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Pavilion dv6 Webcam not working?

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I have a Pavilion dv6-1030ca notebook, and for the past few weeks, I've been having trouble with my webcam. When I open HP MediaSmart Webcam, I get the following error message: "No video device detected. Please plug a video device into your computer. If you are using an integrated camera please make sure it is turned on." I have an integrated camera, and it (usually) turns on when the webcam application opens. I am running Windows Vista with SP1, and have tried many things to fix it, to no avail. The webcam does not appear in Device Manager, under Imaging Devices nor any of the USB Root Hubs. So far, I have attempted to:

- Reinstalled the USB Root Hub Drivers

- Tried to fix the solution in BIOS (as another thread suggested)
- Attempted to use Recovery Manager to reinstall the driver (was not in the list)

- Created Recovery Disks to solve the problem (it didn't)

- Upgraded the MediaSmart Webcam software


I am in school right now, and I really can't afford to give my laptop away to get repaired for three weeks since I have exams coming up. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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Re: Pavilion dv6 Webcam not working?

Don't pay their overpriced repair costs...this happened to my boss' dv6, just pry up the frame around the top and sides.  You do not need to pry out the bottom of the frame.  Use your fingernails under the inside edge of the frame, they have some double sided tape, so it might be a little tough to pry.  Pry it slowly so the tape can separate on its own.  Don't force it quickly or you might damage it.  Make sure you're not prying the silver metal frame of the lcd screen, only the black plastic frame.  There are some plastic hooks that will make a snap sound when you pry the frame out, it'll take some force, so don't be afraid if you hear the snap sounds, it should be able to snap back together if you did it correctly, otherwise you might have to use some tape to tape the frame back, better than paying $100+...haha.  Once you've pryed out the top of the frame and have access to the webcam module, you should see the cable going into it from the bottom, push the cable into the webcam, then see if the problem is solved, the cable most likely just came loose.  If that solved the problem, I suggest using something you can remove, like hot glue to hold it together, just in case the webcam really needs to be replaced, you can melt the glue off and swap it out.


If your microphone is working fine, and just the webcam isn't working, then the problem is most likely a driver issue, or the webcam itself somehow got damaged, which is very unlikely.

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Re: Pavilion dv6 Webcam not working?

Try updating to the latest bios F.25A.  I was having the same problem and this fixed it. Please let me know if you had success, too. 
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Re: Pavilion dv6 Webcam not working?

Aren't dv6-1030us and dv6-1030ca the same machine? As far as I remember the latest bios update for the us version was F.24. When did this this one come out? I don't see it on the HP site...
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Re: Pavilion dv6 Webcam not working?

hey out of intreast where did you buy it as i had same problem i bought my one from comet and when i bought it i thought it was new on booting up system i found loads of files pictures taken from the store i bought it from cam not working at all please check as i touched the casing around the camera and i noticed it was very lose when i pressed harder the camera started installing hey presto i thought took it back to get replacment stated i wanted a new one went in today to pick it up botted it up hey guess what cam works but it's not new as there are still pics of people from another comet store its annoying i payed for a new laptop and if i get my way i shall get a new laptop this is rediculus this has been used as a store model and given to me at FULL PRICE first post btw hope it helps lol
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Re: Pavilion dv6 Webcam not working?

I'm also having this problem on my dv5-1003nr laptop running Vista SP2.  I'm not sure when this problem started since I don't usually use the webcam.


I installed the latest BIOS, reinstalled YouCam (though it doesn't complete if a webcam isn't detected), and a bunch of other software and drivers I found on the HP support page.  But it didn't help.


I was able to get the webcam to temporarily appear in the Device Manager under Imaging Devices.  The first time I installed the HP Mediasmart Webcam software, but it disappeared after I ran the YouCam installation software.  The second time, I got it to appear after grabbing YouCam from CyberLink and installing the trial version.  I ran QuickPlay and the camera was working, but when I exited the device disappeared from the Device Manager.


Anyone have any ideas what got messed up?

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Re: Pavilion dv6 Webcam not working?

This seems to be a pretty standard problem then!...I sent my DV6 off for repairs (it was overheating badly) and when i got it back, my HP mediasmart webcam has had major problems. It sometimes works when I access it from programs, but in messenger, it won't work at all....last time I had this trouble, I uninstalled the drivers then reinstalled them, disabled and enabled devices, just basically messed about doing that for a while, and it seemed to fix, again it won't work in messenger and nothing I do is fixing it. Any ideas anyone??

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Re: Pavilion dv6 Webcam not working?

Hi! Has someone found any solution for this? It is also happening to me, I've seen a lot of cases in forums already and I don't see any help from HP... Is it time to get organized and send a common message?

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Re: Pavilion dv6 Webcam not working?

..and so the problem continues, my DV6 is 6 months old and it runs windows 7, I as another reader has, reloaded the USB drivers, re loaded the webcam driver, restored to the oldest date, installed the latest BIOS, system disks, etc etc. Its interesting that HP doesnt seem to offer any solutions and the troubleshooting process is just a complete waste of time, it doesnt find any problem even though the webcam doesnt appear to exist, nor does the USB's even though I have used the troubleshoot facility what a pain. Dont expect any answer to this so maybe another few days of messing around to fix what should not need to be fixed.

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Re: Pavilion dv6 Webcam not working?

I am in the exact boat as you.


Couldn't understand why all of a sudden, after about 3 months, the webcam 'device not found' in Win7 Device Manager, Google Chat, Skype, etc.

Called HP support, and they made us do a hard reset of the entire notebook, removing the battery, ac cord, and holding down the power button for 1 minute.

Webcam came back for 1 day, but I'm not about to unplug and reset everytime I am in the middle of a skype call?!



Sadly, HP or Costco (where it was purchased) doesn't seem to care or are willing to provide a solution.


Instead of recalling the computers, like automobile and other industries, they just wait and hope that the warranty runs out before it becomes a big deal.


They didn't stop selling them either, even with this known problem.


So now they have the G series of notebooks, and so the dv6 and its headaches can fade away for HP.


I have probably been involved with over 100 HP product purchases in my job the past 5 years, but this will be the last for the forseeable future.

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Re: Pavilion dv6 Webcam not working?

HI all,

Me too have the same problem, and i sent it to HP service centre, they r asking to pay appxm 150 dollar to relace the webcam cable....(while using cam in ym or skype, suddenly you will  get notification  in  taskbar that this device can perform faster if u attched this in usb 2 port.....)it is because of the webcam cable.(Hp technician ask to replace the webcam cable inside the laptop)

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