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Windows 7 and HP Laserjet 1000
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Re: Windows 7 and HP Laserjet 1000

cspgsl, what is the exact error?


If you have a firewall on the XP machine, make sure you give permission to the proper IP address or network range.  Also, in the security properties of the shared printers, make sure they are not too restrictive.  Check those settings. 


Also, on the Win 7 machine, make sure the network properties are not too restrictive and don't use the home group feature.  Setup the Win 7 machine to use the DOS printer on the XP machine and change its port to USB.  Use the HP Laserjet 1100 MS as the driver for the Win 7 machine.


Make sure the print spooler is also running in services.  (Run |services.msc)


I had similar problems in the past and had to open things up.  It was more of an issue with my network's settings.




For those of you that must direct connect to a printer with a USB cable on Win 7 64-bit, you will need to buy a new printer since the technologies are different.  You're mixing old technology with new.  This is just one of the downsides of upgrading to new technologies and how the IT companies make money out of us.  They can probably write a simple driver but they don't want to continue to support old technologies.  


If you want to trick the machine, you have to use the 32-bit version of Win7 or any other 32-bit OS to interface with the printer.  You can use a Win 7 64-bit computer to access the printer via a network or you can use Virtual PC and Windows XP mode (which I think is cumbersome). 



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Re: Windows 7 and HP Laserjet 1000

Thanks for the reply


I am using the correct driver on the Win7 machine and the XP machine recieves the print job but, it just doesn't get to the printer. There was no particular error, the print job just showed error in the status column.


On the Win7 machine, when you say, "network properties are not too restrictive"what do you mean here? In advanced Shareing options, everything is set to on and password protected sharing is off. In my situation, nobosy can access my network due to the distance it is from civilization i.e. we are 1,500 feet from the nearest neighbour. 


I don't use the home group feature iun Win7


When you refer to "permission to the proper IP address or network range" you must mean the Win7 machine's IP as the printer wouldn't have an IP address.


I know that a friend of mine has a router that his USB printer is pluygged into and he accesses it across his network that way. I was wondering if that might work for this situation. Any thoughts?


The print spooler is running as the XP machine prints to the printer just fine.


Thanks for any help you can provide

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Re: Windows 7 and HP Laserjet 1000

[ Edited ]

When I mean not too restrictive, look at the permission settings in the security tab and make sure that everyone that accesses the printer has the proper rights to.  You don't want to leave some users out.  You may want to add the Win 7 user to the WinXP profiles and add the user under security and give him or her rights to access the printer.  Also check to see if your guest account is enabled.  (Control Panel | User Accounts or My Computer | Right Click, Manage | Local Users and Groups.)


Again, all of this should be done with the DOS printer.


As for the firewall, make sure that the WInXP and Win 7 machines can access your network freely.  I basically allowed my home network range access.  For example, TCP/UDP to  I have computers with Norton and VIPRE.  Basically open up the pipes.


The router thing is possible but I haven't tried that with my router.


If the problem still persists, try rebooting the router, printer, and the WinXP machine.  You may have to do this sometimes.  This is a common problem once in a while. 


If all else fails, try restarting the spooler or reinstall the driver.  I had to do that recently when we had a bad power failure.  My drivers somehow got corrupted and they were not responding.


If the XP machine can print without any problems directly then something is blocking the communication from the Win 7 machine to the XP machine.

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Re: Windows 7 and HP Laserjet 1000

Everything is wide open now and the problem is the same. The only thing I notice now is that when a job is sent from the Win7 machine to the DOS printer on the XP machine, there is no port listed in the What's printing" window which leads me to beleive that the USB port on the XP machine is incorrect.


What would happen if I delete the USB port? Can I recreate it?



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Re: Windows 7 and HP Laserjet 1000

I just got my HP 1022n to  work on my Windows 7 64 bit through USB cable! Holy c*** i searched for solutions everywhere, but all of a sudden it came to me, that there was one thing i had not tried.


I selected to install the driver from the list of drivers available in Windows. I just selected "HP Laserjet 1020". I got a warning message saying that Microsoft could'nt confirm that this driver was compatible with the hardware i was trying to install but I just continued anyway. And it works like a charm.


Do this.

1. Right click "Computer" and choose "Properties"

2. Click "Device manager"

3. Find the printer in the hardware list. It's should be marked with a question-mark

4. Right click on the printer an choose "Update driver software"

5. Select "Browser my computer for driver software"

6. Select "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer"

7. Choose "HP" as manufacturer and "HP Laserjet 1020" as model.

8. Continue to install despite of warning message



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Re: Windows 7 and HP Laserjet 1000

I bought my hp LaserJet 1000 ten years ago and it is still working on my xp desktop.


The problem I have is that while installing the drivers and software from the CD on my Windows Vista laptop computer, I get several messages.


1. The following error occurred on file F:\English\vsetup.dll Access is denied (0x5)


2. Severe INF copy failed


3. Unable to install PCL Printer


When I get to the page asking for the printer to be connected, and I connect the USB cable, it does not recognise the printer.


How did you get the software installed on your Vista?


I sent an email asking hp if they had an update for Vista and got a reply saying NO and they referred me to the Forum. I think it is a disgrace that hp WILL NOT, not that they COULD NOT, update the software for Vista and Windows 7. Do they expect customers to discard printers that are still in perfect working order and buy a new one? And how soon after that will it have to be discarded as Microsoft update their operating systems?


Shame on you - Hewlett Packard.


Someone told me that one solution is for me to set up a network and send the document to be printed from my laptop computer to the xp computer to which the hp LaserJet 1000 is connected.


I would be willing to do that - network two old xp desk top computers, one Vista laptop and one Windows 7 netbook but haven't a clue where to start. Does anyone know where I can get 'an idiot's guide' that explains this in easy step by step 'you can't go wrong' language????


