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Counterfeit Cartridge Scam
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Re: More Bravo Sierra here...

Throw the HP in the trash, and get a proper printer.

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Re: Mistatements of Facts

First of all the cartridges are not counterfeit. They are viable products produced by a third party manufacture to fill a niche of HP’s cartridge price gouging.  I have used third party cartridges in my Officejet 6600 before and they work fine.  HP seems to like to let you use them for a day or so before the harassing messages and final excommunication occurs.  As much as HP wants to stand on their “legal warranty obligation” which, expires after 90 day, is the overriding issue of creating a monopoly.   


By the way, when one of their “Genuine” cartridges runs out of it stops the whole show.


For this reason and the fact that their scanning software is worthless, I have changed to Brother. One of the easiest printers to use third party cartridges.

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Re: Counterfeit Cartridge Scam

What a scam.  I purchased a hp laptop and hp printer.  I have buyers remorse.  It is not good business to build software to crash printers who do not purchase their ink cartridges.  I had emailed them my concern and was promptly answered stating my warranty expired on 11/8/14.  Please, like that was a coincidence?  I think not.  NEVER BUY A HP PRODUCT AGAIN!!!

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Re: Counterfeit Cartridge Scam

Im having the same problem ,i have always refilled my ink and never had any problems in the past.The reason i refill myself

is that my children print alot off the internet and i just cant afford brand name ink.I have just purchased a hp1514 cheap

printer for them to use but the first time i have refilled them the printer will not print.Iwas very carefull as allways not to touch the contacts ect put them back into the printer and instantly got the error message: used or counterfeit cartridge detected.reading these posts i can see this printer is dead as far as im concerned as i said i cant afford to keep feeding it hp cartriges.

i will try to return it to the store and change it for another brand otherwise its going in the bin.


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Re: Counterfeit Cartridge Scam

There certainly is a scam that HP is doing.  I ALWAYS buy OEM cartridges and always try to buy the XL because the regular does not last long enough.  I purchased the "orginal" 61XL from Walmart the other day.  I printed a few copies and suddenly the screen said my cartridge was conterfeit!  It would not print anymore!  I didn't think the cartridge was a conterfeit but I had to take it back to Walmart anyway.  Now I see it's the software!  Well how STUPID is the software when it doesn't know an OEM from a different brand? 
Besides that. I should be able to use any brand as long as it is compatible. 


Well I'm DONE with HP!  I got rid of my HP computer and now I am getting of this piece of crap HP printer!!



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Re: Counterfeit Cartridge Scam


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Re: Counterfeit Cartridge Scam



Got any other answers????? because your first one stinks!!

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Re: More Bravo Sierra here...

Buy a new printer and MAKE SURE it is NOT an HP.

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Re: More Bravo Sierra here...

[ Edited ]

Hi folks

I appreciate that getting a Used or Counterfeit Cartridge msg is annoying when you're using a genuine HP cartridge. We've fed this back to the messaging team and it has been re-worded for new printers. For existing printers it should be a msg that can be okayed - are you seeing an option to acknowledge the msg to continue printing? If not, can I please ask which printer model do you have?





Used or Counterfeit Cartridge 



I am speaking for myself and not for HP. Twitter: @Ciara_B_27
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Counterfeit Cartridge Scam


No need for personal insults people.

I've tried very hard to activate the alleged 'counterfeit blocking' feature and have had no success.

However, clearly many people are having issues that make it seem to them that counterfeit blocking does exist, so while I don't believe there's deliberate counterfeit blocking in the software there's clearly some problem HP should attempt to resolve if HP cares about its customers.

HP could very easily cater for people such as nancy-lynn, me and many IT Managers who wish to use genuine HP supplies, and/or cater for those wishing to use third party supplies.

With some very simple code HP could implement accept/reject options for non-HP cartridges, options that would keep everyone happy.  With suitable accept/reject options in place, it wouldn't matter if a genuine cartridge is misidentified as non-genuine by the software/firmware.

An alternative is that HP could release their firmware's APIs so others could develop their own routines to trap and handle the return code for non-genuine cartridges.

Instead HP has chosen not to help ANYONE, regardless of whether they're pro or anti genuine HP cartridges; it's for this reason that I'm gradually replacing over 1,000 inkjets with models from other manufacturers.




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