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HP Pavilion DV7-2070eg fan noise & CPU overheating


 Middle of august I ordered in Slovenia from computer store in Portugal a brand new HP Pavilion dv7-2070eg with following specifications:

HP Pavilion DV7-2070eg

2.2 GHz AMD Turion X2 Dual-Core Mobile Processor RM-75
4 Gigs of RAM
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 1Gig of Ram
etc... more spec. on HP official page

 Installed: Vista 32-bit Ultimate (clean install), all listed drivers on HP page for this product and all vista updates including sp2
Warranty: 1 year


However this notebook or what they call it in Hp become my worst nightmare and believe me this is not my first HP notebook but this "piece of  .....  " is driving me nuts.

When running notebook, the fan keep running noisy on 50% speed or more all the time with cpu usage of 1-3 % load or idle with performance settings set to Balanced cpu temperatures are 50-55°C (in Battery save mode temperature are between 45-50°C and Maximum performance mode between 55-60°C). Just opening the internet browser(Firefox or IE) and scrolling down and up a bit on any kind of pages causes the temperature raising from 50 to 60°C and watching 3min video on youtube temperature goes to 70°C ,...never less the fan is working fine and it gets faster when temperature raises. Funny even inserting USB key causess fan to spin even faster over already noisy 50% and you can imagine in the evenings .... OMG?? Will it fly or what?

Maximum temperature I got when played for testing purposes COD 4, after 15 mins of playing 89°C !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OUCHHH  The table beneath was really hot!!!

The room temperature was around 23°C. I do not play games so the maximum cpu and gpu load isnt such a problem but noisy fan and relative high temperatures under low load are.


1. Tried the bios setting Fan always on/ change
2. Tried cleaning the heat sink (it is clean) change
3. Tried DSDT table patching (temperatures already high so I do not recommend doing that) change
4. Tried numerous fan control software (no support for HP) change
5. Tried several diagnostic software (Sandra,Everest,Core Temp,..etc) ..... all the same readings
6. Tried all HPs diagnostic tools ..........all ok
7. Tried to even lower the minimum load of Vista on idle but under 0% to 3% average go
8. Also replaced thermal compound on cpu and gpu under of advice of my HP dealer who actually advised me to do that??.....DONT DO THAT IF YOU    STILL HAVE WARRANTY… I DID IT ON MY OWN because I have years of experience in my own computer service firm and I`m confident that the NB under this temperature will go over the WARRANTY 1year but not over two years and I can even bet on that. Better thermal compound MX-3 from Arctic Cooling did do the job but only about 7°C down on existing temperatures so now the max. temp reached are about 83°C(before 89°C) and in idle now about 43°C(before around 50°C) never less it`s not enough because the fan still roaring at 50% and everything single small thing you do with NB the temps are quickly raising up to 55-60°C and also the fan is still very annoying.


1. Not tried putting notebook into the fridge........DONT DO THAT ! but maybe it s meant to be so Smiley Happy
2. Not tried wearing headphones due fan noise...........I GUARANTEE THAT WILL WORK but they must be plugged in Smiley Happy YOU CAN FREELY DO THAT
3. Not tried putting a house air-condition into the dv7..........must call DAVID COPERFIELD and yes you guess it there is no empty slot for that Smiley Happy

So, any suggestions appreciated and my own suggestion to future buyers is don’t buy hp notebook with amd inside BECOUSE YOR LIFE WILL BECOME COMPLICATED !!!!!!!!!!!! THE HEATSINK OF THIS NB IS NOT DESIGNED PROPERLY …PERIOD.

Oh and yes in the time I’m writing this article there is new BIOS upgrade F.17 but don’t get excited it is useless for this kind of trouble.

With regards.

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Re: HP Pavilion DV7-2070eg fan noise & CPU overheating

I believe what you are experiencing is "normal" for any AMD processor notebooks.

Vista also have contribution as it use a lot of GPU activities that would increase the temp in your notebook. 

The seller should inform you this behaviour before selling it to you.


I have old HP notebook V2000 series with AMD and yes the fan is spinning more compared to Intel one.

That notebook served me for up till now, 4 years without overheating issue. Have changed the thermal paste in the third year but still running perfectly.


If you wish for slightly less spinning fan, the best option for you is buying Intel notebook.

