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    Need Windows 11 help?
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HP Pavilion dv2700
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)


(Forgive me for linguistic mistakes, I am using Google translator.)

I have a problem with the Blue Screen and the network card driver as I understand it.
I have an old hp pavilion d2700 laptop, I have installed Windows 10 here for a trial and all in all, except for some errors and wifi problems, which are probably related to each other.
Every time I have a Blue Screen, what you see in the picture pops up. I also have wifi issues that it can see available networks but has a problem connecting. I have to keep pushing for "solve the problem" and it always works positively.
I'm looking for a different driver for this network card, but I can't find it (I don't know if it's a good solution). Please help. I was looking on the Intel website, but somehow it is either not there or I do not understand this website. There is an I ntel utility for drivers, but it is not for that old man.
I think someone has tracked some version 15.3 here, but the link as I understand it does not work https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/87e3d5f3-ee6d-4d2a-91f1-52b6c257aee5/optimal-wifi-...? forum = win10itpronetworking
I do not know if something can be done about it or it is just a matter of the fact that the laptop is too old for this system.
Intel (R) Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN
Identifier: PCI \ VEN_8086 & DEV_4229 & SUBSYS_11008086 & REV_61
The driver version is currently, it was a bit older in the beginning, but the same problems on both versions.7429611000_1640007131.jpg

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I believe that most folks have issues with that model card and W10.


It is using a W7 driver.


See if rolling back to this version helps any...




If you want to experiment with older versions...







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Thank you for your help.
I'll try with anyone if I have to.
I do not know whether to count on solving both problems at once? I have to wait for the Blue Screen, but after installing the 1 driver you provided, I still have problems with wi-fi connection.
Perhaps the network card is breaking down? I also have linux mint installed. There, like wi-fi is all the time from the start of the system, but the diode next to the physical wi-fi switch is flashing quickly as on the router - maybe it's normal in this system?

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You're very welcome.


Hopefully one of those drivers will fix both of the problems.


The blue screen is caused by currently installed network driver.


One of the other things you can do is to only use the wireles B/G setting and not use the 5.0 GHz setting.


You can go into the advanced settings for the wifi card in the device manager and do that.


Set the card for B/G only.

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So. The first 3 did not make any difference. There was a compatibility problem with the last one, probably it is for an older system - Vista. Somehow I managed to get around it, but it looks like it is quite a different card - after installing it did not detect wi-fi at all.
At the moment I returned to the newest, as I understand it,
I'm not sure if I understand well what to change in these advanced settings. What's in the picture? from 6 to 4 yes? is there anything else to change here? I understand it also can help me?

5 GHz probably worked here too (it used to be when there was Windows 7), but I don't use it now. I only have 2.4 GHz.



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Yes, change that setting from 6 to 4, so it shuts off the 5.0 GHz reception.


If that doesn't help, unfortunately, I don't have any other suggestions for you to try.

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I see. So I will change it to 4 and test it.
Can I still contact someone directly from HP? Maybe someone will help me there. At first I wanted to do this, but it's hard to find a contact ... You are listed as an expert here, but I understand that this is for the forum. If so, can you tell me how / where to do it? constantly directs to the forum or over and over again.


Maybe it would be a good idea to buy an external USB network adapter? so cheap, simple, tiny I can buy for 10 $. USB speed is about 35/25 MB / s on a fast flash drive, but speed is not everything.


I have another problem, maybe you can help me with that. After installing Windows 10, although there is nothing yellow in the device manager, the system will not sleep with a flap. Only the physical button or next to "close". The opening of the hatch is also unresponsive. I didn't have this problem in Windows 7. In the settings, I have everything as it should. Maybe I need to install a driver manually? Windows Update did everything for me.

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The only suggestion I can offer regarding the sleep issue, would be to install the W8 chipset driver, which was the last driver supported for your notebook's chipset.




Unfortunately, I don't have any contact info for HP support, and even if you were to call them, they would charge you a fortune to even speak to them past 'Hello.'


If you continue to have issues with W10, you may want to just go back to W7.


While W7 is no longer supported, Edge works fine on W7 and Microsoft security essentials still works fine and gets daily updates.

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ok I will try.
Rather, I was thinking about some kind of chat or just an email address - you can't even find something like that.

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Chat support is only available for products still within the warranty period, which yours is not.


The only way to contact HP via e-mail is to contact the HP executive team at the link below.


Executive Team: CEO email | HP® Official Site


They should provide you with a case number and someone will get back to you.


Have a Happy New Year!

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