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Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)


I am having trouble with my internet speed with the N technology. When i try it with AC it works perfect.

I've just bought a brand new hp laptop model: 15-dy1751ms / hp serial number: 5cd9384dh6 with a Realtek RTL8821CE 802.11ac PCIe adapter. I do have an 60mbps internet speed connection which is pretty stable when trying with this or any other devices trough pinging it to -t i wouldn't normally get higher response than 40ms. When trying out speed test over the 5gzh i would get 65mbps per second at the end of the test. But when trying over 2.4GZH i would only get results in between 10 to 30mbps but no more than that.


I think i have try all the possible methods to fix this. At first about 2 weeks ago i went to the official hp's driver's page so i downloaded /Realtek RTL8xxx Wireless LAN Drivers/ 

Version: 2024.0.10.103/2024.0.4.108 Rev.S / Release date:Aug 22, 2019 /  so i have installed this successfully but haven't done any changes.

Fix and enhancements:

- Provides the DCH-compliant driver.
- Provides the following driver for different WirelessAdapters:
Realtek RTL8188EE/RTL8723BE v2024.0.4.108
Realtek RTL8822CE/RTL8822BE/RTL8821CE/RTL8723DE v2024.0.10.103
After upgrading with no success i went ahead reading all the forums and tech pages suggesting things like changing the adapter setting 
1-Power management to unchecked the (allow the computer to turn off this device to save power)
2- Mixed mode protection change to (RTS/CTS enabled)
3- Under wireless mode... On advance adapter properties vales it only shows 802.11a/b/g availability in here i suppose it is suppose to show  802.11n and 802.11ac as well but it isn't showing. This is the only suppositions i have about the driver.
With any other device it  is working normally both with N or AC technology. That is why i'm really trying hard to fix this issue.
Can you help me out with this? it looks like the adaptor might be the problem. After i google it i have found many people complaining about this issues with the same adapter.  would it be any way to fix this?
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The card has issues, and Realtek is constantly updating drivers in an attempt to fix them.


Bear in mind though, that the maximum throughput of the card on the 2.4 GHz wifi band with an excellent connection on a sunny day, with a warm breeze, is 72 MBPS.  It can go no faster than that.


You do not have the latest wifi driver installed.  I don't know if it will help or not, but here it is...


2024.0.10.210      Mar 2, 2020




These are the fixes the release notes indicate...


- Fixes an issue that occurs on a system connected to a Bluetooth speaker. The sound is delayed when the WLAN device is enabled or disabled in the Device Manager while the system is playing music from the Bluetooth speaker.
- Fixes an intermittent issue where the system cannot scan any access points after the system wakes from Wake on WLAN.
- Provides the DCH-compliant driver.
- Sets 5G as the default value for the Preferred Band setting.
- Improves Miracast performance when the system is connected to a Miracast adapter and a wireless access point (AP) at the same time.
- Improves the quality of a wireless connection on a system using an ASUS AX88U adapter.


If you don't have the latest bluetooth driver installed, this would be the one you need...


1.7.1021.3000    Dec 6, 2019




- Fixes an issue where a Bluetooth mouse paired to the system does not function properly after the Bluetooth speaker/headset is changed to the HFP profile.
- Fixes an issue on a system connected to a Bluetooth mouse which causes an error symbol (yellow bang) to be displayed after the system is idle for a period of time.
- Enhances WLAN/Bluetooth coexistence.

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Many thanks for the quick response.


  I have just tried installing the latest driver you have you provided to me. But it does not make any change. At the moment i have 2 HP laptops. With the other laptop i cant get the 60mbps speed. But with this brand new HP laptop there is no way to get the same speed. Both are AC compatible but i am only trying the N technology because the router i have here with me does not have AC compatibility. But as you are mentioning i should get 72mbps if everything its okay but i only get 30mbps that´s very sad.


At the moment i thing the realtek has some issues. The other HP laptop that i have here with me has a INTEL wireless adaptor that works perfectly over the N technology. 


So there is nothing else i can try? Is there any way to improve by changing the wireless adapter´s properties settings?

I have tried disabling Bluetooth as well. But nothing changed. 

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You're very welcome.


Unfortunately, I don't have any other suggestions for you to try.

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After suffering the same issue, first I found a work-around.... change the settings of the adaptor: wireless-mode to 802.11a.
but today it looks like it is solved with a new driver from the microsoft catalog, driver version 2024.0.10.212


good luck

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I have to withdrawn my previous statement.... it look liked it was solved until I rebooted the laptop.. again connect to the 2.4 Ghz and only 72 Mbps....
So put back my bypass in place and put the wireless mode in option 1) 802.11a

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