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Wireless button not working

my wireless button is not working at all i have a pavillion dv6 notebook PC  i go to touch the button and it just wont work at all can someone help me please


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Re: Wireless button not working

HP Netbook Mini 210 - you cannot upgrade from Windows 7 Starter to Window 7 Home Premium using a CD - you have to do it from the internet - i'm overseas so i cannot purchase over the net - therefore, I required the clean install - after installation, both the mouse pad and the Wireless buttons weren't working (Wi-fi/bluetooth also broken), and all other HP programs missing.


I downloaded the mouse pad driver and installed it - the mouse button (light) worked.


Suggestion:  try downloading the bluetooth driver from HP and install it.  please let me know if it solved your problem since I have the identical issue.

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Re: Wireless button not working

I have similar problem.

1. Button for wireless connection is not working

2. Button for speakers not working

3. Volume control button not working


I can control the speakers and volume using the mouse (by clicking on the speaker icon in the lower left corner of the screen) but I cannot do anything with wireless connection.


I think that above mentioned buttons are broken.

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Re: Wireless button not working

Hi SBaldwin!!



Try these steps first:


1) Start > StartSearch bar > Device Manager.

2) Device Manager > Click on (> or +) sign next to Network Adaptors.

3) Right click on the Wifi or Wireless driver and click on Uninstall.

4) Restart the notebook.

5) Let the driver be installed automatically.

6) Then turn on the Wireless button.



If this does not work.

Download the latest wireless drivers from the website.


Reply with results......

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Re: Wireless button not working

PLEASE DO NOT waste your time going thru what this surprising HP user is posting?


I have been thru all these bull crap ideas and your HP laptop will go dead real soon?


Try the usb wireless adapter, it is your only hope?


Then when your laptop dies totally (like mine has) you will have a spare USB wireless adapter!!!

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Re: Wireless button not working

Hi everyone...


Try installing hp quicklauch or hp quicktouch drivers from,  choose softwares and drivers and put the product number or model name of your laptop and select your operating system.


Although I am not an HP employee, I am speaking for myself cause I cant speak for HP.

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Re: Wireless button not working

WHy will the computer go dead completely ??????


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Re: Wireless button not working

Neither step worked. Buttons still not working. Cannot find other option for turning on wireless.

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Re: Wireless button not working

You'd think someone from HP would actually look at this and give the correct answer on how to fix it.... I've ran into the problem in the past, and I figured out it was from a windows update, uninstalled and sure enough the button worked again.... well it's happened again, but I can't unstall this update for some reason, so now I just don't have any Wifi, sucks!!!


I can't believe there's no way other than this stupid button to turn it on, horrible design option, i'd like to slap the **bleep** out of who ever made that decision.

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Re: Wireless button not working

[ Edited ]

If you are turning the internal wireless radio on for your system and you say "nothing is happening", try looking into your Device Manager and see if the driver for the wireless adapter has triangle with an exclaimation mark next to it. It could be that your drivers became corrupt, or the internal adapter went out.
In XP (and Vista more than likely) just left-click start, then right-click "My Computer" and select Properties. Then click Hardware Tab and select "Device Manager".

For mor information, click Wireless Router not Working.


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