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Deskjet 3070A Printer stop printing black ink
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Re: Deskjet 3070A Printer stop printing black ink

Testing Forum 

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Re: Deskjet 3070A Printer stop printing black ink

Same issue but after reading forums, selecting glossy paper setting and normal quality gets black working again, but slow to print. HP must be aware of the issue as many others have reported the same problem.



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Re: Deskjet 3070A Printer stop printing black ink

I accept the solution of Ofir78 for the following reasons :

  • The device was not designed to be repaired (print head assembly cannot be disassembled).
  • There is a workaround that involves glossy paper and high quality printing but it is not acceptable when we want to make "bad quality" black and white document printing.
  • The solution states that HP acknowledged the issue and is willing to extend the warranty for free for everyone who got this problem. Given that most of us got this problem just after the terms of the one year warranty, this would be a good solution for those who didn't already buy an other printer like me (I'm not a printer, I bougth one).

Thanks HP for teaching me two lessons : Beware of planned obsolescence... Don't take as granted that what you bougth will work when you most need it.


I don't blame HP, I really don't know if they are actually using planned obsolescence or not, it could be a coincidence but this issue stroke me with the idea.


Since, I bougth a better printer, still HP but with a 3 year warranty.

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Re: Deskjet 3070A Printer stop printing black ink

Ciara_B wrote:

comfortcat wrote:

Not thanks to HP, but figured a solution - kind of. Set paper type to "glossy" and quality to "normal" and it started to print again on regular paper, however slow. Will return this printer as soon as ink is depleted or if it fails again. Whatever happens first.

Hi @comfortcat,

If this printer is still within warranty I would definitely recommend contacting HP Phone Support, as I think you require a replacement.


So I called HP Phone Support and was told the warranty is only 90 days from last repair or replacement.  They hadn't heard about any model specific issues and since my replacement printer failed (in the same way) after 3 months had gone they would no longer take any responsibilty. 


So now what, 10 months since replacement, is it still under warranty after all?

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Re: Deskjet 3070A Printer stop printing black ink

Hello Ciara,




due to not being able to speak to anyone at HP im trying you as a last resort....


I've got the same issue? this is a very poor equipment failure and i have wasted £100.00 of ink cartrages trying to sort it out?  Can you please please let me know the solution?


I will never, never, never buy an hp again and will post a report in WHICH magazine UK over this issue.


I will pursue a claim against HP over loss of new ink cartriges and poor customer services in helping with this issue.


Model Deskjet  3070A         always HP genuine cartrages used.

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Re: Deskjet 3070A Printer stop printing black ink

Hi everyone, My printer no longer prints black? Is their a solution please.
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Re: Deskjet 3070A Printer stop printing black ink

What solution was found for this problem please? Mine is doing exactly the same. It isn't under guarantee but isn't very old. Also I have wasted £39 on new carttridges which i can't use.

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Re: Deskjet 3070A Printer stop printing black ink

Deskjet 3070a is my 4th printer from HP and sadly first one that failed so miserably.

7 months after warranty, 2nd changing of black ink and the surprise happens. Spent 6h (!) looking for different solutions, wasting color inks on printing 5 test pages, trying to manually clean black printhead (good thing that I didnt spend more $ on buying those cleaning kits cause it would fail for sure aswell), and reading forums where are only standard crap about software cleaning or warranty service.


Just as people stated before:

- printer designed as one-time-use due to not removable print heads

- printer designed as limited lifespan product

- HP on purpose avoiding fixing the issue (it has not be THAT hard since simple changing of paper quality works, so you HP dont want to fix it, just face it)


Yes, changing paper type in the settings works, but still its not a solution that one would expect from the top brand as HP. Since such a simple trick works, then it should be extremaly easy to fix it from software lever on the HP side, you just dont want it.


The copy function still not working since there is no option to change paper type there...


Sorry HP but will all that into consideration, you lost over 10 year history client. After the ink deplete or the printer breaks, my next purchase wont be your product.

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Re: Deskjet 3070A Printer stop printing black ink

[ Edited ]

Well, same issue here.


The printer worked fine then the black and only the black stopped working after a cartridge change. Thinking it was a faulty one, we bought another but no dice.


So now we are stuck with 2 extra black cartridges and an useless printer that only prints colors.

Right around the 2 years mark.


I've run the 3 cleaning level with no luck.



Reading this thread this seems like planned by HP, so just saying that i won't ever buy another HP printer for sure and we were about to order 5 of them for our new office.




EDIT; Find out if i select glossy paper it works although much slower ... what the heck?

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Re: Deskjet 3070A Printer stop printing black ink

I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post serial numbers and case details.

If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, this post has instructions.

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