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HP Designjet 500
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

One of our clients has recently upgraded to Windows 10 Creators edition (Version 1703, Build 15063)


As a consequence the client can no longer printer to their HP DesignJet 500 24 (C7770B), which is shared from one of their servers.


Steps taken so far


- Confirmed users who are using older builds of Windows 10 x64 and older OS' can still access the print queue.

- Confirmed users on the Creators edition cannot.

- Have created a queue on their computers, including clients that have clean builds, that print directly to the device and expiremented with various drivers from the below package taken from the support site.

- Depending on which driver is used results in an kernal bugcheck, job disappears or an error on the device itself, "Error 61:05 Error Processing Job"


We are further concerned as we have other clients who use the same model who have not yet updated but are looking to do so.


Has anyone on the Creators update come across this issue and been able to resolve it?


Driver Package Details


Version: 8.10
Operating Systems: Windows 10 (64-bit)
Release date:Apr 17, 2013
File name: hpdj510wx64glen.exe (2.7 MB)


This is the release of the HP Designjet 500 and 510 HP-GL/2 and HP RTL 64-bit driver

Fix and enhancements:
Support for W8.1 and W10.


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Only thing I can suggest is to try the driver for windows 7 64 bit at the link below. This is the last pcl3 driver they made so if it does not work you may be out of luck.



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Thanks for recommending that driver. Installing the PCL3 version resolved the initial problem of printing jobs. However we found certain newer applications refused to work with this driver.


To recap, to resolve the problem either:


  • Use the PCL3 driver but expect application compability issues.
  • Reinstall a version of Windows 10 prior to the Creators edition.



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One thing many people do is convert the document into a pdf file if possible and sometimes that will print.

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Where can i download this drivers?

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Just scroll up.  David Zuts put a link to it in his answer.  Message #2.

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I just revived an old HP DesignJet 500 and it works on my Win 10 Pro 1803 version when using the HP Instant print 3 software found here: 

So far I have only printed PDF files, fom A4 - A1 format sucsessfully.


My issues:

The printer was stored away for 2 years and when it woke up it wanted ink cartrige, then it wanted a new print head, then it started saying "Error Processing - Flushing rest of job" when I tried to print to the printer after connectiong to it using the Windows inbuilt "add printer" feature.
I tried to chose diffrent drivers for the printer, but for some reason I don't have the option to change the drivers for the printer in the device managing tool.


Any way  all you need is to install the HP software and then search for the printer on the local newtork and use that software when ever you need print to it.   




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