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Re: Windows 7 and HP Laserjet 1000

Here're the basic steps:


Install PDF Creator ( on your XP box and set it up as a network printer (so it would download a variety of drivers for 95, 98, xp, vista, Windows 7, etc).


Then configure PDF Creator to auto-save to a specific folder (using timedate as default name). Then I told it to print after the save to the LJ1000 hooked to it via USB.


Next I set the new PDF Creator printer as a sharable printer.


Next, on my Windows 7 I created a new network printer and selected the PDF Creator.


Now, whenever I print I just select the PDF Creator printer and voila! The document is printed on the LJ1000 just like old times.

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Re: Windows 7 and HP Laserjet 1000

This is an HP issue, not a Microsoft issue.  HP does not update their driveres - presumably to force you to buy new equipment.  This is why I do not purchase HP hardware anymore.

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Re: Windows 7 and HP Laserjet 1000 and 1005

Worked perfectly for me, great idea. we all need to keep our XP machines, they are good print servers for Win 7 64 !!!!! Man LOL

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Re: Windows 7 and HP Laserjet 1000 and 1005



Hi again. Just assembled a new PC. Installed Windows 7 - Ultimate / 64 bit and, of course, lost the functionality of the LaserJet 1000, the most used printer in our home network.
Saw in a web search that you could install it in XP MODE, which is supported by W7 versions Pro, Ultimate and Enterprise, but without too much detail.

Don´t despair yet if you have the Home version: There seems to be enough information in the following link to get XP functionality on your W7-Home:


CREATE XP MODE FOR WINDOWS 7 HOME VERSION & VISTA (Not necessary if you have Pro, Ultimate or Enterprise)


DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL XP MODE FOR Pro / Ultimate / Enterprise - if this is your case:

START XP MODE AND INSTALL THE LASERJET 1000: Just like you did when you installed it in XP. I used my original HP - CD, and it worked fine. But I guess you could also used the downloaded "lj1488en.exe" and "lj1000hostbased-en.exe" installers, recommended by Los 15 (see my post of 11-07-2011).

THE HITCH IS THAT AFTER INSTALL THERE IS NO PRINTER:  the software is installed with the printer disconnected, from both power and USB, and everything seems to run fine, but when you are prompted to connect the USB and power, after the driver is installed, NOTHING HAPPENS and hence the "Next" button is not enabled. The printer is not detected. You have to end the process either through "Skip" or "Cancel". And it does not show up in Devices and Printers. But LaserJet 1000 DOS shows up.

I lost a lot of time trying to solve this - even a web search for: "Windows 7" "XP mode" "detect USB printer", yielded nothing. It was only by chance, during a web search for: " is either not properly connected to your computer or the power source" "xp mode", which reflected part of the error message that the printer was giving, plus "xp mode", that I found the following link, which led to the solution:


How about that for precise web searches? If it hadn´t been for this lucky strike I would probably still be searching. Follow this procedure and the printer will work. Or, even better, do this before installing the printer and the installation should proceed without any problem - but the printer would need to be connected for XP Mode to see it; so, don't know. You need to repeat this procedure everytime you start XP Mode to use the printer. As is mentioned there, in the link, when you can access the printer in XP Mode, you cannot access it from W7. So "Shared", under the USB drop down menu, is worth nothing in this case.  The LaserJet 1000 that appears in Devices and Printers, under W7, is essentially a dummy - good for nothing.

ACCESS "VIRTUAL PC - XP MODE" FROM WINDOWS 7: When you start "Windows Explorer" in W7, there is a folder at the bottom called "Network". If XP mode is running, there should be a folder named "VIRTUALXP-XXXX" that should show the shared contents of XP Mode - LaserJet 1000 included. But, of course, if you click on it it will only give you a message that the folder cannot be accessed. It is in this folder that the printer should appear - after a few days of web searching, I have yet to see a successful installation of it directly into W7. In order to be able to access the shared content of XP mode, from W7, you could follow instructions in the following link:

You end up seeing XP Mode as one more PC in the network, which seems to be the way W7 treats it.

Don´t worry if it looks like it is addressed to other problems, it solves the present one. THIS SEEMS TO BE A MUST IF YOU WANT TO USE THE PRINTER FROM ANY LOCATION OUTSIDE OF XP MODE - INCLUDING ITS HOST W7 SYSTEM (This is not intended as a joke, but it sounds like one).

AS A FINAL NON-INTENDED JOKE: If you want to be able to print to the LaserJet 1000 from the W7 system that is hosting XP Mode, you have to follow the proceedure given by Los 15 for the 64 bit computer, which is contained in my post of 11-07-2011. In this case I had to create a Local Port named "\\VIRTUALXP-45787\Printer".  "Printer" was the name of the "HP LaserJet 1000 DOS" in the network of XP Mode.  Just tried it, and it works. You do have to print to the "HP LaserJet 1100 (MS)", as stated by Los 15. Also, follow the same procedure to print to the LaserJet 1000 from other network computers, just as Los 15 stated.  Also tried and it again works.

Hope this is useful to somebody. Good luck to those who use it.

Needless to say how sincerely grateful I feel to all those that contributed the information contained in the links cited above, that have allowed us to keep our most appreciated LaserJet 1000.

I think one of the reasons for HP not to produce its W7 software must have been the ultra high realiability of this printer - little need of replacement. 

It is the only laser printer we have ever bought. We have had it for close to 9 years, during which it has never jammed on its own. It has only jammed 3 times because of users putting in paper that had too much printing (page was almos entirely black, and it stuck to the roller), or staples, or was folded at the edge. And it has never needed repair. Can´t say anything near close to this for our inkjets.


Good Luck, again.

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