They tried everything. They believe that since NVIDIA sees the external monitor, but "Multiple Display Cloning" is "Disabled" (Unable to enable it) that NVIDIA doesnt recognize the built in display, it thinks the built in display is the monitor. When the external monitor HDMI is unplugged, the NVIDIA control panel clears out as if no monitor exists at all.


This is a brand new HP zBook that I have had for a couple months. Been fighting this issue ever since.


Desperate to get my monitor working I recently went and purchased a VGA to DVI converter and DVI to HDMI converter. That doesnt work either. I feel defeated, crushed by an HDMI port.

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Re: HDMI Port Not Working on zBook 17 G3

Having the same problem here with another Zbook 17 G3.


Installed the latest available Intel (4483 Rev.F, 16 Sept 2016) and NVIDIA (373.06 Rev.F, 26 October 2016) drivers along with other drivers. But nothing helps.


Beamer and TV recognize that something is connected but nothing will be displayed.


This is really annoying as this is working out of the box with all other HP Business Notebooks in the company (display port or HDMI).


Hope that someone from HP is looking at this issue soon.



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Re: HDMI Port Not Working on zBook 17 G3



As a work around, get yourself a thunderbolt to hdmi adapter. I purchased this from Amazon:




I cant remember but I think I had to manually install the drivers. Stay the course and you will finally get your monitor(s) to work with this adapter. It worked for me.


As an update to this thread, I have not attempted to further test the onboard HDMI port on this PC. I consider it broken despite this being a brand new laptop. I firmly believe this is a NIVIDIA issue.

Furthermore, I did contact NIVIDIA, they requested some specs and info about this laptop. Their last correspondence was they didnt find anything wrong on their end. But as I describe in the original post, something isnt quite right.


Hopefully someone (HP/NIVIDIA) will fix this issue at some point.

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Re: HDMI Port Not Working on zBook 17 G3

Thanks for the work around!


I think I will give it a try as I do not expect a solution from HP/NVIDIA within the next weeks...


I really hope that this is just a software/driver bug which can be resolved with an update.


Thanks again,


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Re: HDMI Port Not Working on zBook 17 G3

Update: 5/12/2017


Performed several updates to this zBook via HP website support. In recent news a keylogger was found in the audio driver so I wanted the latest fix from HP.




While there I found they had issued an update for graphics driver.





376.99 Rev.F

Operating systems:

Windows 10 (64-bit)

Release date:

Mar 23, 2017

File name:


(271.1 MB)


This package provides the video drivers and Control Panel for the supported notebook models running a supported operating system.

Fix and enhancements:

- Fixes an issue where high-resolution displays externally connected to the system are not detected properly.
- Provides enhanced security for the graphics driver.
With much anticipation and reboot of this wonderful laptop, i plugged in the HDMI..........fail.
It still doesnt work. What a joke.
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Re: HDMI Port Not Working on zBook 17 G3

I had the same issue on my HP zbook 17 G3 and installed this update and my HDMI port is now working again.  Not sure what caused it to stop working in the first place.

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Re: HDMI Port Not Working on zBook 17 G3

Thank you Sir!

Had the same issue. This did the trick, back up & running


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