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Power Pavilion 580
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Welp we're just a few days away from acquiring a new Power Pavilion PC from HP. Ordered it last week and it should arrive sometime thisnweek. This will make the first new computer that utilizes an AMD prossesor & AMD RX video card. I've never had a system with AMD components before and haven't a clue as to what to expect. The ontlything I'm unsure about it the AMD catalyst setup. Thus I've also registered with the AMD support site.

So why am I so excited about this, it means that one may or may not see me here as often as I have a back log of projects which need my attention. Plus in the next few months a new Canon camera will be included into a small group of products to help make my life easier.

Just wanted to thank the forum for allowing me to post support and for those whom have given me kudos, plus I can finally stop using this very small tablet..


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So I'm sure everyone has read above what happen to us while ordering a new computer directly from HP. At that time, I was interested in the 580-125rz as seen here:




this was a $729.99 computer for only $549.99 but needless to say it came with more headaches that actually being delivered to us. I do not hold HP at fault for this blunder So I set out to find another deal which didnt didn'tre one to bend over backward just to get it.


I found one localylocallypt the more I checked the site, the lesser of these computers where left in stock.. when FWhenoFri. aeoundaroundlocate retailer, had zero left in stock.. However pulling up the retailers nationwide lcoatilocationsns Turnse would have to drive nearly 4 hours away. Was it worth it?


According to the site above, I was to get a AMD Ryzen 5 1400 processor, AMD RX 550 graphics card, 300watt power supply etc all for a sale price of $549.99. Driving 4 hours and paying $50.00 more for this next computer.. but was it a good or better deal?..


Micro Centers has a limited stock of the HP 690 0020 gaming computer as seen here:




I was getting an upgraded system with these options: AMD Ryzen 5 2400 processor. AMD RX 580, 400watt power supply etc. So was the 4 hour drive worth it?.. Ive spent nearly all night removing the bloatware, adjusting the settings to suit my needs and waiting on Win10 updates which are slow and coming. Before the updates I made sure the system was tailored to me so that I could created a bootdrive, system utility, and system recovery. I'll report back soon with more retails, So far, just surfing and gameing, there has been a big differance in my 10 year old system.



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Very nice AmpLighter.

Which model did you go with? Ryzen 5-7?

It should be a nice setup for the money.

Im a Canon user as well. :OpenSmile:


HP Recommended

One could prob tell that I've been using a tablet since arriving at the forums. The Power Pavilion 580 125rz with the Ryzen 5 & RX 550 Again, the catalyst is unfamiliar to me and Im tempted to just disable this at some point. One other thing that concerns me is that Im use to using DVI connects, and this card also allows for a HDMI conenction. im wondering which conencteion will offer me the best posssible video imagery.


As for the Canon camera I've selected the M100 via crutchfield as they offer a package deal with 2 lens. Reason for the M100 is that it weighs lighter than a typical Canon Rebel T type camera. The M100 is about the size of a pocket camera, but versitile enough to utilize EOS lenses. 


Although I've selected more of a gaming system, it doesnt hurt to be able to have crisp imagery on the screen whine settings my photographs.

HP Recommended

Catalyst it the software to fine tune the video card settings just like the nvidia control panel does.

No you dont have to have it but its nice to have when you do. It wont take much to figure it out anyways.


There will be no difference in image quality as far as HDMI over DVI connections and will make no difference with editing software like Photoshop. Unless you plan on using a 4K monitor, then you would need to use the HDMI connection.

It would be a good idea to set the Windows Color Management ICC Profile from the default monitor profile to sRGB, unless you use your own custom profiles.

IF you plan on using different software for editing photos, it will keep the colors consistant as you switch software.


color profile.PNG

HP Recommended

Affirmative. I'll start off with using the DVI and may gradually crossover to the HMDI setup. Thanks for the suggestions.

HP Recommended

Here's the latest. According to the HP & FedEx tracking I was suppose to have gotten my computer Tue. But the fedex driver delivered my Power Pavilion to another address. The person at that address even signed for it. We called HP & FedEx in regards to our computer not  ring delivered when the system said it was.


