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Pavilion dv6 won't start up-- black screen
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Re: Pavilion dv6 won't start up-- black screen

That is exactly what happened to me. It was in sleep mode now when I try to turn it on the power light, and wireless light is on and the caps lock is blinking. Tried the hard reset a couple times with no luck.. Someone please help!
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Re: Pavilion dv6 won't start up-- black screen


while am trying to install a program on my Pavilion dv6 laptop, which runs on Windows 7 from CD drive, sudenlly the screen becomes black and the computer was dead....NOTHING at all.... I have tried the Hard Reaset Procedure but nothing is changed, when I remove the battery, plug-in the AC adapter, EVEN the AC adapter diode is dead...Please HELP

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Re: Pavilion dv6 won't start up-- black screen

my note book powers up but screen remains blank unchanged. caps lock flashes and wi fi button flashes as well. occationally the screen comes on but mostly it doesnt. can i get some help with this.

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Re: Pavilion dv6 won't start up-- black screen


I am having a similiar problem with a hp Pavilion dv6 laptop.  When I turn on the computer the screen will show for a second and then go black.  I can hear the computer booting so I know it is working.  I connected an external monitor and got the same results except the screen seem to work longer before going black.  I am trying your suggestion of leaving out the battery for 72 hours to see that might help.  Any other ideas?




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Re: Pavilion dv6 won't start up-- black screen

I have exactly the same problem so i tried this. But then whenever i turn it on, there is still black screen, led light turns on for a second then goes off. It looks like it's turned off
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Re: Pavilion dv6 won't start up-- black screen

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I have same problem with hp pavilion dv6-6b25TX. I try hard reset but it's not work
serial no - [Edited for Personal Information]
product no - B0N59PA#ACJ

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Re: Pavilion dv6 won't start up-- black screen

My Laptop is a Pavilion dv6-2016AX


And it does the same as everybody has problem with.

I have taken the Laptop apart and cleaned the Fan and heatsink. After putting it back together it still had a black screen after starting it.

I have tried to do a Hard reset with the 30 Sec holding the Power button - no change.

I even have renewed the cmos battery - no change

external screen does not work either.

Have taken ram and Harddrive out and still no change or Beeps.


Is there any other way to reset the bios or cmos?


Laptop Details:

Product: VX303PA#ABG

Model: dv6-2016AX

Serial: CNF9459B6C


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Re: Pavilion dv6 won't start up-- black screen

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I was recently gifted by my sister with her old Pavilion DV6-2010eq, and sometimes it has a similar problem: no display, all leds on the keyboard turned on and the two touch-icons under the display, for WiFi and MUTE, of orange light. It takes multiple restarts to get it working, and I found out that the problem is on the hardware side, not the software, so don't bother with the BIOS or Windows drivers. The display is completely dead, not even the backlight turns on, and I don't think BIOS controls THAT right from the startup, let alone Windows.

The design simply is rather bad, my sister also gave me a cooler stand which she had to buy because the laptop was boiling usually. So I figure that the problem is with the soldering of the video chipset, which might pose problems after a while given the temperatures it reaches. The solution that seems to work may seem a bit counterintuitive, but I just let it powered up for a while to get it hot (thus "resoldering" itself rightly), then I attempt another restart. And IT DOES restart eventually, working without problems. It never hanged or restarted by itself, for example, but I did used just Ubuntu since I don't have a hard-disk yet, so it was just light computing.

The solution would be to just take it into service to have the graphic chipset freshly resoldered, but after a while the problem could re-emerge just like before. Then again, this could happen to any other important component, like the CPU, or RAM. But given the fact that it is the display which doesn't show signs of life, the graphic chipset is the first suspect.

Nobody can fix bad design. Nobody.

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Re: Pavilion dv6 won't start up-- black screen

Well said 1singur.


First intelligent and helpful response I have seen on these threads, while HP insult their customers' intelligence with 'hard reboots' and other worthless drivel. Thousands and thousands of HP users are clearly suffering from this problem, and HP clearly have neither the inclination nor the ability to do anything about it - presumably a penny spent on engineering is a penny denied to marketing.


The pavilion is a piece of Krap with a capital K. As a laptop, it would make a great kettle.


The best solution to the black screen problem is:


1. Remove your hard drive from the laptop

2. Insert it in a caddy that can be plugged into another computer

3. Smash the rest of your pavilion to pieces and chuck it in the bin

4. Never buy another HP product

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Re: Pavilion dv6 won't start up-- black screen

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 Ok, so let me sum it all up. I had the exact same problem. Tried everything from hard reseting, to bios update, to windows preinstall. Nothing helped. Eventually my Pavilion dv6-6c11ea just died and would't turn on at all. I got it shipped to customer support, where they told me my motherboard was toasted(That was around 12.2013). Took them 3 weeks to replace it, but until now it was working fine.



Well, hello again "Go green HP laptop", the motherboard is once again toasted. Another replacement is upcoming, I HOPE(You`ll see why) . The lucky part, it is still under guarantee(lasts until october), the bad part - my customer support refuses to make the change for free, since: "You were not taking good care of your laptop, and using it for things it should not be used for." IT IS A DARN ENTERTAINMENT LAPTOP, what I use it for is non of their concern. I used it with Thermaltake Massive23 LX cooling pad. The laptop frequently ran at 40-50C, during gaming at 70-80C. 


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Nonetheless, PLEASE DO ignore any entertainment laptop made by HP, they are full of manufacturing problems. Why am I saying this? Well a friend of mine has a Probook, which runs without any problems for 4 years already, his father has an Elitebook - again without any problems.



I'll be asking for a replacement for a similar (within parameters) laptop, but a different brand. 


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