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    Windows update impacting certain printer icons and names. Microsoft is working on a solution.
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    Windows update impacting certain printer icons and names. Microsoft is working on a solution.
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    Need Windows 11 help?
    Check documents on compatibility, FAQs, upgrade information and available fixes.
    Windows 11 Support Center.
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Poly Edge E, CCX Phones, VVX Business Media Phones, SoundStation IP, SoundPoint IP, and the Poly Trio RealPresence phone range support DHCP Option 60 Data Format.


Current software Versions utilize the ASCII String format

The => Technical Bulletin 54041 Using DHCP Vendor Identifying Options <= details the actual functionality.

In addition, we detail what happens on a network level in detail >here<

These DHCP Vendor Options can be used as an example to provision different hardware platforms with a separate provisioning server.

Poly Product  Vendor Option Name Special Note
CCX350 Poly-CCX350  
CCX400 (UC Software 6.2.11 or later) Poly-CCX400  
CCX500 Poly-CCX500  
CCX505 Poly-CCX505  
CCX600 Poly-CCX600  
CCX700 Poly-CCX700  
Edge E 100 Poly-EdgeE100  
Edge E 220 Poly-EdgeE220  
Edge E 300 Poly-EdgeE300  
Edge E 320 Poly-EdgeE320  
Edge E 350 Poly-EdgeE350  
Edge E 400 Poly-EdgeE400  
Edge E 450 Poly-EdgeE450  
Edge E 500 Poly-EdgeE500  
Edge E 550 Poly-EdgeE550  
Edge B10 Poly Edge B10  Will ignore Sub Option 43
Edge B30 Poly Edge B20  Will ignore Sub Option 43
Edge B30 Poly Edge B30  Will ignore Sub Option 43
VVX501 Polycom-VVX501  
VVX601 Polycom-VVX601  
VVX101 Polycom-VVX101  
VVX150 Polycom-VVX150   
VVX201 Polycom-VVX201  
VVX250 Polycom-VVX250  
VVX301 Polycom-VVX301  
VVX311 Polycom-VVX311  
VVX350 Polycom-VVX350  
VVX401 Polycom-VVX401  
VVX411 Polycom-VVX411  
VVX450 Polycom-VVX450  
VVX D230 Poly-VVX-D230  
Poly Rove B DECT IPDECT-V2/80.03.0009 (MAC=64167FF4C9ED; SER= 00000; HW=4) Changes depending on SW etc. Use a Wildcard
Polycom Trio 8300 Poly-Trio8300  
Polycom Trio 8800 Polycom-Trio8800  
Polycom Trio 8500 Polycom-Trio8500  
Polycom RealPresence Trio Visual+ Polycom-TrioVisualPlus  
Polycom Trio C60 Poly-TrioC60  
SoundStation IP 5000 Polycom-SSIP5000  
SoundStation IP Duo Polycom-SSDuo  
Legacy Poly Product  Vendor Option Name Special Note
VVX1500 Polycom-VVX1500  
VVX300 Polycom-VVX300  
VVX310 Polycom-VVX310  
VVX400 Polycom-VVX400  
VVX410 Polycom-VVX410  
VVX500 Polycom-VVX500  
VVX600 Polycom-VVX600  
VVX D60 udhcp 1.19.4  
SoundPoint IP IP300 Polycom-SPIP300  
SoundPoint IP IP301 Polycom-SPIP301  
SoundPoint IP IP320 Polycom-SPIP320  
SoundPoint IP IP321 Polycom-SPIP321  
SoundPoint IP IP325 Polycom-SPIP325  
SoundPoint IP IP330 Polycom-SPIP330  
SoundPoint IP IP331 Polycom-SPIP331  
SoundPoint IP IP335 Polycom-SPIP335  
SoundPoint IP IP430 Polycom-SPIP430  
SoundPoint IP IP450 Polycom-SPIP450  
SoundPoint IP IP500 Polycom-SPIP500  
SoundPoint IP IP501 Polycom-SPIP501  
SoundPoint IP IP550 Polycom-SPIP550  
SoundPoint IP IP560 Polycom-SPIP560  
SoundPoint IP IP600 Polycom-SPIP600  
SoundPoint IP IP601 Polycom-SPIP601  
SoundPoint IP IP650 Polycom-SPIP650  
SoundPoint IP IP670 Polycom-SPIP670  
SoundStation IP 4000 Polycom-SSIP4000  
SoundStation IP 6000 Polycom-SSIP6000  
SoundStation IP 7000 Polycom-SSIP7000  
CX5100 Polycom-CX5100  
CX5500 Polycom-CX5500  


  1. In order to add this a new DHCP Vendor Class needs to be created:


  2. The Display Name and Description field values can be whatever you want, but the ASCII data field value is case sensitive and must be entered as shown above



NOTE: In the above example we use a simple server. If Clarity Manager or an older RPRM is being used the URL should be https://username:password@IP_or_FQDN/ucservice (or if the default PlcmSpIP username or password is used this is not required)

If the Username or Password includes an @ symbol please replace this with %40







The Phone sends a DHCP Discover including the DHCP Vendor Option 60



The DHCP Server sends the DHCP Offer containing the Vendor Specific Option 43 including the above added Option 161 for the Provisioning Server.




Option 2 Deploying DHCP policies

Another option would be to use DHCP Policies since Windows 2012 server. More details can be found >here<


  1. Create a new Policy:



  2. Assign a Name and a description:



  3. Configure the Conditions:



  4. Add the 0004f2 Mac address Range:



  5. Additionally add the 64167f range



  6. Set the Option 160 and 161 to the provisioning server:



  7. And verify the settings:



NOTE: This feature will be made configurable, based on the setting for DHCP Option 60. If DHCP Option 60 is set to "String", DHCP option 43 will be requested and sub-options returned within option 43 will be read, otherwise, option 43 will not be requested or read.


When option 43 is read, any sub-options contained therein will take precedence over options received outside of option 43.

Notice: I am an HP Poly employee but all replies within the community are done as a volunteer outside of my day role. This community forum is not an official HP Poly support resource, thus responses from HP Poly employees, partners, and customers alike are best-effort in attempts to share learned knowledge.
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