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    Need Windows 11 help?
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To help those who have this issue - I have updated the package that worked for me on Mac OS 12.0.1 Monterey and put on this link which is valid till Nov 25th, 2021

HI! I'm really sorry but can you please reload the valid link to the package that worked? I face the same problem but I can't expand contents of pkg into folder, modify distribution file and turn folder back into pkg... I tried a thousand times but can't get it - really hard for me. I would appreciate it if you could send me somehow the link to the pkg that you updated so that I can finally install my printer driver.... 

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Too all.  I'm not sure whether the Easy Start is specific to the OS and to the printer.  Do a Google search for your OS and printer HP model.  Search as follows:


1.  GOOGLE SEARCH:          macOS driver for hp Printer "type your printer here"


2,  Select the Google return link for your printer


3,  Select your Operating system and version


4.  On its return you should see the Easy Start app in the Driver 1 listing.  Click on Easy Start and it will download the app.


5.  Go to your Downloads folder and open the Easy Start app


Screen Shot 2021-12-20 at 1.17.55 AM.png

It should walk you through the installation of the correct drivers 


Good luck,




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Is there any way you could put it back up? The link expired, and I am having a terrible time not being able to print.

Much appreciated!

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I never placed anything up.  I think you should address it to SSC_UK


Skippy 255z

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Don't rely on anyone's download it could be changed in a malicious way

Use the terminal app to change the existing download (5.1)

There are full instructions above.


That this is still a problem without a definitive statement from HP support containing

1. What printer is supported by which Mac OS

2. What method to use to download drivers for the various systems

3. An explanation of why they think it is OK for people to have to trash perfectly viable printers

If I have missed any of these please post.

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Here's what worked for me this morning. I was going to try the terminal method next, but I lucked out (see below). This is on a M1 Pro MacBook Pro running MacOS 12.1. My printer is a LaserJet MFP 426fdn.


  1. I downloaded and ran EasyScan. It said "preparing device setup...", but never got past this screen.
  2. Figuring it was time to cancel the whole thing, I closed that window, and EasyScan, after giving me a useless warning, "found" the drivers for my printer. They were version 6.1.1 (I think -- at least 6x). It downloaded and installed them. And now the printer is set up and it works (so far).
  3. In brief, EasyScan was unable to complete the setup phase, whatever that is, but then it does download and install the new drivers.



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HI there. I'm glad you figured out this problem. I am not very good with tech stuff. Any chance you can walk me through how to do this?


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 I have the same problem and what can I do?

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My printer model is P1102W and the available drive does not support OS12.0.1.  

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Dear All,

This is a solution for the latest macOS Monterey 12.1


Step 1)

Install this driver https://updates.cdn-apple.com/2021/macos/071-46903-20211101-0BD2764A-901C-41BA-9573-C17B8FDC4D90/Hew...


Step 2)

Go to System Preferences > Printers & Scanners > If Printer Name shows up (Right-click on it) > Reset Printing System


Step 3)

Click the Add (+) Icon in the Printers & Scanners


Step 4)

Select your connected Printer (HP 1020) (Kindly ensure that your printer is switched ON and the USB is plugged in

Under Use> Click Choose a Driver (For my Laserjet 1020, Laserjet 1022 driver was compatible)


Press Add and Enjoy Printing!

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