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Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit)

Continuously get reseat printhead error. Tried three different printheads, one brand new. Tried deleting all user inputted information. Updated firmware. All new ink cartridges, and brand new printhead. Cleaned connections. When none of the above worked I replaced the Carriage PCA. Still keep getting the reseat printhead error. Sometimes it will print 5 or 6 pages before it comes up. Other times it will come up every sheet. It will also sometimes only print a partial border and nothing else on the sheet, then give the error.

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try to use replace printhead option & move the carriage box to the left. then unplug the power cord.


remove the trouble printhead, use a syringe/injector to insert the needle to the center of nozzle, draw

out ink slowly, might has bubbles... draw till solid ink...


Also make sure new printhead is not way outdated, I seem on Ebay & people selling printheads dated year 2007

, even blank out the date. get it minimum dated around 2015 ...


myself used same method & fixed many similar errors from the past.....


Try, nothing to lose.


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Thanks for the response. Your right everything is worth a try!

I have tried to draw the ink out of all six tubes when I inserted the new printhead. That didn't help.

Also the printhead is good until 2020.

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if you still could not fix that problem... try other approach....


use replace printhead option, when carriage box moved to left... then unplug power cord.


remove all printheads, remove  the formatter.....   then power on... nothing work for sure.


turn off power.  plug in formatter...  when prompt for printheads, then insert them one by one.

printer will initialize    print system...


hope this work...

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Thanks for the response. I appreciate any help I can get! I have now unfortunately gotten myself into ink purge and can't get out of it. I am going to have to wait until our new printhead arrives.

I read the previous posts on how to get out of this, but there are no setup printheads with this model and all six printheads are contained in one unit.

I will try your latest fixes when I get this issue solved.

Thanks again!

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Thanks again Jason. I have tried everything so far that was suggested and still getting the error.

I put a brand new printhead in to get through the purge. I then took the syringe and drew all the ink tubes to

make sure there was no air still in the lines. It worked without fail for three full days!

Then it threw the reseat printhead error again.

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I finally got back to my computer in time to log onto the EWS and print the service plot. The error code for the printhead is "8192" which states that "The CSDATA communication failed". I have attached the report.

Anybode have any other suggestions? Thanks2500-ServicePlot 032019_Page_1.jpg

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Hi ccrider125

found this service manual -



on page 74 - """If the printhead shows Reseat error code (0x00002, 0x02000, 0x04000...)

Root Cause
● If the printer rejects the printhead before even trying to initiate tube purging, it can indicate that the
printer does not recognize the printhead. This may also cause a 0x00002 printhead Error Code to be
shown on the Front Panel.
● The printer is not able to communicate with the printhead.
● Other issues.
Corrective action
● Reseat the same printhead and try again. Follow Front Panel instructions. Do not stop the servicing
routines, allow the printhead to be initialized.
● If it fails replace it with a new PHA and follow Front Panel instructions.
● Try 2 times more with the new PHA.
● If the reseat message continues to appear, check the carriage PCA using the Carriage test in the
diagnostic menu. Replace carriage PCA if needed."""


and so on - check instructions, may be PCA or cable is out....

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Thanks Skuks for the reply. I have replaced the carriage PCA and that didn't help. I may have to try replacing the cable next.

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check all the connectors on carriage for any damages (I'm sure you've cleaned them with ethanol and the printhead connectors too)  just to be sure check if PH is nested well (not moving up-down). After cable replacement (if nothing happens) next electrical module  in doubt is e-box (with fans - must check if there are any strange smells and fans are working)...

Sorry couldn't help more. If any news - will write here...

Best regards

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