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how do i turn off alignment?
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Re: how do i turn off alignment?

I have a deskjet 3054a and would love to disable the automatic alignment also. If I find that there is a problem, I can find the "align" setting myself. How do I do that?

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Re: how do i turn off alignment?

I really hate the alignment requirement.  Sometimes it requires it because I have a recycled cartridge.  It did it in the middle of printing checks today, so not only did I waste ink, but expensive check stock.   HP does not seem to give a crap what the consumer thinks about this "feature."  It causes people to spend more money on ink.  I have 5 HP printers in the shop, and when it is time to replace them, I will look for printers that do NOT require an alignment.  If HP cared about customer service, they would give us an option, not act like we are bad children who do not know what we are doing.

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Re: how do i turn off alignment?

I am beyond sick of this feature. And do not tell me it's for my own good as I'm fairly sure the printer's constant demand that I align the new ink cartridge every time I use the printer for long  after the cartridge is no longer new is simply nonsense or a major error on HP's part.  By the way, I'm using Desk Jet 3512 and, yes, the drivers have been updated. 

Oh--and attempting to by-pass the "align cartidge" feature often causes it to refuse to print--kicking out messages like "cannot communicate with printer".  After I agree to align the cartridge (using up paper and ink) it then allows me to print my next project.  It feels like I'm being blackmailed by my own office equipment.  


I've been a loyal customer of HP's for a very long time, but the next time I go shopping for a printer (which will probably be very soon at this point) I am going to explore other options. I  no longer have the time or the patience to jump through the hoops it takes to simply print a few pages.  This is stupid. 

I am your worst nightmare--a customer that understands that she represents more than one sale. I am not just a single repeat customer. I like a product I recommend it to everyone, but it also means that when I don't like something or I receive poor customer service I a)talk about it to my 250 or so followers on FB b) Blog about it c) talk to relatives, friends, and coworkers.  

You aren't just losing my business, you're losing the business of easily half the people I know, if not more. 

I'd suggest you guys deal with this glitch or whatever it is--or come up with a better method of building customer loyalty. 



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Re: how do i turn off alignment?



Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forums. I'm sorry but this is a peer-to-peer community of HP customers, and not a venue to contact HP directly. Most of the users here are consumers like yourself who are offering solutions because they like to help others, and any HP employees you see are here on their own capacity and not representing the company.

If you have additional or direct feedback for HP about their products or services, or questions about repair, you can use the link below for contact information.

If you have other questions and concerns about using the forum, please feel free to send me a private message.


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Re: how do i turn off alignment?

It's not a few drops of ink, and it's reprinting the alignement page even if you already have it printed out, it's asking for printing everytime you change EACH cartridge, every time you take out and replace in the same cartridge, if you format the PC and reconnect the printer, it's annoying, it takes too much and you might not have time to align when the printer decides to align. A printer can't rule humans. Anyway i ditched my HP laptop and bought a Sony soon the printer will follow the same decision. Thanks for thinking about customer needs

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Re: how do i turn off alignment?

If there is no way to cancel this "alignment" that other printers don't have to do, then i will never buy another hp printer, and i am an HP employee.  This is ridiculous!

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Re: how do i turn off alignment?

How about a firmware update before HP loses more market share??

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Re: how do i turn off alignment?

Hi, sorry to hear that you are having a issues with the alignment stage of adding new ink cartridges.  Unfortunately it will go threw the alignment stage after every new cartridge install. If you interrupt it or attempt to cancel the alignment, it will redo the alignment after every boot up until it completes the alignment cycle.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


Thanks in advance

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Re: how do i turn off alignment?

I may have found a faux solution to bypass the alignment!


I have the HP 5610


When it wants to align after putting in new cartiriges try the following:

-Don't put paper in your printer

-Let it tell you it is out of paper

-then hit "cancle" 


My printer then said "printing job cancled" and seemed to forget about the alignement! 


Hope this helps Smiley Happy

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Re: how do i turn off alignment?

For those who are still having problems with this there is a way round it, or at least there is with my HP PSC1410.


If you go to your start menu and look for the startup folder, in there you will probably find something starting with HP. I didnt write down what it was but its something along the lines of HP update or HP monitor. If you right click and delete it, it will stop the software loading at bootup that gives you the message to align the printer.


I should be noted however that if you do this you will not get warnings of when your cartridges are running out so you will have to do it the old fashioned way and replace them when it goes streaky.

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