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    Need Windows 11 help?
    Check documents on compatibility, FAQs, upgrade information and available fixes.Windows 11 Support Center.
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The HP Community is where owners of HP products, like you, volunteer to help each other find solutions.
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Read 1st FAQ/Frequently asked question



Any community member is expected to provide basic set of details whenever they use this channel to get attention to their specific set of problem/s. It helps us to ensure right suggestion/guidance can be given in the shortest possible time and also helps us to not repeat the same set of questions again and again so that information exchange process becomes more easier and hassle free for everyone involved.



1) For Firmware upgrade/downgrade issues include the following:


  • What version you are on and what version you re upgrading/downgrading to when issue is faced?
  • Product model and serial number if possible.
  • OS version and HUB/Lens version in use when issue faced.
  • PID or Product ID of device.


2) For Acoustic Issues on computers include the following:


  • Share headset firmware version.
  • Share OS and HUB/Lens version in use (if applicable)
  • Share softphone/UC application name and version in use.
  • Issue on one specific PC or with other PC’s too?
  • Type of connection used i.e., using native USB port or issue via USB Docking station or Splitter?


3) For DECT Wireless headset issues with Desk phones include the following:


  • Share headset firmware version in use (wherever applicable, for e.g. CS500 series do not have FW update option.)
  • Share desk phone software version and its model in use
  • Type of connection used i.e., EHS or TIC?
  • Headset serial number if possible.


4) For Bluetooth Headset or Pairing issues include the following:


  • Share exact headset/speaker (whether using M version or Standard version etc.) model and its firmware/software version in use.
  • OS version in use if pairing is not happening on PC.
  • Confirm if pairing is tried on PC via supplied BT300/600/700 USB adapter or trying directly with native Bluetooth Radio of PC?
  • If facing issues with smartphone pairing, then do you know how to put headset into manual pair mode? Look for subsequent pairing or manual pairing instructions in user manual of headset and see if this helps. Same applies to pairing on Windows/MAC computers.
  • Were you able to pair headset with another device/s?


5) For Personal Webcams & Video bars related issues include the following:


  • Confirm device name and firmware in use
  • Share Lens version in use.
  • OS and UC application version in use where issue faced.
  • Connecting device to native USB port of computer or via Docking Station or USB splitter.
  • PID (Product ID) of device.
  • Camera shutter engaged or not engaged when issue noticed (wherever applicable)
  • Self-view/preview of camera working in Lens?


6) HUB/Lens update or installation related issues include the following:


  • Version of program facing issue with
  • Version of OS when trying to use these programs
  • Error screenshot or detailed error message
  • Exceptions added to HUB/Lens in firewall or security software by company I.T. admin?
  • Port 443 is open or closed on your OS?
  • Do you have admin rights on the given computer? Have you checked with I.T. Admin?
  • Have you tried uninstalling HUB/Lens and reinstalling it to see if this has helped?
  • Is same issue faced on another computer?
  • If issue is within enterprise environment, then refer to this guide and see if this helps.
  • Is your organization an existing Plantronics Manager Pro Client?


This post may not cover all possible scenarios but we have tried to make it as vast as possible and we will continue to do so. However, members are still encouraged to provide all relevant details which they can think of are relevant and may help in getting suggestions faster.


Question: How can I request a change to current Hardware or Software or request a new or changed functionality?
Answer: Please check => here <=

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