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Calling all gadget gurus, hardware heroes and software savants! Destroyers of bugs, fixers of frustrations, and bringers of smiles, unite! You have come to the right place. You may just have what it takes to be an HP Expert. 


Being an HP Expert is an immensely rewarding experience. You’ll connect with other like-minded professionals to help people all over the world get the most out of their technology. But becoming an HP Expert is not for everyone—it requires a commitment of time and energy, the desire to help others, and plenty of problem-solving passion. A little competitive spirit doesn’t hurt either.  


HP Experts have certain qualities. You may be an expert if:

  • You enjoy posting on forums and blogs
  • You’re a person with technical expertise and interest
  • You’re comfortable with conversational and technical writing  


Why become an expert? 


Being an HP Expert is first and foremost about helping people all over the world get the most out of their technology. But there are many more reasons to become an HP Expert:


  • Sharpen your skills
  • Strengthen your resume and career
  • Connect with other like-minded people around the world 
  • Try out HP products 
  • Recieve invitations to Expert Days and the HP Social Support Summit
  • Get your own professionally drawn caricature


Getting started


To start your journey to become an expert, simply register and start answering questions on the HP Support Forums in the language with which you’re most comfortable. There’s no application process. Answer the questions posted to the forum to the best of your ability.


Achieving expert status


As you contribute to the HP Support Forums, you’ll earn points and move up the ranks. 


There is no specific rank requirement to become an HP Expert. However, your forum rank reflects your activity and the quality of your content.


You can move up through the forum ranks by doing the following: 


  • Posting
  • Having your answer marked as solved
  • Receiving kudos 


Maintaining expert status


You must be an active contributor to the HP Support Forums to maintain your Expert status. Our Experts tell us it takes about two hours a week or so to stay active. Some experts spend much more time than that, but it’s up to you how much time you dedicate.   


Go forth and share!


Start sharing your brilliance with others and you’ll soon join the ranks alongside some of the finest minds in the industry.


If you’re ready to start your journey, register now.



05-TopReasonsToBeExpert.jpg                             DragonFur-Quote.jpg


It’s great to be an HP Expert


Earning the opportunity to participate in the HP Expert Program is an immensely rewarding experience. There aren’t many other places where you can proudly share your expertise and passion for HP products and all things tech. When you start easing people’s frustration and making their lives easier, you’ll understand how much your knowledge really matters, and you may even get that “pay-it-forward” feeling.


Be a hero 


HP customers rave when they get a quick solution to their technology-related questions. Use your expertise to help others and make their day. 


Influence new HP products


HP is known for innovation but that doesn’t happen without valuable customer feedback. As an HP Expert, we look to you for insight.


Connect with peers


Become a member of HP’s inner circle and connect with other HP fans and employees who are equally passionate about technology.


Learn more, do more


There’s no substitute for experience. As an HP Expert, you’ll increase your skill set and become even more tech-savvy than you were before. Can you be stumped? There is only one way to find out.


Make history, help others


Join us at HP Expert Days—the biggest online tech-support party with a fan base that increases each year. More and more consumers are registering to get help, and more and more experts are participating to meet other experts and enjoy the camaraderie.


Satisfy your competitive streak


Channel your inner Olympian and compete against other HP Experts in contests and games to earn badges and points, and get the kind of satisfaction that only comes from winning.


Build global relationships


From Boston to Bangkok, don’t miss the chance to gain global perspective as a member of HP’s important global support community.


Walk the red carpet


Make connections, gain insights, and enjoy recognition from HP and the tech community during worldwide Expert ‘Meet-Ups’ and at the annual HP Social Support Summit for top Forum contributors.


Get rewarded


Through our HP Experts, we connect with our customers and provide them with essential support—that’s something we value. 


Register today to begin your journey.








We love having you as part of our forum community, and we hope you’re enjoying the experience. By posting in our forum, you are developing an online reputation. What you write and how you write it is permanent.


We want to help you create the very best online reputation possible and have complied some tips for you.


If you have any questions, reach out to the forum administrators, moderators, or other HP Experts.


Educate, educate, educate


The best answers go beyond giving the fix. They explain what the issue is and why a potential fix should be tried.  


For example, a customer complains that his notebook hangs after he has used it for an hour or more.  You could suggest checking to see if the fan is working correctly or recommend a cooling pad.


But, the better more complete answer would be to let him know that if a notebook gets too hot, it may hang.  It is possible the hanging issue is caused by temperature. Checking to see if the fan is working correctly or recommending a cooling pad could help.


Do no harm


Don’t break something on someone’s computer. For example if you have suggestions about doing something in the registry, remind the user to back up his or her computer first and include instructions on how to back it up.


Be kind


Social media can bring out the best and worst in people.  Some forget that there are real human beings that are reading and answering these posts.  People can be rude, especially online since it is more impersonal.


Also, social media attracts people from all over the world from different cultures.  In some cases, they may use Google translate to post. The language and culture differences may make people seem rude when they don’t mean to be.

Be twice as polite as you would be in person. Often times, as soon as you initiate a constructive conversation that person will come back apologetically.


If the person comes back and is rude, don’t take his or her comment personally. The worst thing you can do is to get into an online “fight.” The best option is to walk away from the conversation and enlist the help of another expert or forum administrator.


Keeping a higher level of conduct will help you develop a strong online reputation. While we don't always have to agree on topics, we do need to be polite.


Be patient


You’re the expert. Not many people have the depth of knowledge you do. Try to remember that even though the answer may be obvious to you, it may not be obvious to others. It’s even possible that your intermediate steps may not be obvious—you may need to break these down as well.


Try to be patient, empathetic and kind to those experiencing high levels of frustration. 


Read the question


Make sure you understand what the user is asking before replying. Read the question carefully and give it some thought. Explicitly state any assumptions you make. If you don't understand a question, it's OK to ask for clarification. It’s important to avoid assumptions about the customer’s level of understanding. Communication is a two-way street and may require multiple exchanges especially written communication.


The same question again and again and again


If you know that the question has already been answered in another thread, direct the original poster to that thread. Many experts bookmark answers and keep catalogues of answers so they can quickly reference content when posting. 


Once you’ve reached HP Expert status – feel free to share your own Tips ‘n Tricks in the Inner Circle.



† The opinions expressed above are the personal opinions of the authors, not of HP. By using this site, you accept the Terms of Use and Rules of Participation