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I would like to draw your kind attension about this serious problem I'm facing with AMD Mobility Radeon HD7670 driver for windows 8.1


I'm using Hp pavilion g6 2305tx which has dual graphics. I bought it 6 months ago and it cost about 60 grand in Bangladesh.


I was using Windows 7 and everything was fine. I could play every game I want  but after upgrading to window 8.1 I'm facing this switchable graphics problem. Device manager shows that driver has installed properly but when I switch to high performance for any game, it(game) stops responding but game can start without any problem in Intel HD 4000 graphics i.e I cannot use my dedicated graphics for which I bought this laptop!


Also, there in no driver for blueooth. Specificly Ralink RT 3290 Bluetooth driver. I found driver for this hardwere but not suitable for windows 8.1. Okey BT is not a big issue but what about the graphics driver? What is Hp doing? sleeping? Where the updated drivers for Windows 8.1? How long I have to wait? As I have brought it with BDT 60 grand I have right to ask for updated driver and I want them ASAP.


I repeat, I have AMD Radeon HD 7670 graphics in my laptop and driver has installed correctly but whenever I switch my graphics to high performance I cann't play  any game. This is because I am not provided with correct drivers for Windows 8.1 64-bit os.


I been looking for this driver for months but I'm not getting any updated driver for AMD mobility radeon 7670.


Please!!! publish updated drivers for windows 8.1 64-bit os.



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The problem is solved. It took 6 months but in the end I finally figured it out :manhappy:


Follow the steps accurately


1. Open This Pc or My Computer and then go to Uninstall or change a program


2. As the list is displayed, you will see Intel Graphic Driver & AMD Catalyst install manager. You have to uninstall it both in express mode so that no other previous setting are available anymore.


3. First, uninstall Intel Graphics driver. If it asks for a restarting the pc than go for it.


4. As the list is displayed, you will see AMD Catalyst install manager, right click it and uninstall it in express mode. Uninstall all the AMD component. Restart your PC as it will ask you.


5. Go to This Pc or My Computer and then C Drive. Open Program Files & Program Files (x86) both of them if you are running 64-bit Os. In the search box write AMD and you will find some remaining files- delete them all.


6. Now you PC is free of previous drives and the remaining files. Although right click to Windows sign and go to Device Manager. You will see Display adapters and uninstall them both. This step is not necessary but just to be sure that your PC has no previously installed drivers.


7. Open your browser and download the latest Intel Graphics Driver for your PC. My driver was Win64_153322. Install it. If you install it correctly than you are half way through. Restart your PC if it requires.


8. Go to AMD web site and download the latest driver. To avoid complicacy best option is to download Autodetect. Because it will choose the best appropriate driver for your system. File name is amddriverdownloader.


9.  Open the file amddriverdownloader and download the driver. Download will be completed and it will start automatically the installation. Install it in express mode. Restart your PC as it will ask you to do it.


10. Hopefully your driver problems will be solved. To check it go to device manager and see if the drivers are installed correctly. Turn on CCC and give it a try to play a game in High Performance. You will see the problem is solved.


This is how I solved my AMD graphics problem. I been suffering since I installed Windows 8.1 just after it was released and today 15 Jun 14 I solved the issue. I can play any game in High performance now.

If you think my opinion is helpful to you than Please share it.


Liyad Salem Mridu.


Please hit Kudos, if I help you! :smileyhappy:


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Hi Mridu99,


I understand you are having issues with your HP Pavilion g6-2305tx Notebook and your AMD Radeon HD 7670M graphics card. If you download AMD Catalyst™ Display Driver. This should resolve your issue.


Hope this helps.



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The link you gave is for 'desktops', for laptops, the mobility version of AMD Catalyst is used. The direct link may not work due to referrer issues but here it is.

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Thank you for the reply.


I just moved to Windows 7 again. I'm using my old drivers and is working fine with Windows 7.

I wanted to use Windows 8.1 its good but not friendly with drivers. 🙂

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No, it doesn't work at all !!!

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Still I can not use my switchable graphics. I installed the latest driver from AMD but it cannot ditect my graphics and there is no switchable graphics option -_-


It's been so long we are having problem but still no solution.


Kindly let us know even if you are unable to provide us a working driver. There is no other option without switching to ASUS or Dell then :/.



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Elaborating the problem-


After the release of windows 8.1 we are constantly facing the same stupid graphics problem.


1st of all, the drivers provided from hp website are out of date and they were released even before windows 8.1 so they are not working. In the device manager it shows that the drivers are correctly installed but opening CCC to play a game with high performance- the game doesn’t turn on and not only that no software can be run using high performance. E.g I choose Mozilla Firefox in high performance mode and try to open it. It crashed all the time just because of choosing AMD High performance and can run smoothly with Intel Hd 4000. So, why I won’t be able to use AMD radeon HD 7670M. Why doesn’t Hp provide us a working graphics driver?


2nd I downloaded the latest beat driver. That doesn’t even detect my driver hardware. Then I started downloading verities of drivers- results the same! Stupid soft wares are just a waste of time. I looked for appropriate driver- months passed!


3rd Now YOU elaborate us what is the cause of we are not being provided with latest driver? Is it purchasing HP product was a wrong decision? Is that we should go for ASUS or DELL? Why the support is so poor?



PLEASE!!!!! !!!!! !!!!!

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Try these steps (recommended to restart your computer after each step) :

1. Uninstall AMD Catalyst and drivers using AMD Clean Uninstall Utility.

2. Uninstall Intel HD 4000 drivers.

3. Install latest (as of 11th March 2014) Intel HD 4000 drivers.

4. Install Mobility Catalyst 14.4.

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I'm sorry. Okay, I got it. I never knew it. Actually i'm very busy with my works since i'm working on a Medical journal.


I'm still stuck with this graphics problem. Please help me to solve it.

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