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Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

In Easy Shell the User is not able to open Display anymore in Windows 10.


Has anyone figured out how to solve this?

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Please download the new HP Easy Shell 3.05.010 version for your Windows 10 (IoT) 64 bit using HP Thin update.

Then for the user account you would see basic Display settings.



I am an HP Employee
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can you provide us with the screen shot of the error 

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I am an Hp employee
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I have an open ticket with HP for this.  I think I understand what the OP is asking.  

This is my open ticket:


    The original build of Windows that came with our MT43 laptops in the summer of 2017 had the ability to use the ‘Display’ in All Control Panel Items.  Microsoft has since gotten rid of that and added the GUI for Display in the Settings menu. 

All newer HP MT43 machines have the 1607 build on there, which does not contain the old Display>Screen Resolution interface.  Easy Shell does not seem to work well with this – I imagine it has something to do with it being different feature (similar to how it’s impossible to use ‘Connect to a Wireless Display’ when in Easy Shell view).   Both of these features are available under the User account when the Easy Shell is not set to Kiosk mode & in the Win10 interface. 




Easy Shell v 

ThinUpdate 2.4.22

Windows 10 1607 14393.2068


Hoping these screenshots help – it seemed like a better way to show what is wrong:


New Display GUI from Microsoft is picture #2 and #8.  


Picture #7 is the very limited display options that are available in EasyShell now that the 'classic' Display has been removed from Windows.  


Pictures #3-6 were taken from an MT43 that has our original image with a Windows build 10.0 10240.  This version had the ‘classic’ version of Display > Screen Resolution interface.  















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HP has replied as of 3/30/18.  Here is the response:


"Under Windows 10 LTSB 2016, for security reason, Microsoft requires Windows Shell (Explorer.exe) for Universal Windows Platform application to run (and Display Control Panel applet is now UWP application). Under EasyShell Kiosk mode (where EasyShell shell, not Windows Shell Explorer.exe, is running), we are NOT going to get the Microsoft Windows Display Control Panel applet as with Windows 10 LTSB 2015.


To overcome that limitation, HP R&D has developed an in-house Display Control Panel applet which original only has Display, Resolution and Orientation options (as you observe now). For the other settings, we need to login the OS as Admin (not Admin from EasyShell), change the settings for Multiple monitors, then those settings will be retained when logging as User - EasyShell Kiosk Mode.


However, I have attached the latest developed Display Control Applet which added the "Multiple displays". Please add it as an Application to use in User - Kiosk mode.


For now, that's all we can provide."

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Hi There,


THank you so much for your response.  Woudl you be able to provide the attachement with the newest developed version as I don't see it on your post.


Much Appreciated,


HP Recommended

Hey Dave,

         Since this is still in beta, it's probably best not to upload it on here.  It may be better to contact hpservicesupport@hp.com and refer to the HPDisplay- test file. 



Once I had the .exe on the thin client, here's what I did to get it working so it was seamless to the end user:


1) Under Admin, moved the HPDisplay- file to the Public desktop.  The intentions were to place the .exe somewhere that the standard User account could access.

2) Add the User account to the Administrators group

2) Log in with User account (as they are an admin), go to regedit

3) HKLM\SOFTWARE\HP\HP Easy Shell\CPL\cpl0

4) in Path, changed the data value to C:\Users\Public\Desktop\HPDisplay-


Logged back in under Admin, removed User from Administrators group. 

Signed in as User (without admin access)

Clicked on Display to test.  It's there, but not pretty. 

There may also be issues with getting the registry to stick after reboot, so be sure to try that before making  a final image.

Hopefully HP has a final version soon in the next Easy Shell update.  I've suggested adding the feature that allows users to change the size of text, apps, etc, since many people cant read the laptop screen when it's set to 100%.


Best of luck!

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We are sitting in the same situation.


It's nice to make a laptop secure with hp easy shell, but it gives the helpdesk headaches when the end user is not able to set all the display settings that they have todo.


For us the DPI size is very important, because our vdi solution takes over this for his dpi scaling feature, so everything looks good for the user.


I hope easyshell will not be more useless as MS is putting more and more to the settings menu instead of the old control panel.


Please give us a fix

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Same here,


we are not able to provide a acceptable solution to our customers without having huge effort.

Please fix it in next future relases.



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A reply from an HP tech advised it'd be released with a fall update. That doesn't really help us or anyone needing to send out machines without bandaid.

"For the Display App, R&D plans to include it as part of HP Fall Refresh which is happening around October to November of this year. as of now, we only offer that it was provided on case 5011611349."
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