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Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

I posted the request below in 2021.  I received a response from an ECHO_LAKE (HP employee?? Really?), but the info given DID NOT work.  What does "task manager" have to do with a popup that appears when I start my desktop?  ECHO_LAKE offered task manager instructions??.  I went to task manager and hpdiags was NOT there!  It is not in my add/remove in the control panel in order to delete!   

I would appreciate  STEP-BY=STEP instructions on how to REMOVE this hpdiags popup from my PC that is telling me I freak'n need this app and I DO NOT!  What a mess!


HOW TO REMOVE hpdiags link

 ‎09-28-2021 10:46 AM

Product: PAVILLION 6530
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-Bit)

The HP agent (AVA) posted a link (for the same problem) to give instructions on how to REMOVE the HPDIAGS popup that shows up every time I boot up my PC.  This LINK is not user-friendly and I could not find the "how To" on the link AVA sent.  I want this popup to go away and I don't see it on my control panel to "add/remove" 

I NEED step-by-step on how to make this popup go away

AVA... OR ANY HP AGENT READING THIS.... please give me step-by-step instructions AND not a link to read.

Thank You

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I read your post and the response included a request to "see the popup".  I assume that ECHO_LAKE, like myself,  had never seen an "hpdiags" popup and wanted to be able to identify the origin of the popup.


hpdiags.exe is an old program from HP.  I have never used it as HP came out with better stuff. 

Some popups disappear before they can even be read let alone captured and saved as an image.


Does the popup disappear by itself after a second or two?

Is there a button or an {X} to click on to close the popup?


If the popup is on the screen long enough to capture it then please use the win10 WIN + SHIFT + S to enclose the popup and paste it here and ignore the following.


I am going to assume the popup disappears before it can be captured using any screen capture tool.

That indicates that windows cannot find the executable and pops up a message to the effect "hpdiags.exe cannot be found" or something like that.  I see that occasionally when an app is deleted but not uninstalled.  Occasionally the uninstall procedure is poorly written and "forgets" to remove the entry in the registry where windows is told to run the executable. Windows pops up a small black screen which occasionally disappears before it can be read. 


First, lets look at "add or remove apps" and check to see if there is an HPDiags program or something that starts with HP such as



HP Insight Diagnostics.




OK, lets assume there is nothing to un-install.  Something in the windows register wants to run that app and it is no longer present.  You can use a registry cleaner like CCleaner.  This is what Microsoft has to say about any registry cleaner



Lets try  and see if we can find the problem and not use any type of cleaner.

Right click on the windows bar and bring up the task manager.  Select the tab "startup" and look for hpdiags.  You may need to expand the "details" at the bottom to see anything.



If it shows up then click "disable"

If it is not there then type "Services" into the windows search bar and scroll down to the  "H" services 


If HPDiags shows up then select properties and disable it or switch the startup to "manual"


Lets assume none of the above worked.  We will have to look into the registry and search for the problem.  It is easy to search through the registry. It is also easy to corrupt the registry to where one can not log in any more.


Please try the above and if it does not work post back here and we can try  editing the registry.






I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor represent, HP
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WOW! WOW! Is all I can say right now plus THANK YOU!  You are awesome!  I am not technical so I will need time to not only digest what you wrote but also implement the steps.  This stuff is so foreign to me because I am a "boomer" desperately trying to keep up with technology.  Sadly, I still just don't get why everything is so complicated and requires multiple scenarios to complete.  Progress.....  Yep, right!  I'm the "on / off", "write it down, then file" generation.  I will sing your praises if I can get your stellar instructions to work for me.

Have a super week.

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