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Common problems HP Solution Center not working : Adobe Flash Player Error and Unable to scan
We would like to share some of the most frequently asked questions about HP Solution Center not working : Adobe Flash Player Error and Unable to Scan.
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I am absolutely besides myself! It's an extremely frustrating situation!
Here are the pertinent device facts:
  • We have an HP LaserJet Enterprise MFP M630
  • Firmware Bundle Version:  4.12
  • Firmware Revision:  2411221_066372
  • Firmware Datecode:  20220824
  • HP FutureSmart Level:  HP FutureSmart 4
  • Firmware was updated from 4.11 today to hopefully resolve the issue. But it didn't.
What we want to achieve:
  • Archive received faxes to a network folder that is on a non-Windows server. 
    Relatedly, scan to a network folder on this same server.
What we fill in the Folder Settings fields:
  • A valid UNC folder path is entered.
  • Windows Domain field is blank. Why? Because this server is not and cannot be part of our Windows Domain. It is a third-party, non-Windows, but business vital Linux server that needs to be independent of AD. 
  • User name and password fields are blank.
What happens when we click on the  Verify Folder Access  button?
    ✔️ Success
What happens when we click   Apply   ?
     The operation has failed.
        Please correct the errors below and try again.
  1.   Windows Domain is required.
  2.   User Name is required.
  3.   Password is required.
What happens when we enter a valid AD domain, user name, and password and then click on the  Verify Folder Access  button?
As to be expected...
     The operation has failed.
WHY? Because that network folder on that server does not and cannot authenticate through AD.
What adds to this frustration:
  • This issue is also encountered when setting up new scan to network locations on this same server. 
  • These issues began when a technician "upgraded" to the 4.x version of the firmware last year when the device's hard drive was replaced and he installed 4.x -- even though we didn't request the drive be replaced. We presume he noted a S.M.A.R.T. condition to justify the replacement.
  • We did not have this issue in the previous 3.x firmware version. Our old scan to network folder entries to this server that existed prior to the firmware "upgrade"  still work just fine.
Folder access succeeds. But the software won't let me continue? 
Not all shared network folders authenticate through Active Directory.
Some do not require authentication at all. These are public folders -- at least on our local network.
I will refrain from expressing my frustrations any further.
My final thoughts:
  • It is obviously not an access or authentication failure as the previous scan to network folder settings that were configured in 3.x still work just fine and, I remind you,  Verify Folder Access succeeds!
  • It is a failure of the workflow logic that DEMANDS that a Windows Domain, User name, and Password be entered. (THESE FIELDS SHOULD NOT BE REQUIRED)
  • Maybe there's a setting somewhere that is forcing me to enter those fields. But I haven't found it.
  • As a last resort, I removed the domain in the Network settings tab and restarted the device. But it didn't help.
If anyone has encountered, and hopefully resolved, this issue. Your input would be greatly appreciated.
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Typically in non-domain applications you would use the workstation name as the domain name and then user name and password. For security reasons HP does not allow nonauthenticated scanning.

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I am a volunteer, offering my knowledge to support fellow users, I do not work for HP nor speak for HP.

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Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, it did not work.


Although we have several working Quick Sets that connect to a share on one of our Windows servers on our local domain, the network share that fails is on a Linux server that is not on our local domain -- as I explained in the original post. It is not a "WORKGROUP" computer.


To make a correction to my original post, I was reminded that the previous settings did not actually carry over from the firmware upgrade. We had to recreate them. The one 'Scan to Folder' Quick Set to the Linux server also does not work. (I missed that it failed the 'Verify Access' test.) The symptoms are the same -- except, the Quick Set interface allows me to save the Quick Set with valid AD credentials even though any AD credential would fail the 'Verify Access' test on that Linux server. Sure enough, I get a printed failure notification when I try to scan to that location.


I called the vendor that controls the Linux server. I was told that there actually should be credentials set up on the Linux server for authentication to those shares. We tried several variations in the 'Windows Domain' field including, the server's hostname, FQDN, IP address, blank, etc. All would fail the 'Verify Access' test even though the username and password are apparently correct. Though, the technician I spoke to is going to double check with his team members to make sure something wasn't overlooked. My thinking is that maybe devices may need special permissions-- or something. (I'm not a Linux expert.)


I appreciate the 'Security' aspect, and I acknowledge that you're not an HP employee. But 'Verify Access' should be consistent and fail as well, and there should be a bit more transparency regarding mixed networks environments, such as ours.


Thanks for trying.

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