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Additional internal HDD storage for HP ENVY Desktop - 795-0025t X6C26AA#ABA

HP ENVY Desktop - 795-0025t X6C26AA#ABA
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

I am trying to install (2) additional internal HDD (SATA), but cannot find the correct cables? There is no documentation, so am guessing at the SATA 2 connector on the BERKS MoBo at the bottom to the right of the SATA 3 connector, but the power cable is not a typical SATA power cable and I cannot find or get any information from HP.  Adding additional internal HDD should be a no-brainer but these HP boxes I purchased have made it impossible.  No help from HP, no help from technical support, no documenation, proprietary SATA cables now from HP? Really.  Does anyone know how or where I can find the SATA power cables? I presumed the SATA end to the HDD is okay, but just could not find the 6-pin SATA power cable that plugs into the MoBo.  This should not be this difficult, it should have taken all of 15 minutes to install but HP has decided to not play in the sandbox with everyone, now I may have to return all the units I purchased and consider a different brand.  In the interium - would anyone know where I can get the SATA power cable? Is the usual SATA data cable still okay? Is SATA2 and SATA3 listed on the MoBo where it is connected? Listed below are additional particulars. TIA, KDIV.


Product Name:                  HP ENVY Desktop 795-00xx

Product Name:                  HP ENVY Desktop - 795-0025t

Sku#:                                    X6C26AA#ABA

Serial#:                                [edit]

System Family:                  HP ENVY

Born on Date:                    10.27.18

System Board ID:              844C

System Board CT#:          PGSWD0A0GAXADD

BIOS Revision:                   844C vF.21

Bios Date:                           01.24.19

Processor Type:                Intel ® Core ™ i7-8700 CPU @3.20 GHz

Processor Speed:             3200MHz

Memory Size:                    12288 MB DDR4/2666 MHz/Dual Channel

Motherboard:                    HP 3397

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Additional internal HDD storage for HP ENVY Desktop - 795-0025t X6C26AA#ABA


This has been the problem with these new proprietary motherboards. The Berks board utilizes a unique power plug setup. The basic configuration has an M.2 SSD, single 3.5" HD, and the DVD drive. If you option a second hard drive, the cable has to be fuirnished. (It has motherboard 6 pin connector, and has 2 hard drive power leads). Added hard drives REQUIRE special screws. See the references below.

Although not to your liking,  there is some help:

cable part number identified?


I would try here !!!


Now, I have done a lot of the work you need, so PLEASE let me know if it helps, and if you order the cable, let me know. Everyone awaits your next reply. This is very special to all the 795 owners.

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Additional internal HDD storage for HP ENVY Desktop - 795-0025t X6C26AA#ABA

I appreciate your response and subsequent information, I have reviewed the URLs you provide and need to decide on these units.

I tried ImpactComputer - no cables in stock although the item ID was listed, tried to call, never got anyone to answer, so cannot rely on them. 

I found the cabled listed on a site called they do have the cables listed, they have them in-stock but yes, it appears to be a long wait from Europa and expensive.  Typically, I pay $5 for package of two of these types of cables, for both L22275-001 and L22273-001, it will cost about $88 USD.  HPE apparently has change the BERKS MOBO to a proprietary configuration as I have learned.  Doesn't HPE know that is why developers do not use Apple products? Is HPE doing the same?  The frustrating aspect is HPE has these cables! If I had ordered these base units with a secondary internal HDD, the cable would have been used for multiple internal HDDs configuration.  I purchased a pallet of these Envy units for a project. I opted to install a secondary internal HDD WD 4TB Black as I got a bundle for $49 each from WDC, so it saved a lot of money. Adding an extra HDD on HPE's website adds an additional $200 to $400 per unit.

I could rig the power cable myself, but since the units are under warranty and if I just happen to make a mistake in the configuration of the rigged cable, I have shot myself and my client in the foot.

I have a few options, demand that HPE provide me with the cable or I will return the pallet of units for defect – downside is my reputable takes a hit because of HPE; 2) change WD HDD 4tb Black to external HDD – downside connected via USB3 still too slow for processing the amount of data that will be used on these units or 3) try the cables from Europa – downside, costs increase and project delayed and HPE has again sullied my reputation.

I am still reviewing a couple of the URLs you listed, but I think that will still lead me to Rome, I am trying HPE business product support, unfortunately that lands in India (where they may speak English, but do not understand English) and the males in India are absolutely disrespectful to a woman, so disrespectful that it tells me that is the face of HPE and maybe HPE is no longer a corporation to conduct business.

I will post what I eventually end up doing, at this point so frustrated with HPE, that I will probably return all the hardware.


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Additional internal HDD storage for HP ENVY Desktop - 795-0025t X6C26AA#ABA



I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details).

If you are unfamiliar with how the Community's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.
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