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HP Notebook 15s-fq1505na
Microsoft Windows 11

Laptop 15s-fq1505na Windows11 Realtek RTL8821CE 802.11ac wifi Poor range

My laptop will only find WiFi sat close range to router/access point.
Level falls to lessw than 10% at 20 open feet.
Using USB dongle works perfectly, and shows 85% at same location.
Conlusion: not the WiFi Access Points, Distance or Obstructions but definite problem with Laptop.

Have tried
Updating adapter driver - Windows reports latest driver already installed.
Ubinstalling/reinstalling in Device Manager.
Bios - HP offers no W11 bios upgrade - Present bios = AMI F.21, 21/07/2021
Tried connecting to 2 other access ppoints comparing results with my other (Aacer laptop)

Is this a known problem?
What is the solution?
Help please..


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Since you did not indicate the Wi-Fi driver version and date currently installed, the only suggestion I can offer would be to see if installing the latest driver for that model Wi-Fi adapter helps any.


2024.0.10.226   12/24/2021





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Thanks for your reply.


The old driver (from windows update) was:  Realtek 2024.0.10.209 Date:04/12/2019

Now updated to:  2024.0.10.226 Date 24/12/21 form HP link.


But sad to say it has made little or no difference... :0(

I'm not too demanding, but it just will not connect or run at any speed in rooms where everything else works okay - and it seems a shame to have a dongle stuck in the side all the time.

I'm guessing that the actual adapter is integral to the motherboard and not replaceable?



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You're very welcome.


Sorry the driver update didn't help and that was quite a jump from where you were.


The card is removable, but the problem is...it only has one Wi-Fi antenna wire connected to it and all the other dual band wifi cards require two antenna wires to work properly.


I wonder if there is an issue with the antenna wire? 


Could be frayed or broken from opening and closing the lid if they didn't install it right.


There are many posts from forum members that report different issues with that model Wi-Fi adapter.


I have two HP 255 G7 business class notebooks with that model Wi-Fi card, and knock on wood, the card has worked fine for the last two years on both of them.


MIne are also running Windows 11 after I upgraded them from W10.

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Thanks that makes sense.

It works perfectly once within about six feet of the router but signal level drops off so rapidly beyond that it’s definitely worth investigating.

Also interesting that it seems to be a common problem – maybe someone else who’s had and solved it will see this..if I do have it apart and fix it I’ll post the result.

Thanks for our help.


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Anytime, Roger.


Glad to have been of assistance.


I hope you can sort out the problem.


Below is the link to your notebook's support page, where you can find the service manual...


HP Notebook 15s-fq1505na Manuals | HP® Customer Support


It references a totally different model series, so my assumption is this manual also would work for your notebook as far as opening it up and replacing parts is concerned.



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