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I lost my HP computer.

Can HP help me find or track it ?

Direct Answer


HP as a vendor cannot assist you in finding lost or stolen devices (computers, printers, etc).

Officially HP cannot locate your computer. HP does not have such a technology built-into the device and does not have a record of locations.


If the thief was (is) a smart guy, chances for finding your lost or stolen computer are very very low. Computers may have their HDD replaced, their operating system changed/reinstalled, their network idenfiers changed, etc....



Additional Information:


  1. First action (must do):


  • Use a different PC or device. Login to your most important accounts and change your account passwords. These account may include social media, banking, govenment services, community services, bills, etc....
  • Changing the password will prevent additional issues such as potential data loss or leakage, or authorized access,  identity theft, blackmailing, etc



         2. Additional actions - here are some options you may try but chances are low :


  • Report the incident to the local authorities as soon as possible
  • Some HP business class devices (commerical class - Elitebook, Zbook, Probook) may ship with tracking software which can be used to track lost devices which were not password protected and which were turned on. Note that this software should have previously been configured to "call home" in case of an incident. If it hasn't been configured before, it is useless after the incident. The software is 3rd party even though distributed by HP with the operating system.
  • Windows 10 also has tracking features built-in but they must be configured and enabled prior to an incident:

>> https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/11579/microsoft-account-find-and-lock-lost-windows-device

>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiGLEoUy8R4




I cannot stress this enough: the best way to avoid this situation is to take precautions ahead of time - use full disk encryption or file/folder encryption to keep your data safe, use HP security technologies



The best way to keep your laptop in your hands is to prevent it from falling into others' in the first place. After someone steals it, you're riding on luck if no preventative actions has been taken initially.



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