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HP Pavillion dv6000 Wireless not working
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Re: HP Pavilion dv6000 Wireless not working

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My HP Pavilion Notebook has a wireless issue it been happening since the 71 updates it ask to download  i don't use it everyday it sit in my closet for almost 3 yr from my previous Job with at@t Global services purchased it in 2006 at best buy when i was out on call to repair some adds moves and changes for a pbx system i was working on,if its anything you can do i have a  interview for a job that require i have a computer to access pbx equipment and routers for tech support. Thank you and have a nice day, a HP Customer In Question about your Product..

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Re: HP Pavilion dv6000 Wireless not working

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I came across this post today with the same issue. Wireless not being detected by windows, device manager does not list, no light on wifi switch. Its all leading be to believe its a motherboard problem. I've had these issues with compaq computers, turned out to be a video chip problem. How does the video chip affect the WiFi you ask? Beats me, could be sending the wrong voltage to the wifi port. HP's Video chips on these boards are very bad, about 90% of the time when someone brings me a faulty HP i just perform a BGA reflow with my rework station and presto it works. I just finished the reflow on the HP a customer brought in, turned it on, and there it is, wifi light is back on, and now connected to my network.


If any of you need this, send it into a repair shop, ask them before you give it to them the cost for a BGA reflow, and if they do it. {Content Removed}


Good luck :)



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Re: HP Pavilion dv6000 Wireless not working

ive had similar problems, quick easy fix for me, usb wireless network adapter. QUICK , EASY, CHEAP!!!!! and it works!!

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Re: HP Pavilion dv6000 Wireless not working

(For what it's worth... since you won't get much help from HP) I am a tech at an e-recycling asset recovery management company. I see a ton of these poor HP laptops coming in with the same problems. I.E. Lights on and nobody home or wireless not working. This IS a manufacturing problem but there are work arounds rather than expensive repairs and replacement. Consider this your HP Duct Tape solution.


***NOTE: If you know how to reflash your systems BIOS I would highly recommend upgrading to the latest version for your particular laptop. You can hose your system very easily so it's not recommended for the novice.


Quick fix for No Display on power on with the system stuck in a power cycle loop:


Sometimes if you just let it go through it's power cycles it may come out of it.


Pulling the power cord and removing the battery for several minutes may work on occasion.


However this works the best for me:


When the BIOS crashes and the system shuts off it will usually turn right back on. When it does press and hold the ESC key until hopefully the Post screen comes up (HP LOGO SCREEN). On some laptops holding the HOME key will do the same thing.


Quick fix for No Wireless: Don't replace your wireless card it's perfectly fine. It's HP's crappy motherboard. In almost every instance where the wireless isn't working I just hit F10 to enter SETUP. Scroll across to EXIT. Tab F9 LOAD SETUP DEFAULTS then F10 EXIT SAVING CHANGES. In every case my wireless detected and the amber light turned blue once again. Now why this works I have no clue. Maybe it gives the board time to heat up or enough time for all devices to initialize and be detected by this sleepy motherboard. Either way I have yet to have it fail to bring the wi-fi back online.


Do yourself a favor. Turn off all POWER SAVE FEATURES while plugged into a power source. This flakey laptop series likes to go to sleep and never wake up too.


Just my 2¢

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Re: HP Pavilion dv6000 Wireless not working

Quote Ph03n1x24 solution, it worked for me! My notebook model is a dv6-2110elwith windows 7 64 bit.


BIOS -> Load Default Settings -> EXIT AND SAVE CHANGES ... WORK IT!


Thanks :smileywink:



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Re: HP Pavillion dv6000 Wireless not working

Dear Mike,

I am facing problem with my wifi network.My laptop is not detecting it.I restored recovery disk but still same.I run the link given by you and found these messages::


Test Failed. Cannot open the communications port. Check if another application is using the modem and try again. (Modem diagnostic (Agere Systems HDA Modem))


Kindly help.






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Re: HP Pavillion dv6000 Wireless not working


Put it into sleep/standby mode, instead of restarting it, then wake it up. See if that doesn't work. 

While digging on some forums, I half noticed something about the wireless card having an known issue restarting upon waking up from sleep/standby mode. I remembered that the last time it was working, I closed the lid, which put it into sleep mode. When it woke up, the card was not working. So to fix it, I put it into sleep mode again, and when I woke it up, it was working again.

I'm sure that there are more than a few reasons this happens, and probably several different fixes have worked for others, but this is what worked this time for me. It's an easy fix, an worth the two minutes it takes to try it.


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Re: HP Pavillion dv6000 Wireless not working

I work in telecom - the battery trick is the save all in most mobility situations..... never thought to try it on my DV6.... thanks for the tip- this solved my issue (no wifi and volume unresponsive)



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Re: HP Pavillion dv6000 Wireless not working

If the wireless light is staying orange when you press it, this might help.



It might not be the adapter, but rather the button that is broken.

I wrote a vbscript that allows you to toggle it manually.


Hope this helps some of you, I had the same problem and this works for me!


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Re: HP Pavillion dv6000 Wireless not working

You might want to change out your wireless card.Very simple . Two screws and two snap on wires. If that doesn't work you might be into a new motherboard. Check with hp. There is a big problem with this model with wireless. I'm into my 2nd card,motherboard and hard drive. If you call hp tech support be prepared for non english speaking Indians. If your problems are extensive like mine, then you are better off because they will then give you a magic phone no that puts you to someone in the USA. Love hp products but you have to put up with their offshoring of USA jobs. I hope they are listening.
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