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    Need Windows 11 help?
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HP Z8 G4
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Dear all!


I have problem with Thunderbolt card and Blackmagic SSD dock:


Device status is:

This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. (Code 12)

If you want to use this device, you will need to disable one of the other devices on this system.


I disabled every pcie slot in Bios except Slot1 (Thunderbolt 3 card) and Slot2 (GeForce RTX  2080 SUPER).


I really don't know what to do, I tried every single thing from this website:



Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you for info!


Accepted Solutions
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I found the solution: Install latest SATA ASCI driver from:



Intel Corporation - SCSIAdapter -


Go to Device Manager and manually update drivers from the computer.





Thank you for your support.



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disabling a pci-e slot bios ability does nothing unless you have a card in that slot which has a option rom

(such as a bootable SAS/SATA card)


reset all settings back to default, then disable the onboard network boot roms(s) which are not needed unless you boot  from the network


next disable the motherboards onboard LSI controllers boot rom (do not disable the card, just the boot rom) all this does is

remove the ability of booting from devices attached from the controller, windows will still see/use devices attached to the card


disabling both of these options, save and reboot back into windows  and them using device manager, remove any devices in device manager with a yellow "  !  "


now reboot and windows will hopefully redetect and reallocate the resources of each removed device including the TBolt card

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Dear DGroves,


thank you for your help. I did as you mentioned, but it is not working. Do you have more ideas? 🙂 Thank you.Capture.PNG








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give me the EXACT description of installed pci-e cards and which slot they are installed


note: telling me you have a video capture card in slot 4 is not useful,....i need to know whose card and model number


also the std SATA controller issue can be resolved by making sure the bios is set for "Raid+AHCI"


and installing the intel ENTERPRISE RSTe driver sp96420.exe


make sure the Chipset driver  sp101759.exe, Mgmt engine  sp86885.exe, TBolt driver  sp74948.exe are installed



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Thank you for your help!


Slot 1: Thunderbolt 3 card

Slot 2: Nvidia RTX 2080 SUPER

Slot 3 and 4: Empty

Slot 5: Blackmagic decklink Duo

Slot 6: empty

Slot 7: Lynx audio Card


I updated everything, also firmware, bios, TBolt, mgmt engine and chipset drivers to the latest.


I will try also this - didn't do it yet:




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are you running dual cpu's?


remove the cards in slot 5 and 7 reboot, the TBolt interface should now be working


install either decklink or lynx card (not both) confirm it works


install last card, if the last card install triggers a resource conflict then you may have to replace either the decklink or the audio card  and since the audio card is slightly cheaper that may be the way to go


last is this a  decklink duo 2 card you have? are you running the latest driver for it? are you using resolve? if so what release


and also WHAT model Lynx audio card? thay make many models..... i told you i need specific model numbers not a generic description as different cards use different resources

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Yes I'm using Dual Intel Xeon Gold 5222


I removed both cards, I have only in:

Slot 1: Thunderbolt 3 card

Slot 2: Nvidia RTX 2080 Super


Still the same Code 12 error on drives.


I have the latest drivers for Decklink duo 2 card, Decklink is working normally.

Lynx card is AES16e-G

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with only the TBolt dock active, (all other cards removed) go into device manager and remove the device and also check remove drivers


NOTE: You must install the TBolt card into the correct PCIe slot, as follows. The slot closest to the
processor is slot 1.
• HP Z8 G4: PCIe slot 1




now remove TBolt dock cable, and if possible remove TBolt software from add/remove programs


reboot, confirm not tbolt card is seen in device manager, and if so reinstall tbolt driver package


reboot, and now connect tbolt dock


there is one last option, i have seen some win installs that are corrupted for some reason and refuse to allow a device to work and doing a windows reinstall will fix this issue


if you want to try this method, download the latest z8 win 10 recovery image using the "HP Cloud Recovery"


select the restore image that includes the z8 drivers and download


note: if run on the z8 no serial needs to be entered, if dl in a different system, have the z8 serial# available



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Yes I installed Tbolt card in Slot 1.


I removed all the hidden and visible cards from device manager,

I deleted Intel Tbolt software.


Nothing better. 


Now I will try also Win recovery.


Thank you for now. I will tell you the results after recovery.

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does your TBolt card have pins for a cable which runs to the motherboard TBolt header?

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