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  •  The computer is of business class device (HP Commerical device) like HP Elitebook
  • User has activated DriveLock password on the storage drive (HDD or SSD)
  • DriveLock settings are checked/active but are greyed out and cannot be stopped or managed [Security tab in the BIOS -> the Hard Drive Utilities arrow]
  • When attempting to manage DriveLock state, users get a message "The hard drive's security state cannot be changed.  Cycle power to manage DriveLock on this drive."



HP Drive Lock is a proven, time-tested security feature in HP Elitebooks which provides protection against unauthorized data access. This ensures the integrity of the data. DriveLock has been designed to meet the needs of the customers who cannot afford for their sensitive data to fall into the wrong hands.


A drive protected by a DriveLock stays protected while connected to the computer and even if the drive is removed from one system and inserted into another. Unless the correct password is entered, this drive cannot be used at all no matter the computer and the configuration. The only way to "fix" this is by entering the correct password.


  • Power on - unlock - usage:   At power on, the system prompts the user for the DriveLock password.
  • If the correct password is entered, the drive will temporary be unlocked and the data can be accessed, operating system can start
  • If an incorrect password is entered, the information on the hard drive will remain inaccessible. The DriveLock password and settings are stored inside the hard drive itself and cannot be read; it can only be authenticated against. Therefore, an unauthorized user cannot obtain the DriveLock password  from the hard drive itself


  • The symptoms described above are part of the entire security of HP DriveLock. The disk cannot be accessed unless the correct password is entered but in addition to that the DriveLock settings cannot be managed or disabled, as well.

    This happens because the PC was not fully started completely and the Drive Lock password was not previously entered. In order to get the issue "fixed" and to be able to manage DriveLock:


    1. Please ensure your operating system (Windows, etc) starts up completely

    2. Then, shut down the computer completely (no restart, no hibernation, no stand by).

    3. Start the PC and immediately enter the DriveLock password

    4. As soon as you enter the password, start tapping Esc repeatedly to start HP Startup menu

    5. Enter BIOS (F10)

    6. Go to Security tab and check if you will be able to manage the DriveLock then.


    # If the operating system fails to load : attempt loading it but during the OS start up, interrupt it by pressing and holding the POWER-ON button (press and hold it for about 5 seconds) until the computer powers off completely. Wait a few seconds, start it back on, enter the Drive Lock password and eventually load BIOS (F10).

    You should then be able to manage (disable/enable DriveLock).



Further information about HP Drive Lock can be found here:



Further information about HP security features for business class devices can be found here:





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