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Wireless connections not working on Windows 8

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Hi. I've recently upgraded my HP Pavilion dv4-3106tx notebook to Windows 8 Pro. After the upgrade, I no longer have control of WiFi and Bluetooth wireless connections. The F12 button no longer performs its task like it did in Windows 7 and the wireless settings in Windows 8 doesn't have the controls. With that, I have no wireless connectivity. I've followed the Windows 8 upgrade instructions provided by HP, along with forum posts here of people having the same issue, where it says that a BIOS update and the installation of the Wireless Button driver should allow the wireless functions. Additionally, it was stated in the upgrade instructions to update the wireless networking drivers. I am not sure regarding this because the recent drivers listed under my product's driver downloads page (Windows 7 version) might have already been installed by HP Support Assistant since the program has kept my PC up to date ever since. Therefore I  am assuming that the wireless drivers (and probably even the BIOS) are up to date.


BIOS update:

Please see the link below for the BIOS version I've used. Under the Fix/Enhancement section of the description, it does say that the BIOS update "Provides the HP Wireless Button (F12) to support systems running Microsoft Windows 8."


HP Wireless Button driver:

After the BIOS update, I installed the Wireless Button driver. I had to use the website's search function to find this driver because it was not among the drivers listed specifically for my computer. Please see the link below for the driver version I used.


After performing the above, the F12 button is now functioning as the Airplane Mode toggle. The lighting on the F12 button however remains orange unlike its function in Windows 7 when it'd turn white. The Airplane Mode function for the F12 button was the only change after the update. Wireless controls for WiFi and Bluetooth are still nowhere to be found and remain turned off.


Any form of support or information regarding this issue will be very much appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: Wireless connections not working on Windows 8

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Hello raffyo,


I'm not sure if this will help, but take a look at this document and let me know if any of the troubleshooting steps help to resolve your wireless issue.


Good luck!


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Re: Wireless connections not working on Windows 8

Hi UniProg.


Thanks for your reply. I did follow the troubleshooting steps a few days ago and unfortunately, it didn't solve the issue. Today however, I was able to solve the issue following another solution I saw on this site. The solution worked for me but might not for others because I read that some who followed this solution were not able to solve the issue.


On startup, I entered the BIOS (F10) then set to default settings (F9). Save and exit. On the succeeding startups, WiFi and the new Airplane mode button function (F12) for Windows 8 worked properly including the indication lights on F12. However, it has not detected that I have Bluetooth capabilities since the wireless settings on the Windows 8 interface displays my WiFi only. I'll try solving the Bluetooth issue later on but currently, WiFi and the Airplane mode toggle works properly.


To others having the same issue, please try this solution.

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Re: Wireless connections not working on Windows 8

Wireless and Bluetooth information under the Helpful Windows 8 Information section of this forum. Click the link below.


Wireless and Bluetooth - This post provides instructions for properly enabling Wireless and Bluetooth functionality after upgrading to Win8 on consumer notebooks.


I saw this just now and figured I should post it here in case others having the same issue have not seen the post.

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Re: Wireless connections not working on Windows 8

I think I found a solution for this problem:



My solution is the following:

1. Press Win+I (this means hit the key "I" on your keybord while the windows key is pressed)

2. Now some "Settings" menue will appear. See the screenshot which I included for details.

3. Click on "Change PC settings" at the bottom of the menue.

4. Wait a few seconds, until some screen "PC settings" appeas.

5. On the left side, click "Wireless". (You might need to scroll the list on the left until you find "Wireless".)

6. Now on the right side, you see the wireless options which you can change. (See my screenshot.)

7. By clicking onto the control switches which are shown on the right side of the screen, you can change the settings.

8. Make shure that "Airplane mode" is set to "Off". If it is set ti "On", click the switch symbol so that it becomes "Off".

9. In "Wireless devices", change the setting for "Wi-Fi" to "On". (If you have Bluetooth and wnat to use it, also change the setting for "Bluetooth" to on.

10. Now the indicator light in the f12 key of your keyboard will switch to white which indicates that Wi-Fi is now switched on.

11. Hit the windows key on your keyboard to return to windows.

Now everything should work fine.
Now, you can switch Wi-Fi on and off simply by hitting the f12 key on your keyboard. If it is on, the white light of the f12 key is on, and if it is off, the orange light is on.

At least this is how it worked for me.

My original problem was the following:
I bought a HP Pavilion dv6 laptop with Microsoft Windows 7. After I updated to Microsoft Windows 8, Wi-Fi did not work and the orange light of the f12 key stayed always on.
First I uninstalled the "HP connection manager" and I installed all the driver updates (I do not know if this was necessary at all), but still I could not switch Wi-Fi on and off.
The I did the solution which I described above, and now everything seems to work fine.

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Re: Wireless connections not working on Windows 8

Hi there. Thank you very much for your reply. Unfortunately, your solution is not the solution I am looking for. Currently, the Wifi connection issue has been solved. I am now only having the Bluetooth connection issue. I am able to control connections as shown in your solution via PC settings. The problem is there is no Bluetooth control switch. I am assuming the Bluetooth device is not being detected because of an outdated driver not compatible with Windows 8. I think the only solution to this would be an updated driver from Ralink/Motorola for the Bluetooth, which I'm waiting for HP to release. Thanks again!

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Re: Wireless connections not working on Windows 8

Go to device drivers and enable wiless adapter...that's all. Hope that solves your problem as it did mine.

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Re: Wireless connections not working on Windows 8

Mine have same issue. 


I tried with bios solution also tried with pc settings. In both case  problem is not solved. 


In my case wifi option is disable. I can't change its status.


See attached screen shots.Untitled.png

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Re: Wireless connections not working on Windows 8

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Hi Patelchirag01,


I understand you are having issues with enabling the WIFI on your computer.

I need to know the model number and current operating system?

Here is a link that will help with that.


Please let me know.





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Re: Wireless connections not working on Windows 8

Thanks For yor reply


But I solved my problem.


I did restrart my comupte in safe mode with network and magicaly its working. Then I am using my pc in regular mode and wifi is working as it was.


Thanks again.

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