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Went into the office yesterday and the printer is jammed. I removed the jam. The printer jammed again. Repeat 20+ times.

Removed all guts of printer that I could (carefully) and toner cartridges. No other jam, small pieces of paper or obstructions to be found. Replaced guts. Still jamming. Removed guts, still nothing. Replaced guts, still jamming. Repeat.Resized_20201021_130634.jpegResized_20201021_130622.jpeg

Contacted my home office for next steps but they didn't get back to me before I left the office. They told me this morning to contact HP support.

I'm at home. I don't have access to the office printer (took those photos yesterday to send to the home office) but I was trying to schedule a technician to come into the office to take a look at it.  I have no idea how to get a hold of a technician or support or even the warranty number for the printer. I can see the IP address in the printer settings on my laptop (probably not helpful though).

I didn't want to make a special trip into the office tomorrow only for a technician to say they can't come out till next week. Plus the rest of my coworkers are worried because faxes aren't coming through (I go in once a week to scan and email these to them).

Anyone have any advice? There wasn't a setting on the printer that would (temporarily?) send the faxes as a pdf to my email account either, at least that I saw. But I would like to get the machine fixed.



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Rats. 🐀


You need that serial number - it is likely to be printed "somewhere" on a printer test report - also likely still in the office.


That said, I can't do much, but I can (and did) send the question for Review.

The problem, or rather restriction, we face is that "we" are not HP Support.

Sometimes things move fast - other times they do not and we have little or no influence over the process.


Good Luck.

Stay Safe.


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@StephosaurusRex I understand your concern and I will bring your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP.

Although, I'll need some private information from you in order to create a case for you.


Please look for a private message requesting additional information. 

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