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HP Recommended
HP LaserJet M110we Printer
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Hi, I would like to register a complaint, but cannot find the appropriate email address to do so. 


I purchased a HP LaserJet M110we Printer for work, and for university. Set-up in itself proved difficult, requiring a one-hour phone call with a service agent to troubleshoot the issue, until it worked. 


I then was able to print documents fine. I then needed to print double sided documents using the printer. Having attempted to print documents double sided, when printing the second side, the documents would often become torn, or printed incorrectly, or become jammed. I spoke to support for this on the 21st, and after much troubleshooting, there were improvements in print quality. I was told to keep testing the double printing function, where I then had a scheduled callback for today (22nd) to check if the issue was fully resolved. The issue kept recurring. I missed the scheduled call-back, so contacted customer services. I then demonstrated the issue for the advisor using video call. The advisor then told me that actually my model of printer does not print double sided, and this is because the heat generated warps the paper, meaning it may result in jams. I was told I could replace the printer, but the advisor told me that the issue was likely to persist. I then showed the advisor the user guide, which expressly states that the printer can print double sided.


The user guide for my printer shows that double sided printing can be done by following these steps: 


"You can print on both sides of the paper using a manual process. You will need to reload the pages for the second
1. From the software program, select the Print option.
2. Select the printer from the list of printers, and then click the Properties or Preferences button to open the
print driver.
NOTE: The name of the button varies for different software programs.
3. Click the Layout tab.
4. Select the Print on Both Sides Manually check box, and then click the OK button.
5. In the Print dialog box, click the OK button to print the job. The printer will print the first side of all the pages
in the document first.
6. Go to the printer, and then remove any blank paper that is in the input tray.
7. Retrieve the printed stack from the output bin, and place it with the printed-side facing down, top edge first
in the input tray."


The advisor put me on hold for around 5 - 10 minutes, whereupon I was told I could replace it, but nothing else could be done, and she said that we were both technically correct. I asked if my printer could be replaced with a similar one (same price!) that I had found on the website that does have double printing functionality, but I was told I could not do this. The printer has 24 months warranty on it. 


I have effectively been mis-sold a printer, for which I cannot receive a refund, but can receive a replacement which will likely have the same issue. Why do HP feel the need to be inaccurate as to the specification of what they are selling, and then not providing the bare minimum customer service? The advisors were nice, and clearly powerless, but there is no resolution for this issue. 



HP Recommended

Also, as an interesting aside. I was in Curry's yesterday, and the device is advertised as manual double sided printing available.



HP Recommended

Hi @lsc5

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I have sent you a private message with this information. 

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