Although HP has been very helpful during this entire time, FedEx on the other hand was very rude when they finally attempted to deliver a damage & opened HP power pavilion. The FedEx drive must think we're crazy to have wanted to sign off on his mistake. Because the system was damaged and the box in shambles, we decline the delivery and told the driver that HP informed us to file a police report for stolen items. We did and the driver went off on us. Tripping over his own words. He was visibly shaken when we told him bout the police report.


We again texted and will call HP support this morning as to confirm the police report and the failed/damaged delivery. This issue is I told an HP rep that we do not want any of our products delivered by FedEx as this has happen several times before. Fedex drivers are rude and rough on products. Even when he tried to deliver the damage box to us 2 days late he simply threw the box on the front porch than had the nerve to ask me to sign off on the delivery. 


Moral of this story, Never sign for damaged goods no matter how tempted you are into wanting the package. Clearly this attempt to deliver our Power Pavilion was botched from the beginning. How in the he'll does the FedEx drive mess up this delivery because the street names are clearly differant, then he tries to push damaged products thinking will let this go. We didn't and we won't.


According to HP tracking, HP has all ready set up to send another Power Pavilion to us overnight. But again I told them we do not want his package delivered fedex and would rather have it delivered UPS as I know these guys and their habits. Clearly the UPS guys take more pride in delivering thier products. I personally know several of the UPS drivers and they know how picky I am when it comes to my packages. if the package is too heavy, they would even drive the large UPS truck down and through a very tight alley just to deliver our package to the back door. Will FedEx do This? Very doubtful.


So again I'm waiting on my computer which should have been here tues..

HP Recommended

Wow, it was a good idea not to accept the delivery.

I've had about the same hit and mis experience with Fed-ex also. 


HP Recommended

Morning Photoray this issue with signing off on damaged and open boxes is that the driver admitted he delivered this to the wrong address.. Let's assume for a moment that those 2hom signed for it open the box (which is was opened) and removed key components from the system, video card, RAM etc.. One should never sign for damaged goods like this without knowing what may have or could have happen.


However, I understamd HP's point of view wanting us to file a police report. This resures them that we had nothing to do with this stolen or missdelivered packge. This is ALL fedex fault and it's left for HP to clean up the mess. Personally and this might sound harsh coming from my wife & I, but that fedex driver should loses his job.


Oh BTW just so others know, the police report coldnt be fulfilled because technically the box never touched our porch, then stolen. Although we went to the police headqurtes and filed a report, the police couldn't do anything until FedEx investigated. But again, the driver misread the address (prob texting, talking to his girlfriend etc) So even if the package wasnt delivered to your door, you still should visit your police station and file a report.


Also, according to FedEx Anyone can sign for your package when You're not home. It's getting g extremely hard to get good delivery services. Mind you I was home all day Tue and no FedEx driver came to our door, delivered the package to someonelse, that someone else opened the package can could have done what ever to the computer. Then the fedex driver tried to push his fault off on us. 


Although we don't like Amazon, Amazon's security delivery boxes located in department stores and retail shops is looking safer that having something delivered to your door by fedex.

HP Recommended

Hi AmpLighter,


Bad experience.


Carrier Insurance is a double edged sword.


There has to be visible package damage to enforce a carrier insurance claim (which you have ).


You should be able to force FedEx to cover the shipping damage so HP can ship a replacement unit at no additional cost to you.


Carriers will not cover hidden damage when the package is intact. The carrier will say the damage was caused by improper packaging.




HP Recommended

You're Not reading what I said.. The package was prop in great shape when it was delivered to another address. Apperantly those whom signed for it, opened the box not reading whom the boxes was supsoe to have been delivered to, thus creating the damaged torn box with holes and inferrior tape, then being repackaged by FedEx in order to save face. One could tell something's was wrong thus we refused the order.


According to HP they already have a new unit ready for overnight shipping, yet my account says otherwise. I really doubt this unit will arrive overnight as it hasn't been shipped yet.

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