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compaq presario CQ60 screen flicker

So, I have a Compaq presario CQ-60 running windows 7 home premium. 

I have been troubled by monitor flicker. its seemingly random. happens in pulses. almost like a 
block or grid flashes up on the screen, and it disappears. pretty frequently. in irregular places at irregular times. like I said, frequent but very random. 

I have a second monitor connected to the laptop's output, my dell HD 22 from my desk top and there is no flicker seen on that screen. 

I have opened the laptop and checked for loose, damaged wiring. it all inspects OK. 
( I am pretty good with electronics) 

I am at the point where i am beginning to suspect my inverter circuitry is to blame because 
the monitor output does not flicker, so that should tend to isolate the trouble to the laptop's 
display circuitry. right? I figured since the display is bright, not discolored at all, and the 
inverter is supposedly hi voltage circuitry it just tends to seem logical that it could cause this 
random flickering because of the voltage or whatever. 

I tested the ram chips one at a time and they are OK. I also tested the HD with the segate downloadable diagnostics tool, and it passed the SMART test. 

anyways, anyone care to offer an opinion or question before I order a $15 dollar inverter chip? 

the computer has 2GB ram, intel celeron processor 900 @ 2.2ghz 
graphics is powered by Mobile Intel 45 Express Chipset Family (WDDM1.1) 
driver v.

any opinions appreciated and I will work this problem here and follow it through to completetion

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Re: compaq presario CQ60 screen flicker

Smiley Indifferent alrighey then. thought I might get at least one answer but Its OK. 


aparently this computer must have a problem so exotic I should smash it and burn the chips before it 


spreads and unhinges society. 



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Re: compaq presario CQ60 screen flicker

I have the presario CQ62 and am having pretty much the same problem.  I get horizontal dotted lines, flickering, color blotches.  HP had me upgrade the bios and graphics drivers but that did not resolve the problem. I called again yesterday and they are sending me a box to send it to them since it may be a hardware issue however he had me move the display back and forth a couple of times and it did clear it but was there again this morning so I moved the display b and f and it fixed it so my guess is that is in the wire connecting the display to the motherboard.  Going to see how much a local tech will charge to fix it though even though it is still under warranty because it will take a couple of weeks by the time I get it back from HP.

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Re: compaq presario CQ60 screen flicker

I have a CQ60 and I haven`t this problem I hope you resolve it, may be a little molest.



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Re: compaq presario CQ60 screen flicker

@ lilstinker13   your issue, if moving the screen has a relationship to the flicker 

is almost assuredly caused by a short circuit in the wire bundle that runs from the motherboard 

via a wire bundle on the left side of the keyboard through the lefthand screen hinge to the 

display.   one thing you can do to test it is to hook your laptop up to a second monitor. 


that will tell you if the video disturbances are isolated at the primary display ( annd associated wiring) 


or if the problem is a graphic card issue, or potentially otherwise. 


I believe I have my issue pinned down to a fault in the LCD inverter chip that lives within the hing-ie 

peice below the compaq logo on the screen. 


taking apart your laptop to evaluate is not recommended for most people. 

alot of little screws, easy to lose and you can damage the computer with static 

electrisity or potentially expose yourself to a shock hazard in the high voltage 

electronics of the LCD system. 


as for me, I have no warranty and I am sure I can get by installing a new inverter chip. 

I will let ya'll know how that works out in a few weeks when I get the part. 

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Re: compaq presario CQ60 screen flicker

Hello! Loving that comment about it spreading! I had the same problem on my son's laptop. Replacing the inverter and the cables improved the time between flight but didn't fix it completely. Actually, the video had gone out completely. I used a step of heavy cloth tape to secure the cable into the socket and that helped a lot more. It seems like the socket didn't hold as well after many times plugging in and removing. I hope this helps... Before society becomes unhinged.. 😀
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