I never heard notebook with AMD processor running quietly, not talking about HP but any other manufacturers as-well.






Pavilion DV2922TX, XP-SP3 32bit, Intel T5750 2.0Ghz, Nvidia Geforce 8400M GS with 128MB, 4GB 667 DDR2, 250GB HDD
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Re: HP Pavilion DV7-2070eg fan noise & CPU overheating

I fully support you, the first one, i am also a experienced user in laptops and i don know how did I ended  up with this hp dv7 2070eg, only one browser with youtube running some of my fav. videos makes the cpu spin >60 %  faster, when its a evening time, i even wake up my sleeping brother with the noise of fan.

If i continue using it for more than 30 min, then I always have the risk of lcd screen goes off, and there is no way rather then to shut down the notebook, and let it cool until 1 hour or more, 


I will never suggest any of my friends to buy a HP products itself, They seem to very care less in design, they just wanna sell, 

have you guys noticed the shiny front panel and dust and fingerprints all over the it. it never looks clean even though i clean everyday in the morning. 

I have strong hate to this brand. I hope no one will buy any of HP products.

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Re: HP Pavilion DV7-2070eg fan noise & CPU overheating


i got a pavilion dv7 and i7 too, i dont use it its like sitting around with 1% cpu usage and its like 76 deg... 

is that bad soemtimes i am watching a movie it goes up to

what should i do? i have had it only for 8 months.


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Re: HP Pavilion DV7-2070eg fan noise & CPU overheating

What should you do? Smiley Happy

Whatever you want, I personally sold the laptop for 700€ and bought the cheapest new Asus 15” dual core laptop I could get for 300€ and you know what... it s working great for a year and a half now and most important ... QUIET so much that I didn’t hear it even once for now even when watching HD movies or doing a 3D games, and I really mean it NO SOUND AT ALL! …


Happy forever, but it was a great lesion for me with HP Pavilion "quality" products.


P.S. One another thing, build quality is even much better at laptop for 300€ not to mention the Pavilion for 700€ where all the so called chrome decorations almost fallen off,the DVD tray or slot had strange alignment to the whole laptop (little bit cranny) and so on…. Bottom line it’s too much fragile.

HP is for me forgotten story, period.


Have a nice day.


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Re: HP Pavilion DV7-2070eg fan noise & CPU overheating

Oh I forgot to mention you:

If you have laptop for 8 months now, try to clean heat sink, maybe this will solve your problem.


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Re: HP Pavilion DV7-2070eg fan noise & CPU overheating

i wish i could just sale it!! 

its problem after problem.

hp was not like this i remember

anyways thanks but how do i heat sink? what is that?

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Re: HP Pavilion DV7-2070eg fan noise & CPU overheating

Sigh, I wish I'd read this before buying this machine - exactly the same problem - at least I didnt try all the unsuccessful solutions before reading this :-)..        And now I wont - told HP about it - first they acted like they'd never heard of the problem - and their only solution was for me to send it and they'll restore it to original state.  But from reading this, that might make it better for a short while and then the problem will return...     And yes, HP used to make very solid gear, but this one (and the other machine I bought last year that lost its disk inside of 4 months) make me doubtful I'll ever get another one.


Sort of looks like my only choice is send it back in and maybe it'll be better for a while or live with it until it overheats so badly that it takes out something important.



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Re: HP Pavilion DV7-2070eg fan noise & CPU overheating [DV7 laptops in general]

Its not just with the AMD processor. I have an Intel I5 and it does the same thing.

I found a solution that really should not even be one. I hold the little [censored] next to the AC unit and let it cool off then it works for about 15 min then I have to start all over. 

So its not just you having this issue. I personally am thinking about not using it ever again and just getting a completely different laptop because this portable hair drier is not worth carrying around for (ie. i have very little hair).


That is the only solution that half way worked for me

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Re: HP Pavilion DV7-2070eg fan noise & CPU overheating

I have dv7 1448dx , 8Gb RAM running WIN7 Ultimate and have the very same problem as you mentioned.  thanks for sharing your tips and tricks.

I purchased a chill pad w/dual fans from Targus, but this doesn't seem to help the noise problem--at all.


It seems like its ready for take off.


My girlfriend has the new dv7 2010 w/the AMD chip and her's is so quiet you don't know it's even running. . .

going deaf-


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