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    Need Windows 11 help?
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HP Recommended

HP9025 printer cannot print 5x7 photos.  Paper jam issues, only streaks appear on the back of the photo paper. The one time I could get a photo to print, it was a horrible blotchy mess on 3/4 of the photo paper.  I'm suing 5x7 HP advanced photo paper for inkjet printers, so you'd think it would work.  Any help here?  Or do I need to ditch this printer for another brand of printer that actually works???  And I don't want the usual advice like, download the most recent firmware, or download HP software. I have the most recent firmware, and I've used all software to print a photo. Nothing works. Just someone tell me if there is a trick here.

HP Recommended



I have this model printer.

It is very picky about being kept clean. 

It also seems to like using yellow ink - so keep an eye on the yellow ink levels.

Worth at least a look:

An 'Out of Paper' error displays, printer does not pick paper


Yes, the HP Advanced paper is supported - and in 5x7 inch size, too.


OK - you don't have to install the full driver printer software -

IF you have not installed the full driver, (then) it is my opinion that you should do so.

That said, what you are willing to do is always up to you.


NOTE:  I'll include the software installation information at the end of this message for those reading...


OK - Assuming:

  • Cleaned printer
  • Paper checked and re-loaded correctly in Tray 2
  • Printer is aware of the paper size & type (Tray and Paper Management)
  • Software installed -- or using application in which all the necessary shortcuts and settings are available.


Example - EWS - Settings > Preferences > Tray and Paper Management



Example - HP Smart - Windows - Simple Photo Print - 5x7 inches - Borderless

Reminder:  Borderless is optional.




References / Resources



Examples - Borderless or Not Borderless - "Fit and Finish"


Borderless - 4x6 inch



Border - 4x6 inch





Printer Firmware


HP OfficeJet 9010/OfficeJet Pro 9020 All-in-One Printer series firmware update 

At this writing, the Firmware (released April 2022) includes (at least) the following fixes:

  • 9010/9020 series:

  • Network Stack Updates.
  • Control Panel, Embedded Web Server and Fax report improvements.
  • 9010e/9020e series:

  • Update some basic information in Embedded Web Server.




Printer Software - Full Feature Software / Full Driver printer software


There are parts to the Printer Software:


  • HP Smart application - supports printing and scanning PDF and Photos / Images.  HP Smart is supported in many regions and on many newer networked printers - The app is available from the  Microsoft Store .  HP Smart requires that you sign in using your HP Account credentials.  HP Smart benefits when the full driver printer software is also installed.
  • HP Smart Printing – Where supported, “Smart Printing” is an option in the printer list when choosing the Printer to be used for the current job setup.  Example:  Open Printer (list – top left of menu) > Select HP Smart Printing   -- Note – HP Smart Printing supports Custom Presets (Custom Shortcuts)
  • HP Full Feature Software / Full Driver printer software - supports printing and scanning from the web, printing in programs (for example, Word), and access to the full range of Printing Preferences / Shortcuts.  The full driver printer software includes HP Scan.  If the printer model includes built-in Fax hardware, the software supports the setup and use of the Fax driver.  No Sign-in required.


When installed,

HP Smart is listed in Settings > Apps > Apps and Features

HP Smart is never listed in Programs and Features


When installed,

The Full Driver printer software is listed in Control Panel > icon view > Programs and Features


The Full Driver printer software can also show up in Settings > Apps > Apps and Features



Installation Package - Information and Download

HP Easy Start Printer Setup Software 



Basic Instructions - Install the Full Feature Software / Full Driver printer software




  • If the printer software is still / already installed, Uninstall the printer software  from Control Panel > icon view > Programs and Features > Restart the computer and log in – Reference Uninstall HP printer software and drivers


After the printer software is uninstalled, check that the printer is not still lurking in Devices and Printers

 If the printer is listed, Right-Click on the printer and "Remove" > Restart the computer and sign in.


  • If using VPN, shut it off to install software.  NOTE >> If you don’t know what this is, you are not using a VPN – ignore this part.


  • Reminder:  If using USB cable between printer and computer, disconnect the cable before installing software.  Later... Connect the cable when instructed (near the end of the installation procedure).


  • Observation:  It is possible (assuming your Wireless Network is stable) that using a Wireless connection to install the printer software might work better than using an Ethernet Connection.   Personal choice - the Wireless connection method is recommended when you face insurmountable issues installing the software.




  • Download and Save the Full Feature Software installation package or the Easy Start Software
  • Open File Explorer
  • Navigate to the folder in which you saved the installation file  (likely Downloads)
  • Right-Click on the installation package and “Run as Administrator
  • After the software is installed, Restart the computer and log in


If using Easy Start

  • Skip any extra software / offers you do not want – Wording varies as does the number of times you have to “skip” or opt-out of various options.
  • When asked, opt for "Full Software and Drivers" (exact wording might vary).
  • Easy_Start_Full_Driver_2Easy_Start_Full_Driver_2
  • If, after the Full Software and Drivers option is selected, the installation terminates (suddenly stops and disappears – never comes back): Open your Downloads folder > Look for and Right-Click on the full Web installation package and “Run as Administrator



- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Preparation > Check / enable the printer as the “Default Printer”


Settings > Devices > Printers and scanners

UNCHECK (clear box) Let Windows manage my default printer

Select (Left-Click) your printer from the list of printers > Manage > Set as Default





HP Printer Home Page - References and Resources – Learn about your Printer  - Solve Problems

 “Things that are your printer”

When the website support page opens, Select (as available) a Category > Topic > Subtopic

NOTE:  Content depends on device type and Operating System

Categories:  Alerts, Access to the Print and Scan Doctor (Windows), Warranty Check, HP Drivers / Software / Firmware Updates, How-to Videos, Bulletins/Notices, Lots of How-to Documents, Troubleshooting, Manuals > User Guides, Product Information (Specifications), Supplies, and more


HP OfficeJet Pro 9025 All-in-One Printer 


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