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I have a 16-e0008nq HP Victus Notebook. My wifi card has fried and in Romania, HP warranty is bad. What kind of wifi card I can buy to replace the broken one? Can I buy any wifi card or only HP approved ones? They are locked in bios so you can't use anything unless is from HP?

What kind of thermal paste is on the cpu and memory since lifting the entire cooling board will need new thermal paste and thermal blocks for cpu, gpu and memory.

For now I use a cheap external usb wifi card but I need to fix the broken one.

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If you don't want to replace the card with one of the models listed in chapter 3 of your notebook's service manual...


Maintenance and Service Guide (hp.com)


...The only suggestion I can offer would be to try this model Wi-Fi adapter with this HP part number/SPS number:


Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200 ax 2×2 + Bluetooth 5.0 MU-MIMO M.2 2230 non-vPro   L35282-005


That is the same model card that HP installed in my 15-ee0047nr notebook which comes with an AMD Ryzen 5 4500U processor.


Do not try and install an Intel AX210 Wi-Fi 6E card in your notebook as it will not work.


Unfortunately, I would not know the answer to your other question, so I suggest you start a new topic on that.


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I don't mind using an original card. This one is ok?


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Yes, that one should be fine.


Here is a service teardown video for the model series which may be of additional help to you.


Removing & Replacing Parts | Victus by HP 16-d0000 and 16-e0000 | HP Computer Service | @HPSupport -...

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I know how to open the laptop and replace the wifi card, thank you for tutorial video.

Already done that, I tried to move the card and fix the antenna cable without opening the heatsink but the card is dead.

I saw on the link above, they write there it cannot work with lenovo/hp laptop. So I think is a cheap copy.

Do you have a link with a good product from europe?

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You're very welcome.


I can't believe that the designers put the Wi-Fi card underneath the heat sink.


I guess they couldn't find a better place for it, but no wonder the Wi-Fi card fried.


If you think the label on the card is fake (according to the label that is the right part number and even indicates an HP part number), unfortunately I have no idea where you can buy the card.


If you can buy on eBay, there are plenty of them for sale.


M34027-005 for sale | eBay


The M34027-006-part number in the service manual is incorrect...It should be M34027-005.



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some of the sellers post this below



If you want to connect to 802.11AX, your router need to support 802.11AX.

It cannot support Lenovo/HP laptop. ***

It cannot support Win 7/8.

It is used, we all test it before shipment.


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They pretty much say that on almost every wifi card...not supported for HP.


Right on the label is an HP part number so how can it not be supported?


You're going to have do decide what to do.


If it were me, I would buy the card.


$13 USD is not much of a loss in the slim chance it won't work.

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when I will lift the heatsink it will damage the thermal paste and thermal pads from the cpu/gpu/memory blocks

Can I use any cpu thermal paste like Artic Cooling / Noctua / Artic Silver?

What for memory blocks. I saw someone has reused the old thermal pads for memory.

Another Question, I saw that on the Wifi Card is a plastic piece. It is required to put it back ? Somekind of shielding made of plastic.


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From bad personal experience, I don't recommend using any conductive thermal paste.


I once put a little too much Arctic Silver on an old HP desktop PC I had after I upgraded the processor.


After about 5 minutes I guess the heat caused the thermal paste to expand and flow over the side of the processor and found its way into the motherboard.


Poof!  No more computer.


The video for removing and replacing the Wi-Fi adapter shows that you should remove and replace the plastic covering.


The wifi card removal and replacement procedure starts at minute 08:18.

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