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I had a long ping pong phone fight with HP customer support  and they told me at the end this is by DESIGN !

Fan2 is a low rpm fan by DESIGN !


Their rubbish laptop overheats out of the box because their cooling solution is undersized by design !


My laptop just came back from warranty repair because I was complaining about this. Now HP customer care is looking into my case.


I did not accept their response it is by design and start using 3rd party softwares to undervolt and underclock the CPU to get the temp. in the right range.

I have escaleted the case within hp to their customer relationship team.


If they don't replace my unit with another one that has a proper cooling solution I will file a consumer case against HP for deceiving the customers and selling malfunctioning ( overheating ) products out of the box as new !


If your laptop in warranty submit RMA now, and start arguing with them for the unsuitable cooling solution after you receive it back from HP. 


There is something in the background here because hp contractor service centre replaced my fans and motherboard without knowing this is not a "fault" it is by design.

I've asked the question from HP how could their service contractor replace the mobo and fans if this is BY DESIGN ?


HP is **bleep**ing customers over the fence with their 2nd gen OMEN laptops and we need to punish HP for it.

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@Xcepter I understand how that feels and I wish to help you, all I need is a response to my private message to keep your information safe and we could have the concerned team involved to get this issue sorted as per your requirements (if possible).


Awaiting your response.

Good luck.

I am an HP Employee

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Yes, it's by design that much is obvious, that it will ramp it up to 100% when it's already very hot.

Just use the Notebook FanControl method as described, lets you ramp the fans up earlier or run all the time at 100%. in certain load scenarios (mining both cpu and gpu) it will still get very, very hot. However it will still keep working at full ghz speed far longer than say any Apple product or most laptops from all other manufacturers (they all screw the customer with ghz promises that they can only attain for a minute or two before having to thermal throttle). This is why we buy "gaming" laptops in the first place, because their cooling is better than "non gaming" laptops  -even from hp, like if you think this is bad oh boy. it's the same story with all manufacturers.

Fighting them over it is rather futile as it's an industry accepted feature at this point. However what I do strongly think is that Hp should just put the ability to control the fan speeds to ramp up earlier into their application, because obviously it's something you can do with software.

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Fan2 is low rpm fan NEVER SPINS UP.


It stays always around 200RPM ! BY DESING !

You can't make it work


This is from HP, I was running multiple stress tests and benchmarks and FAN2 always stays around 200 rpm.


I'm after motherboard and fan replacement issue is the same. ..

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Hi Xcepter,

Is it possible to replace the right fan with a better one  ? Or what was your final solution. I probably get one Omen 17 myself or wouldn't you recommend it ? And if not, what would you recommend ?


I'm interested in this one https://www.cyberport.at/?DEEP=1C24-6D2&APID=116&gclid=Cj0KCQiAiZPvBRDZARIsAORkq7ci-UiwvYbsF26nrzOG3...

Thanks for your time and effort in writing everything down to help other people 😉 !



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Hi Chris,


This issue was affecting my HP omen and that was 2nd gen, this in the link is 3rd gen.


I was fighting with HP customer care team long time and the resolution is, HP bought back the laptop from me for that price I paid for it. Otherwise I was willing to take this issue to the court and I think they realized they can loose ( otherwise they wouldn't buy back the laptop ... I think )


I'm not quite sure is this issue present on this one but I would check dozens of reviews about similar laptops from many brand before you buy one.


If you want something solid I would recommend Clevo laptops with Desktop CPU. It is not way more expensive and it has a way more robust cooling solution.

I have a clevo laptop as well but it is 6 years old now and I was looking to replace it with this HP.  ( but I will stick to clevo custom built laptops probably forever )




find your Clevo reseller in your country and put a system together for yourself. You can configure anything whatever you want. ( I would go for desktop CPU option )


If you still want the HP laptop, ask HP tech support about what is the RPM speed range of both fans. If they say one is a low RPM fan by design just leave it and stay far away from it.







HP Recommended

Hi Gabe,

thanks for your answer mate. I postet my question about that specific Omen 17 in this Community-Forum two days ago and it got deleted ^^. Probably i got my answer but i will post it again. I'll check out Clevo 😉 !

I don't know why they don't fix it. Except this fan issue this laptop would be very nice. And from what i read a lot of people are ordering Omen - so i would be good for them to get things right !

Best regards mate 


HP Recommended

Please see this youtube link below, for a gen 3 review.  It shows a new Omen Command Center that has a switch for max fan speed.  There are a couple places where he switches it on, for example at 24:48 into the video.  @Chris3001, I would think with your Gen 3 you could get this version of the command center if you don't already have it by now.


If the following link doesn't work, please search for this text, which is the title of the video:



Gen 3


See 24:48 into the video to see the max fan switch


Back to this Gen 2 thread, it would be nice to know if this is going to be available here as well?   The bad thing is that since Gen 3 is out, it makes me worry Gen 2 will be abandon by HP as far as this type of update is concerned.  And even worse for me is I just voluntarily bought the Gen 2 at a local retailer when I had an option to buy Gen 3 online (but I didn't want to pay the extra $ / although I still have an option to return it).  I haven't tried to see if there is a recent Bios update for Gen 2 that adds this switch.  Also I haven't ran into the thermal issues yet on my Gen 2 because I haven't heavily loaded it for any extended time, but I would like to have this option.    


Since HP is still selling the Gen 2 on their website, and it has essentially a lot of the same assets (i7-9750H and GTX 1660 ti for example in my case), AND since Gen 2 has a more vulnerable hardware design in terms of thermals, I would expect to see this update on Gen 2 because it needs it more than Gen 3. 

HP Recommended

There is my exp.My omen 17 with  i7 7820 and gtx 1080 stopped working 2 weeks ago.after a battle for one week with the support on the phone, they finally decided for a rma.i was not able to reinstall the os even with the usb key they sent me and i suspected a hardware failure.

10 days after  i got back the laptop with the graphic card replaced.

Before ,i reached a lot of times 95°c  even after repaste and on a laptop cooler it was like 85°C.Now the laptop is cooler, much cool.on a laptop cooler it doesn't reach 80°C with the proc at 4 ghz with throttle stop.

So my advice is ok with HP but with a bulletproof warranty.They even changed all my fans for free as the cpu one was noisy.

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