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HP Pen Nib(Tip) Replacements

HP Spectre x360 Convertible 15-ch0xx
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

I've gotten my x360 rather recently, and I haven't had the chance to really use the stylus for photoshop and such until now. It was quite clear that if I need to put more hard time on the pen, that I should look into getting some replacement nibs for it, as strangely, the device didn't come with any extras. After searching all over your website, I can't seem to find replacement nibs anywhere available. Contacting Technical Support (apparently, just normal customer service/sales isn't a thing?), I've been informed that replacement nibs don't exist and that each time a nib wears out, I would need to buy an entirely new stylus.


Sometimes for my work/projects I will end up using the stylus for a good 12+ hours at a time, and after the one day of continuous work it's already showing wear, and at this point, I doubt it would be any good to me after a couple months. So the idea that a bi- or even tri-monthly purchase of a brand new pen instead of just swapping out the easily replaceable (and completely designed by HP to be replaced) nib is just ridiculous.

I'm sorry, but I'm just failing to understand how it would be in HP's best interest not to just offer the Nibs. Even if they covered a replacement pen under the warranty coverage, wouldn't sending a little baggy of even 20 replacement nibs be far cheaper for the company in storage, shipping, production, and even just maintaining customer satisfaction? I can get one replacement pen under the warranty, but the next time the nib wears out I have to buy a new Pen again. Even if you thought of it as a way for HP to get an extra bit of money from its customers, that's a really silly way to do it, because all this is going to mean is that I'm going to make sure me and my office removes the x360 (and likely HP) as an option when it comes to any future upgrading  of our marketing/illustrative department's equipment. It's crazy... The website even has model numbers for the different Nib replacement sets (1VY60AA, 3RV57AA, 3RV58AA). All these sets do include multiple nibs but may be included with a pen(?).


Wacom, Huion, XP-Pen, Lenovo, Microsoft all include the ability to get extra nibs (for varying costs), and the pen was clearly designed for easy nib replacement... so just... why?

Customer service last night told me "nothing lasts forever", and like "No, S@#$.", but why not just let us replace the thing that's definitely not going to last the life of the accessory. You don't have some sort of limited proprietary battery in the pens, likely because you think they'd run out, and people would want to replace them, so how does this not transfer over to another as essential part that (according to advertised battery length of the pen) will likely wear out much sooner... If the pen nibs aren't some sort of HP internal design, and the pen is just a reskin of some other company's product (which is completely legitimate and occurs all the time, no shade on that), please let me know, cause then others like myself can just get the nibs from them, because they'll likely have replacement nib options.

Seriously though, there are quite a number of posts about this issue, and those are just the people that took the time to ask about it on your own forums...


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