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Elitebook 850 G5
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)


Using the EliteBook 850 G5 in our business; I uninstalled the PhoneWise app, but keep getting prompted:

HP PhoneWise Driver Install Error

Installing drive failed because bluetooth ia off or unavailabe.  Please click ok to enable bluetooth.


We do not want bluetooth turned on and do not want PhoneWise.  How can we prevent this message from appearing?


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I have not used this software.


I can offer a couple of comments and perhaps where to look to dig this application out of your File System.


FAQ - HP PhoneWise


This appears to be a Windows Store Application -- and there is is similar software listed in the Elitebook's Software and Driver Support page > Software Solutions > HP Workwise Service



If you have not done so, try removing the application from the Start Screen Application list (Windows key > list by apps)


Check / Remove the HP PhoneWise Windows Application from Start


The application might be under category "HP" >

Open the category, Right-Click on the application > select Uninstall 

After the software is removed, Restart the computer and log in



The software might in some odd way be tied to the HP WorkWise Service Software.




I don't know the consequences of removing this software if you are using it -- if you are not using it and you find it in Programs and Features, uninstall it:


Create a Restore Point before making any changes


Stop programs, games, browsers > Create a Restore Point


Control Panel > icon view > System > System Protection

Click (Highlight) your main disk (C) > Select Create a Restore Point



Uninstall the HP WorkWise Software


Control Panel > icon view > Programs and Features

Scroll down, find, Right-Click on the software > Uninstall


After the software is uninstalled, Restart the computer and log in


If you like, (re)Install the HP Workwise software


Open  HP Workwise Service

Download, save, and install the software

After the software is installed, Restart the computer and log in



If all else fails, consider switching on Bluetooth long enough to install and then remove the HP PhoneWise Windows Store Application.



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Anyone figured this out yet?  I need to get it off of a bunch of laptops........



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Had the same problem and found solution: you have to uninstall it from Apps and Features as well.

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Dude, Run Task Scheduler with Admin Rights. Look for HP folder under left folder tree then double click on it. You will see a scheduled task for it in the main window, it is set to run at every log in, right click on it and delete it. Took alot of time to find this little pain in the arse!

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Thanks TomPio.  I hadn't seen the scheduled task.


What I've done is to write a powershell script to uninstall the HP PhoneWise Drivers using the uninstall string from the Registry and then delete the schedule task.  Pushing this out with SCCM.


Works as far as I can see.  No more UAC prompts for the manitenance task and nothing has stopped working without the drivers installed

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Hey, you wouldn't happen to still have that script lying around or remember what keys would you? I'm running into the same issue and all support could suggest is re-imaging the machine 😞

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I just went through the keys under "HKLM:\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall" and "HKLM:\Software\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall" to find HP PhoneWise and got the uninstall string for the version of PhoneWise we were removing to put in the script.  MSI GUID is version dependent, so what I have may not work for you.  Best to get the right one for your system.


I used the powershell "Unregister-ScheduledTask -TaskName 'HP PhoneWise Device Maintenance' -Confirm:$False" to remove the scheduled task.  As mentioned earlier in this thread, uninstalling the drivers does not remove the task.


Job done 🙂

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Cool, thank you! I'm supposed to look into it again tomorrow so I'll give that a shot.

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Same question, and I have tried all the way searched from google(except reimage) .

Finally, I have found a way to completely uninstall the program.

First, download the install package again, then , double click to run it;

Find the decompress directory like "c:/SWsetup/SPxxxx/";

You will find a bat file named uninstall.bat, click run as administrator and wait a moment .

Maybe you'd  like to drink a cup of coffee now.


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