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I am just venting that I called the HP technical support number when my product was under warranty and it was a "ghosted" number. I was somehow connected to a 3rd party and told my issue was an IP network issue.  I sensed it was a scam and let them know.  Of course my computer was locked up and I couldn't access anything.  After I was scammed out of $129 it worked and I had 6 months worth of support.  I checked this company out on the BBB site and there are numerous complaints and many with the same story I experienced.  Long story short, I now know better and should have hung up immediately.  My main gripe is that in contacting HP they seemed clueless and not very interested.







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Welcome to the HP Community Forum.


An unfortunate story -- not unique.


I will forward your message to the moderators for Review.

Should there be any response, an agent will contact you here before using other methods.




In many regions of the world, including the USA, HP does not post phone numbers for HP Support.

In the USA, at least, this has been true for a number of years.


Those numbers you do find using your search engine and browser are generally lifted and repurposed by thieves or never had anything to do with HP in the first place.


All the HP Support submission options you find here in the Community pages (USA) start online.

After the submission for Warranty support is accepted, contact options are displayed on your screen.


It's true that you still need to be aware of where you are starting the process.

Thieves can easily create a fake support site. 


HP and other legitimate companies are certainly aware of the scandalous behavior perpetrated by thieves and bad actors.

HP has no control over the Internet -- it is a wild and woolly place.


For those reading:


HP Support – Hardware / Technical Support for Devices in Warranty


Registered Devices in Warranty:  Select a method and contact HP Support…


Open website  HP World-Wide Support

Select your region and follow the prompts


Regional Links

 USA / Canada >   HP® Customer Support - USA

 UK >  HP® Customer Support - UK


Reminders - READ

  • Case submission to HP Support is available to those whose devices registered and are still in Warranty.
  • Some regions display phone / chat contact information only after the case is submitted online
  • Not every issue is covered under the standard Hardware Warranty.  Purchased Care Pack Warranties differ by contract.
  • HP is not a "general" repair facility: Requests for out-of-warranty repairs are usually not accepted.
  • If the problem is hardware, if your device is in Warranty, if your device is Registered, and you cannot submit your case to Support, let us know and we will forward a request.


  • HP Phone numbers you find on the Internet have likely been hijacked.  Old HP phone numbers – those no longer used by HP since the move to “online” case submissions  – might have been lifted and reassigned.  Do not be a victim.  Be Careful.


READ – Be Informed – Be Aware


HP Fraud Alert: Protecting Yourself from Scams | HP® Official Site

HP Fraud Alert: Protect Yourself from Scams, Report Suspicious Calls


Thank you for participating in the HP Community.

Our Community is comprised of volunteers - people who own and use HP devices.



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Thank you for replying and supplying more detailed information on scams and also good reminders. It should be noted though that the number I called was included with my purchase in 2021 on a HP printed warranty card.  HP needs to be notified to get rid of these cards or update them to include no phone numbers. Thanks.

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